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Toxic fumes wafting over Murray Bridge after chemical leak
THE threat posed by a chemical leak at a food processing plant in Murray Bridge has reduced.

The leak caused ammonia fumes to waft over the town on Wednesday afternoon.

Four MFS and multiple CFS crews were dispatched to the facility, at the intersection of Eleanor Tce and Maurice Rd, after leaking ammonia tripped a fire alarm just before 5pm.

Specialist MFS hazmat units from Adelaide attended to help isolate and ventilate the building.

The MFS urged residents to close their doors and windows until the leak was isolated.
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Mad Max: Fury Road might already be the best action movie ever made
From where I’m sitting, Mad Max: Fury Road is, quite simply, the greatest action movie ever made. Miller found a way to tell a moving, mythic, larger-than-life story in a fully-realized alternate world, and he did it without ever letting up on the throttle. He spent nearly 20 years developing the movie, keeping at it through false starts and heartbreaking dead ends. And when he got the chance to make it, he went all in, devising entire societies full of baroquely souped-up death machines and screaming war-cults. He found ways to devise, stage, and film stunts that are like nothing anyone’s ever accomplished. He recorded stunning image after stunning image; practically every frame of Fury Road could be a painting.
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