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Hollow Minds and Dead Souls - by helens78 - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:

When Charles and Erik take a portable version of Cerebro out to New Mexico as part of their mutant recruiting trip, they aren't expecting to find out the town's falling victim to an epidemic. But things are far worse than they seem, because this is no ordinary virus. Will Charles and Erik find their way home in time to help save the world... from zombies?
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
I'll Do Anything - by helens78 - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Charles has been in this collar ever since Kurt got Charles's status changed from "free" to "slave". He'd do anything to get out of it, including being sold to the highest bidder.
x-men  fanfic  sfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2012 by lorem_ipsum
What The Pig's Heart Wants - by helens78 - fandom The Muppets (2011), Muppet Show, X-Men: First Class (2011) RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The frog’s nose scrunched up as he watched the interview footage roll in.  “Just going to the BAFTAs,” he muttered, “all I want to do is congratulate the nominees and look at the dresses,” he muttered, “I promise, the teensy-weensy liaison avec Brad is over and done with, nothing to worry about,” he muttered.

But there was Piggy, resplendent in her mauve Louis Vuitton gown, trading quips and teases and jokes with Best Actor nominee Michael Fassbender, even going so far as to declare the rising young star “naughty”.
fanfic  sfw  muppets  rpf  crossover  crackfic  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic 
february 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Many Kinds Of Man, Many Kinds Of Body Wash - by helens78 - fandom Old Spice Commericals [Archive of Our Own]
Certainly the scent of Old Spice body wash wafting past my nose calls to a certain idealized image of man, but in fact there are many ladies out there whose noses might ask, nay, demand Old Spice body wash to call their very own.

And I see no reason those women shouldn't have what they ask for. Some ladies have been known to walk past me, scent of Old Spice tantalizing each and every iota of my being, and when they find me near a dark alley, suddenly I'm not on my horse, I'm under their spell, moved by strong hands and strong arms and pushed against a brick wall. The brick wall shatters beneath the power of the lady's intentions and desire, and we tumble past it into a bed of flower petals, strewn there in hopes of pleasing her.

[Pegging with D/s overtones. -L]
fanfic  het  nsfw  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny 
february 2012 by lorem_ipsum
helens78: Sooner Or Later - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Kitty's mutation has already kicked in, but no way is she telling anybody she can walk through walls until she can figure out how to keep her clothes on while she does it.
x-men  fanfic  het  bdsm  shadowcat.wolverine  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic 
september 2011 by lorem_ipsum
helens78: No Time Like The Present, No Time To Waste - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The people here are kind of touchy-feely, which wigs Alex out a little. Raven is pretty, and likes to hug, but fortunately she's all about the guy with the big brain and bigger feet, so, whatever. Sean is pretty much a puppy, he'll snuggle up to anybody who's nearby. Angel is comfortable with her body in a way that makes Alex kind of fidgety and kind of turned-on and really, really guilty, because man, where he's been, people talk about girls like her, and Alex is going to be anything but one of those assholes.

And then there's Armando, who's lean and limber and adapts, and the way he touches people is like a message: he's not afraid.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  pwp  armando_munoz.alex_summers  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
august 2011 by lorem_ipsum
helens78: Towne Hardware & Supply - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Everything in the entire store seems to be calling to him, from buckets full of nails to sledgehammers to aluminum ladders and windvanes with silhouettes of roosters. There are hand saws and power tools; there are racks of screwdrivers and aisles full of door hardware, hinges, knobs, locks and keys.

"All right?" Charles asks. Erik glances over his shoulder and cuts into Charles with a glare. Charles just smiles. "I thought so."

«You're going to pay for this when we get home,» Erik sends out, slipping out of his jacket and holding it carefully-- and, he hopes, casually-- in front of him.
x-men  charles/erik  slash  nsfw  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2011 by lorem_ipsum

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