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angelgazing: fic: the adventure starts here - being human - pg
George is always shaking the night before; trembling, when the moon is looming close, the way addicts do, when the next hit isn't near enough.

Mitchell's on the floor, next to him, because George needs room, but he doesn't need space. Mitchell waves off another cup of tea for him, but catches her sleeve before she can get too far away.

She's stopped being surprised that they can touch her, but she hasn't stopped appreciating it.

being_human  fanfic  sfw  het  slash  author.angelgazing  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum

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being_human  fanfic  genre.drama  genre.h/c  genre.romance  het  pairing.arthur/eames  rec.all_fanfic  sfw  slash 

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