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Brexit: Will it be a Canadian or an Australian ending? - BBC News
Let's be clear about one thing. There is no Australian free trade deal with the EU. Negotiations started on one last year, and at the moment the two sides trade under a decade old much looser partnership while trying to thrash through issues from fuel emissions to what producers on opposite sides of the world should be allowed to call their cheese.

And for Number 10, this sudden reference to an "Australian deal" seems to be an effort to rebrand what the government's written statement later said was a relationship "based simply on the Withdrawal Agreement deal agreed in October 2019, including the Protocol in Ireland/Northern Ireland".

In other words, if there isn't a comprehensive trade deal by the end of the year, the UK would move to a situation trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms. This would mean taxes on exports and customs checks which, if it came to pass, could be massively disruptive for businesses and very costly for the economy.

An "Australia-style deal" sounds a lot less scary than the "no deal" circumstance that politicians have talked about for so long. And yes, the issues on paying the EU bill, citizens' rights and the Irish border were all settled in the last few years and the overall divorce deal agreed before our departure last week.

But when it comes to the trade arrangements, it is not the case that as one government official tried to suggest "no deal is not a concept" .
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'Gratuitous cruelty': Two jailed over kidnapping and abuse of disabled woman
A terrifying ordeal for a woman with a disability who was kidnapped, stabbed and thrown off a Sydney bridge has ended with prison terms for her tormentors.
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En 1932, l'Australie a déclaré la guerre aux émeus (et l'a perdue) |
«Ouvrez, ouvrez la cage aux oiseaux» Quelques années après la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale, et sept ans avant le début de la Seconde, l'Australie a elle aussi mené une guerre sur son sol. En 1932, le pays a décidé de déclarer la guerre aux émeus. Les émeus, ce sont ces gros...
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