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Authentication/DMARC Filter for email MTAs
Perl "milter" written by Fastmail to check authentication/signing and other authentication checks
smtp  mta  email  mail  authentication  verification  security 
12 hours ago by reedhedges
FIDO U2F security token support for Django
django  security  authentication 
18 hours ago by Uninen
122752 - SOCKS: Username/Password Authentication (V5)
Mozilla provides its users with SOCKSV5 proxy connectivity, but doesn't
implement one of the crucial parts of V5 over V4 that is Username/Password
Authentication. Any other product that implements v5 and I can think of (AOL
Mirabilis ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, mIRC, latest Windows Commander, Effata),
does implement U/P auth. V5 without U/P is pretty much useless.
I don't think it is necessary to implement other one-time password mechanisms,
but this is a strong advocacy for plain U/P. Not because it is a good
authentication method (the password is sent in plaintext), but because it is
truly used :-/
Firefox  bugs  proxy  SOCKS  authentication 
yesterday by coffeebucket
The Difference between SAML and OAuth
"In this blog we explain the basic difference between SAML and OAuth and their trust model, and suggest use cases where to use them."
oauth  singlesignon  saml  authentication  authorisation 
yesterday by garrettc

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