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A four-year-old will get you unstuck - Austin Kleon
Four year old realizes he can draw Batman. I watch him draw this and he shouts “I just drew Batman! I did not know I could draw Batman!” Then he draws a lot of them. Everyone wants one. I come back the next week and ask if he will draw me a Batman. He says “I don’t draw Batman anymore.”
austin-kleon  children  drawing 
21 days ago by jbrennan
“What is Marriage?”
> marriage is two people in love standing in the same bathroom
marriage  poetry  austin-kleon  love 
11 weeks ago by jasdev
The space in between the writing
> when nothing seems to be happening, or random stuff is having an incoherent party inside your head.
writing  austin-kleon 
february 2019 by jasdev
Love what you do in front of the kids in your life
The problem with parenting tips is that the best way to help your children become the kind of person you want them to be is by surrounding them with the kinds of people you want them to be. This includes you.

You can’t tell kids anything. Kids want to be like adults. They want to do what the adults are doing. You have to let them see adults behaving like the whole, human beings you’d like them to be.

If we want to raise whole human beings, we have to become whole human beings ourselves.

This is the really, really hard work.

Want your kids to read more? Let them see you reading every day.
children  parenting  adults  teaching  austin-kleon  fred-rogers 
february 2019 by jbrennan
Some thoughts on Layer Tennis and having another body in the room
> I think one reason I’m drawn to writing and art is that I don’t have to be competitive — if I’m competing with anyone, it’s against myself, or a bunch of my favorite (most of them dead) artists, or it’s a kind of friendly competition spurred on by seeing other folks’ work in the world. And even then, I’m not competing to be the best at what I do, I’m trying to be the only one who does what I do.
competition  solitude  austin-kleon  sports  coworking 
february 2019 by jasdev
On solitude, and being who you are
So, under this definition, you can find solitude in a busy train car or a coffee shop, or wherever. I am slightly nervous about this re-definition (it seems to me that being truly alone has a ton of value), but I am also attracted to this idea that you don’t necessarily have to be alone to be with your thoughts, you just have to be free from input.
solitude  thinking  collage  dolly-parton  austin-kleon 
february 2019 by jbrennan
The ideal routine
This schedule went viral on Twitter with the caption: “Ursula K. Le Guin’s writing routine is the ideal writing routine.”

It’s a lovely, lovely thing, but it should be pointed out that it was an “ideal” routine for her, too, as she says in the 1988 interview it’s excerpted from. (Left out: “I go to bed at 10:00 p.m. If I’m at the beach there would be one ore two long walks on the beach in that day. This is a perfect day for me.”)
austin-kleon  ursula-k-le-guin  writing  reading  art-as-a-job  routines  list 
january 2019 by jbrennan

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