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The Chaser
Striving for mediocrity in a world of excellence
Satire  Australia 
15 hours ago by MadmaHord
The Betoota Advocate
Australia's Oldest And Favourite Newspaper
Satire  Australia 
16 hours ago by MadmaHord
‘It’s like hell here’: Australia bakes as record temperatures nudge 50C | Australia news | The Guardian
It was 48.9C last Tuesday in Port Augusta, South Australia, an old harbour city that now harvests makes solar power. Michelle Coles, the owner of the local cinema, took off her shoes at night to test the concrete before letting the dogs out. “People…
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yesterday by evansthompson
has a new heat record! Overnight in recorded a 35.9C MINIMUM temp. It's the latest broken re…
NSW  Australia  Noona  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by patrick-dd
Concerns that closing underperforming superannuation funds could trigger losses | The New Daily
Forced closures or mergers of underperforming superannuation funds could significantly hurt members, and create a knock-on effect to the wider Forcing underperforming superannuation funds to close or merge could result in significantly losses to members, according to Martin Fahy, CEO of ASFA
Australia  superannuation 
4 days ago by onefewercar
Heatwave: Temperatures push 50C as Australia gets hottest days ever
Australia has sweltered through four of its 10 hottest days on record in the heatwave this week, with parts of the country still to see the worst to come.
Australia  weather  climate 
4 days ago by onefewercar
Mental health royal commission overwhelmed by response
Victorians have flooded a major inquiry into the state's mental health system with submissions about the crisis in services for people suffering mental illness, including those at risk of suicide.
Australia  victoria  mental-health 
4 days ago by onefewercar

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