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2019 SIGMOD Systems Award – Perspectives
Aurora takes a bit more radical approach where it simply only writes log records out and never writes out data pages synchronously or otherwise
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17 hours ago by yorksranter
与华为合作,被俄罗斯买下的Aurora OS是个什么来头?_36氪
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21 days ago by JINYONG86
Aurora Serverless Data API
In order to resolve this mismatch between serverless applications and relational databases, we are launching a Data API for the MySQL-compatible version of Amazon Aurora Serverless. This API frees you from the complexity and overhead that come along with traditional connection management, and gives you the power to quickly and easily execute SQL statements that access and modify your Amazon Aurora Serverless Database instances.

The Data API is designed to meet the needs of both traditional and serverless apps. It takes care of managing and scaling long-term connections to the database and returns data in JSON form for easy parsing. All traffic runs over secure HTTPS connections.
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5 weeks ago by oscar-lopez

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