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Last night Bilbo had been subjected to hours upon hours of discussion about the purpose of their roadtrip -- "Quest," Thorin had corrected -- from Bowdoin to Stanford. He'd already heard most of it when Professor Gandalf had conned him into coming along in exchange for a chance to do an independent study next year on the development of brewing as a factor in the Revolutionary War: Alpha Tau Kappa's legendary shot glass collection, put on the line during an intercollegiate mathlete grudge match in 1952. Saved from the grasping hands of Smaug University by a solid defeat, and then stolen - stolen - the following day. There could be no doubt as to the culprit. Thorin found pictures on the Smaug Mathlete facebook page of them drinking from the glasses only last year.

And so the frat decided: Spring Break 2012, they would regain their honor and their shot glasses. Balin made t-shirts; Thorin was writing the whole thing up as part of his thesis on the Quest Journey and The Performative Nature of American Masculinity. Professor Gandalf, as far as Bilbo could tell, was along because he was a freak.
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