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The Cost of Defence: ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2017-2018
May 2017 ASPI report
This report, prepared by Mark Thomson, gives interested readers greater access to the complex workings of the Defence Budget and promotes informed debate on Defence budget issues.
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Police Background Checks, Employment Screening & More
Whether you need an Australian or International Police Check, want to hire an overseas candidate, or are looking to verify your own international experience, we can provide the background checks you need.
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Rehearsal Video Caps
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Naval Shipbuilding Plan
May 2017 Australian Government plan
The Plan sets out how our Government is delivering on our commitment to build a strong, sustainable and innovative Australian naval shipbuilding industry. It provides the foundation for implementing the Government’s unprecedented commitment to the greatest regeneration of our country’s naval capability since the Second World War. At the same time it will create a long-term, sustainable naval shipbuilding and ship sustainment capability that will serve our strategic and economic interests for many decades.
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Sunshine West chemical manufacturer fined for oil spill
A Sunshine West chemical manufacturer has been fined almost $8000 for allowing vegetable oil to spill into the stormwater system.

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) discovered Tri-Tech Chemical Company was responsible for a “yellow-grey liquid” that was reported to be flowing from a drain into a tributary of Kororoit Creek on March 5.

The company has been fined $7773 for breaching the Environment Protection Act 1970.

A two-month investigation led the EPA to pinpoint the Sunshine West chemical manufacturer as the source of the spill after testing water samples at three sites, including one near Normanby Avenue, where the company has its manufacturing plant.

EPA metro manager Dan Hunt said the spill was traced back to a ruptured water pipe that caused contaminated waste to begin to overflow into Normanby Avenue.
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JET Charge is the easiest way to install your electric car charger. We specialise in installing chargers for Tesla and are their preferred installer.
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