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Powers and Abilities - by castles - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Nobody would ever revel and take as much interest in Erik's power as Shaw and Charles had. The most obvious qualitative difference in those two men's interests being that only one of them extended the interest to Erik, the person.

That same day, Charles told Erik about one of his very own tricks. About how he'd badly twisted his ankle one winter, when he really, really wanted to skate. So he did. Through another kid. He hadn't made the kid skate and then picked up on what the kid was feeling, oh no. Charles' mind was in there, seeing through the kid's eyes, dictating the action.

 It was a lengthy, awkward silence, the one that fell after Charles finished that story.

"So you can wear people like suits," Erik finally said.

[Doesn't really have an ending, but intriguing characterization and use of telepathy, and it's short. -L]
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