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Crossroads State
Castiel has a nice predictable structured life teaching high school, even if he happens to be overqualified for it. Then this guy moves in around the corner and literally knocks him on his ass.
fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  au:human  author:thirstyrobot  length:>50k 
october 2013 by peridium
thirstyrobot: [SPN] Fic: I'll Buy You Tall Tall Trees and All the Waters In the Seas
Title: I'll Buy You Tall Tall Trees and All the Waters In the Seas
Rating: PG for language and kissing and some very tame sexual references
Words: ~5500
Pairing/Characters: Emmanuel!Castiel/Daphne, Dean/Castiel
Warnings: If you hate Daphne and her very existence, you probably will not enjoy this. Also, in case you didn't get it the first two times, 7x17 SPOILERS!
Summary: He doesn't feel chosen or gifted, and he doesn't remember.
Notes: Basically my brain's version of 7x17, the super-extended but not-as-porny-as-I-hoped edition.
supernatural  fanfic  het  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  castiel.daphne  author:thirstyrobot  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013 by lorem_ipsum
All That's Missing is Alan Rickman and Some Terrorists (Five Times Christmas Went Wrong, Except Not) - thirstyrobot
"Honk," said the swan, flapping its wings as it slapped its flippers on the crushed remains of the last autographed copy of Point Break possibly in all of creation, which could not be replaced, thank you very much, because Patrick Swayze was dead, wasn't he, and Nicholas very sincerely hoped the bloody creature would injure itself at least badly enough to be out of commission for a while. "Honk, honk." Slap slap slap.
fandom:HotFuzz  pairing:danny/nicholas  author:thirstyrobot 
december 2012 by starkandspangle
Queen of Nothing
Deanna couldn't make it work with Lisa and left with Cas when he showed up in Indiana. Now she's got a thousand empty spaces where Sam should be and Cas has a thousand more where Heaven should be, but the job is the job and the road is the road and they're in it together.
fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  author:thirstyrobot  *cisswap  length:20-30k 
december 2012 by peridium
They Say the Highway is for Lovers
You must meet so many interesting people. That's something Castiel's heard so often that he can predict when it's coming, most often from old ladies on the other side of the reception desk, and from people met elsewhere when they find out what he does and can't find anything else to say.
flangst  author:thirstyrobot  pre-slash  pg  au  dean/castiel  supernatural  from delicious
march 2012 by kianspo
thirstyrobot: [Jeeves & Wooster] Fic: Sorting Out the Dance Card (Index Post)
An overheard conversation changes everything. Histories, mysteries, romance, and a dive or two into the soup. - One of the very best J/W longfics. This one has a few minor pacing problems, especially towards the end, but it's hugely enjoyable nonetheless.
fic  length:novel  wodehouseverse  author:thirstyrobot  pairing:jeeves/wooster  canon:jeeves&wooster 
october 2011 by innocentsmith
thirstyrobot: Jeeves/Wooster Dictionary Fraglets: 3-4/20
"Gala" in particular is good - Jeeves and Bertie having a momentary meeting a few years before canon.
fic  author:thirstyrobot  length:short  firstmeetings  preseries  pairing:jeeves/wooster  canon:jeeves&wooster 
october 2011 by innocentsmith
I'll be your Gypsy Lane - [Jeeves & Wooster] Fic: Sorting Out the Dance Card (Index Post)
Wooster realizes he's queer when Stinker the cleric comes to reopen an old pash.  However, he finds he's got a new pash on Jeeves and they spend some time in the racier parts of Paris, fall in love amidst a number of misunderstandings, and even weather Stinker's near-deadly illness and occupancy in their flat.
fic:jeevesandwooster  author:thirstyrobot  jeeves/wooster  nc-17  long  sweet  firsttime  happyending  sexualassault  jealousy  funny 
july 2011 by allheadybooks
thirstyrobot: [Jeeves & Wooster] Fic: Sorting Out the Dance Card (Index Post)
"I'd bet my shirt he just hasn't worked it out," said the second chap. "You fish with a net your whole life because nobody's ever told you about harpoons, but as soon as you're given one, well! You wonder why you were bothering with this net business in the first place."
fic  slash  fandom:jeeves&wooster  author:thirstyrobot 
december 2010 by MissDirect
A Decent Proposal
A kiss from Bertram Wooster is not unknown to cause a certain feeling of chagrin in its recipient, and it would not be necessarily surprising that said chagrin might be engendered in his faithful valet, if not for the fact that it was not the first, and the first had caused anything but chagrin. [okay, so some of the comments about the will being witnessed would get those clauses thrown out in court, but the intent is good. and bertie is very sweet and honourable in this]
fandom:jeeves&wooster  jeeves/wooster  author:thirstyrobot  ~5000  rating:r 
june 2010 by nishatalitha
Sorting Out the Dance Card
Mm, the allusion to Kuroshitsuji and the whole young master/butler relationship was what had me starting reading this and I confess that I may very well watch the show or something because this was an utterly BRILLIANT work of art.
pairing:jeeves/wooster  fandom:jeeves&wooster  author:mercy  author:thirstyrobot  Loc:AO3  WC:51-70K 
september 2009 by khyie
Time for some thrilling heroics... - Fic: Dances In Four Worlds [PG, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Rose, Ianto/Ten, Jack/Ianto]
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up to 'Something Borrowed' for Torchwood and the end of S2 for Doctor Who.
Summary: Four dances that could be happening somewhere.
fandom:crossover  fandom:torchwood  author:thirstyrobot  fandom:doctorwho 
april 2009 by paradox22122
Time for some thrilling heroics... - Ianto Drabbles
White Lies (I)

"...and the Traveller sang a beautiful golden song that made all the monsters go away."
fandom:torchwood  author:thirstyrobot 
april 2009 by paradox22122

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