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Battering Ram - by astolat - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The Impala goes out in a blaze of glory in 2014, when they're out of belts and hoses and down to the last three cans of scavenged gasoline, and trying not to think about what's coming soon. They finish what she's started, Dean putting two bullets into the head of the last of the gang of human jackals she'd smashed through, and then he staggers around back to open the trunk. The two of them wrap their hands in rags and pull out everything they can: their one duffle, the knives and the guns and ammo. Then they stand back and just watch her burn, thundercloud black smoke rising in a pillar straight to heaven.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  apocafic  wincest  dean_winchester.sam_winchester  author.astolat  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
march 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Hug Therapy - by astolat - fandom The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

"I am hugging you," Thor explained. "That you may know I love you, despite your madness."

[Seriously, fandom, stop it, I do not want this pairing, but oh the the excellent Thor-centric crackfic that y'all are writing...

Case in point. Here we have noncon hugging and dubcon sex. And ALL THE FUNNY. -L]
avengers  fanfic  slash  nsfw  crack  author.astolat  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.funny 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum

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