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Live Life Like I Bleed (Too Much) - by lady_krysis - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
Alex is never sent to prison, so instead, he finds a fight club. Modern-day AU.

He'd done some time but not nearly enough, and he'd stayed too low key in the joint and earned an early release.

His face is throbbing, and the room upstairs feels like a maze he has to navigate just to find a door and eventually, some fresh air. It's still dark out, which Alex takes as another good sign as he looks left and right. His vision's blurred, but he can see well enough to watch the row of street lights that aren't busted flicker. The crap lighting isn't a surprise. It's not like the city's going to put money into a dive.

Alex turns his head and spits to add to the rundown atmosphere. It's not enough moisture to get rid of the cotton-dry feeling in his mouth or the taste of blood when he licks his lips. He can feel the blood crusted on his face, and he uses the back of his hand to half-heartedly make himself appear decent enough to catch a cab, maybe the bus if he can manage to walk that far.

"Name's Darwin," someone says to his left.

[I don't even read this pairing, but... -L]
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