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The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco - Chapter 1 - by fengirl88 - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
“You're out of touch, Charles,” Erik says. “Folk music is the in thing these days. It's practically groovy.”

Charles is beginning to wish he'd never heard the word.

“I got a lead on our man,” he says hastily.

“Good,” Erik says, looking sharkishly pleased. “Almost makes the last hour worthwhile.”

“I thought you fitted in rather well.” He knows he sounds jealous and that makes it even worse.

“I'm sure you could pass for a hep cat,” Erik teases him, “especially if you keep stealing my clothes.”

“That won't happen again,” Charles says stiffly. He can feel that he's blushing again, which is seriously annoying. This is officially the worst recruiting expedition ever.
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