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Cloudcase – Loan Origination Software
Effective customer conversion and digital process automation for financial institutions
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5 hours ago by shalmaneser
Man killed in 'catastrophic' blast while 'tinkering' in shed
A MAN has been killed in a ‘catastrophic’ explosion at his home in Brisbane’s north.

The blast ripped through the property in the suburb of Warner around 5.30pm on Friday.

Police said the man in his 50s was working on a machine beside his shed when the explosion occurred.

It’s understood the man, described by his wife as a “tinkerer”, was using a hydrogen gas unit to extract the chemical element from water.

Neighbours called triple-0 after the blast shook their homes and likened the explosion to a ‘nuclear bomb’.
Australia  public  explosion  death  hydrogen 
5 hours ago by dchas
Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page
"Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page was established in June 1998 and has been running continuously ever since. The site is dedicated to Australian DVD news and reviews of Australian DVDs. It is updated on a daily basis."
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yesterday by jimmykduong
Guide to Data Analytics and the Australian Privacy Principles
The use of data analytics is increasingly common across government agencies and the private sector. New data analytics processes, such as big data activities, can differ from ‘traditional’ data activities in some respects, and may therefore pose some specific privacy risks.

This Guide to data analytics and the Australian Privacy Principles
(the Guide) addresses some of these challenges.
2018  australia  government  privacy  data-analytics  howto 
3 days ago by bignose
Allens: Publication: Focus: Undertaking data analytics without breaking the law
Guidance has been released, highlighting the necessity of being transparent when undertaking data analytics on personal information, as well as other matters that organisations should consider so as to better manage compliance risk when undertaking data analytics.
2018  australia  privacy  legal  data-analytics 
3 days ago by bignose
Bitcoin to AUD | Pay to any Bank account | Living Room Of Satoshi
Sell Bitcoin or pay any bill instantly with Living Room Of Satoshi. No fees and no sign-up required.
bitcoin  australia  blockchain 
4 days ago by pors

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