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flummery: the making of Handlebars of the more nerve-wracking things about vidding this was that for once we couldn't actually do all of our capturing up front: fourth season was airing as we vidded. In fact, the schedule was so tight that we don't have any clips of the very final episode in there because it aired after our Vividcon deadline. We've never vidded a show that live before; usually we have at least a month of completed footage for the season before a deadline, so we can make considered choices. For Handlebars, though, after we clipped through the first two seasons and got caught up to live, every flipping weekend we'd vid for a while, watch the new ep, capture off the new ep, and vid more.

So as we went along, there were spots left empty that we just crossed our fingers and hoped we'd get footage for, and other spots that were solid that we wound up ripping apart because we liked newer footage better. Seriously nerve-wracking - we still had a couple of empty spots going into the deadline weekend, hoping for footage from the penultimate ep while scrambling for emergency backup existing footage just in case.
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