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One-Way Ticket
4,562 words; Sheppard drained the rest of his second bottle and set it down with a bang. "Is this expedition, like, a one-way ticket for inconvenient gay people?" Rodney nearly dropped his beer. "What? No! Of course not! What kind of question is that?" and then: "Why are you asking me?" Sheppard arched an eyebrow, and Rodney exploded, "Well, you are wrong, wrong, wrong: so very wrong, but I'm guessing that's your general mode of operation."
author-cesperanza  fandom-stargateatlantis  pairing-mcshep  rating-mature  wordcount-0-5K  kind-fanfic 
august 2010 by calvinahobbes

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fandom-stargateatlantis  kind-fanfic  pairing-mcshep  rating-mature  wordcount-0-5k 

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