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lettered: The Chuck Writes Story: An Unathorized Fandom Biography

I’m about to link this on bad_penny.

Remember chuck_writes? Wank All Star that lord_kripke and the other Super Gnats took down with a wrecking ball? That chuck_writes?

Turns out that chuck_writes was actually a sock for Carver Edlund (which was actually a pseud for his real name, Chuck Shurley. No wonder he used a pseud). You read that right. chuck_writes is THE Carver Edlund—author of Supernatural books, beloved by the masses, worshipped by lord_kripke and the SPN Super Nats—that Carver Edlund.

Break out the popcorn.gif; here we go:

[OH MY GOD this is great; also a total mindfuck. What is reality, and how can I restore my grip on it, pls? -L]
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