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Stag and Scorpion by wynnebat [Archive of Our Own]
"You're the chosen one," Harry says, a wry, unhappy twist to his lips that Percival doesn't understand. "Congratulations."
"I don't have a vision." Or rather, he doesn't have a specific vision. There are of course many things that Percival would accomplish had he had the time, power, and people for the job. The same things that Harry seems to be handing him on a silver platter. It's too easy, all of this.

Harry doesn't look perturbed at Percival's sudden lack of ambition. "It's okay, you'll figure it out. We'll help. You haven't even met Hermione yet—she's very good at telling people what to do."
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:<5k  site:a03  gen  plot:post-series  post-war  masterofdeath  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  timetravel!hermione  america  plot:redo  plot:seers  plot:humor  auror!harry  plot:apocafic  -rating:4/5  saved 
8 weeks ago by dievillain
Invincible by Darth Marrs
"You are gathered here today because the world is going to end within the next three years," Hermione said succinctly. "But my husband, having died before, is in no hurry to do so again. We are here to try and save wizard kind itself." A Harry Potter/Battlestar Galactica Crossover, with a touch of 2012 fused in for the fun of it. Obviously not Epilogue Compliant.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Adventure - Harry P. - Chapters: 16 - Words: 69,893 - Reviews: 1,248 - Favs: 1,379 - Follows: 1,751 - Updated: Apr 13 - Published: Dec 29, 2018 - id: 13161929
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:bsg  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  p:harry/hermione  het  plot:post-series  post-war  powerful!harry  auror!harry  leader!harry  unspeakable!hermione  plot:apocafic  wizards!in!space  plot:action!adventure  plot:culture!clash  muggle!wizard!war  plot:goblins  plot:non-human!politics  mage!harry  plot:roadtrip  kickass!harry  kickass!hermione  plot:aliens  plot:bamf  plot:character!death  plot:epic  plot:espionage  plot:inventor  plot:office!politics  plot:parenting  plot:prophecy  plot:sf  plot:seers  plot:space  -rating:5/5  saved 
8 weeks ago by dievillain
Most Arrogant and Loving of Men
Harry knows very well that he’s showing the mask of the Savior to everyone around him—his friends, his lovers, his enemies—but he doesn’t know how to stop. The part of him that wants things to be different is selfish and greedy. He doesn’t see any way to express it and not have his life explode…until Draco Malfoy, of all people, realizes it’s there.
Harry/Draco  HarryPotterUniverse  M/M  NC17  Angst  Fluff  Auror!Harry 
12 weeks ago by Logical-Nonsense
Misunderstandings and An Alien Invasion by Aytheria
"A giant of a man wearing what looked like the American flag as some sort of armour was storming towards him from the ground. From above, a red and gold flying metal robot dove towards them. And directly in front of him, an alien struggled through the wreckage of its hovercraft with a snarl and a deadly looking gun.

Sometimes he had to pause a moment to wonder how he got himself into these situations."
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:avengers  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  post-war  plot:post-series  plot:portal  veil  plot:roadtrip  plot:parallel!universe  plot:alien!invasion  plot:universe!hopping  powerful!harry  masterofdeath  plot:humor  p:harry/ginny  het  auror!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
march 2019 by dievillain
Powerful Magical Artifact by kathryn518
The Goblet of Fire is a powerful magical artifact. Powerful enough to lock four powerful magicals to a binding magical contract even when one is unwilling. What else can it do to fulfill a contract? Pull someone to fulfill a contract from a distance? Reach across space and time? Summon the dead?
Rated: Fiction M - English - Words: 21,192 - Reviews: 132 - Favs: 601 - Follows: 818 - Published: 12h ago - id: 13224282
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  gen  p:hermione/ron  het  plot:post-series  post-war  auror!harry  auror!ron  plot:parallel!universe  plot:magical!mishap  plot:stranded  kickass!harry  powerful!harry  kickass!ron  powerful!ron  plot:friendshipfic  plot:no!bashing  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  timetravel!ron  alive!james  alive!lily  -rating:4/5  saved 
march 2019 by dievillain
Step back in time by black blade1
When a bitter, dark, and battle worn Harry Potter steps through a rip in time. He didn't think he would find himself with a baby in his arms on his Aunt's front doorstep on the night his parents were killed but that was just the beginning. Slash hp/ss Snarry
Rated: Fiction M - English - Harry P., Severus S. - Chapters: 39 - Words: 314,809 - Reviews: 157 - Favs: 407 - Follows: 629 - Updated: Jan 26 - Published: Sep 8, 2018 - id: 13059477


[MOD Harry walks through a portal to the past of possibly another dimension the day his parent's died. He's old and pretty broken and his childhood at Hogwarts and fight with Voldemort are distant memories. The goblins realize baby Harry has a Potter relative and give him guardianship. He raises Harry around the world as he works as a Master Warder and gains an international reputation, working with humans, goblins, vampires, werewolves, etc. He teaches Warding at the school while Harry is enrolled and tries to resolve the yearly adventures but mostly fails. He gets with Snape.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:300k-400k  site:ffn  p:harry/severus  slash  masterofdeath  immortal!harry  auror!harry  professor!harry  harry!adopts!harry  plot:new!identity  plot:romance  plot:genderbender  runemaster!harry  smart!harry  plot:world!building  plot:roadtrip  plot:non-human!politics  ok!snape  ok!draco  ok!dumbledore  leader!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
january 2019 by dievillain
Take the Air by Dyson Rules
Someone or something is attacking Muggles and leaving them for dead. Auror Harry Potter is assigned to the case, but with his usual partner unavailable, he is stuck with the most annoying Auror ever to walk the halls of the Ministry.
harrypotter  harry/draco  rating:r  words:50k-100k  auror!harry  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!draco  complete 
january 2019 by FreyaOdin
Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love - Chapter 1 - aibidil - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In which a group of wizards' rights activists goes on the offensive after a prohibition against love potions, forcing the magical world to confront the horror of magic's role in sexual assault and the murky legal nature of consent. Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Draco are swept together to solve the case, and in the process they're made to confront their own love and lust—with and without potions.
fic:hp  words:80-100k  pairing:harry/draco  auror!harry 
january 2019 by Emi226
Four Golden Lines by Kefalion
Soulmark AU. Harry/Loki. The first time he came to Earth, Loki discovered that his soulmate was on that planet. He didn't have time for it then, but things are different now. He's not very interested in a mortal, but he needs to know more. Meeting his soulmate doesn't go anything like how he imagined it would. Ragnarok spoilers.
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:avengers  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  p:harry/loki  slash  plot:soulmateverse  auror!harry  post-war  plot:post-series  plot:angst  plot:alien!invasion  powerful!harry  kickass!harry  -rating:3/5  saved 
november 2018 by dievillain
Honesty Comes Only From Small Children (or Drunks) by Astorian
Even with his luck Harry never would have guessed how very wrong his working holiday would turn out. Now he has to figure out how to get home all the while dealing with only the kind of trouble (and friends) he can attract (Tal-Maqluba rewrite).
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 11 - Words: 24,822 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 69 - Published: 9h ago - id: 13127473

[Auror Harry runs afoul of dark wizards and ends up stranded in Avengers-verse. Hydra kidnaps, tortures and experiments on him and he's turned into a 12 year old with little control over his magic. Shield rescues him, and he wakes up during the Chituri invasion and ends up in the custody of the Avengers.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:avengers  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  gen  plot:post-series  post-war  auror!harry  plot:magical!mishap  plot:parallel!universe  plot:stranded  de-aged!harry  plot:kidnapping  plot:abuse!torture  plot:abuse!medical  plot:mind!control  -rating:3/5  saved 
november 2018 by dievillain
Returning to the Start by timunderwood9
Harry killed them once. Now that he is eleven he'll kill them again. Hermione knows her wonderful best friend has a huge secret, but that just means he needs her more. A H/Hr time travel romance where they don't become a couple until Hermione is twenty one, and Harry kills death eaters without the help of children.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - [Harry P., Hermione G.] - Chapters: 9 - Words: 40,170 - Reviews: 490 - Favs: 1,809 - Follows: 962 - Updated: Oct 31, 2014 - Published: Sep 12, 2014 - Status: Complete - id: 10687059

[Harry befriends Hermione but doesn't confide in her or anyone else at Hogwarts. Sirius helps him destroy the horcruxes and execute known "future" death eaters, Fudge and a large part of the Wizengamot. Dumbledore is appointed interim Minister.]
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:25k-50k  site:ffn  p:harry/hermione  het  plot:post-series  post-war  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  de-aged!harry  plot:redo  plot:seers  auror!harry  kickass!harry  powerful!harry  slytherin!harry  plot:angst  plot:mourning!grief  bashing!dumbledore  main!char:hermione  freed!sirius  smart!harry  -rating:3/5  saved 
november 2018 by dievillain
The timely Brothers by NyGi
Series of short glimpses into the possibility of Harry Potter being part of the MCU. This is the chronological version. The original Series 'Trick or Treat' is the way this story should probably be read... for the more adventurous ones :D

[In which Harry is Howard Stark's grandson and he's rescued from the Dursley's pretty quickly. It doesn't make as much of a difference as one might think. One of the only Harry/Ginny fics I've liked.]
f:harrypotter  f:avengers  f:crossover  f:marvel  complete  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  p:harry/ginny  het  plot:family!drama  plot:family!of!choice  harry!stark  harry!adopts!teddy  plot:finding!family  parent!other  smart!harry  independent!harry  auror!harry  plot:episodic  ok!ginny  ok!ron  plot:no!bashing  plot:politics  ok!dumbledore  -rating:4/5  saved 
september 2018 by dievillain
The Motivational Benefits of Sleazy Men
Draco was resigned to being groped until his creepy co-worker was named his Department Head. Blaise assured him he needed a powerful lover to protect him. Draco agrees, just not the way Blaise wanted him to.
hdsmoochfest  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  postwar  au  auror!Harry  oneshot  humor  oblivious!character  first-time  protective!Harry 
july 2018 by yuurei
The Joyous Kind of Living
After the war, Potter is the only one to treat him with respect. It’s perhaps inevitable that Severus falls deeply, slowly, in love.

WARNING: scenes of bottom!Harry at the end! but everything is readable!
author:Lomonaaeren  pairing:Harry/Severus  complete  au  future!fic  protective!Harry  auror!Harry  bottom!Harry  fandom:HarryPotter 
july 2018 by yuurei
Death is lighter than a feather by haindar
"Eternal Wanderer, Lonely Traveler, Chained Sage, and Master of Death. He was known by these and many more names in several worlds, though he found no solace in any name or world. Hallowed in blood, forged in war and baptised in loss, Harry Potter has run far away from the world that birthed him. He traces a path through infinity, intent on reclaiming that which was lost."

[In which MOD!Harry travels the multiverse with snarky, sentient artifacts. He rescues Celebrian from the Goblins and brings her to Lothlorien.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:lotr  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  gen  main!char:harry  auror!harry  masterofdeath  veil  p:harry/luna  plot:character!death  plot:angst  sortinghat  immortal!harry  plot:universe!hopping  plot:immortality  crazy!harry  cynical!harry  -rating:4/5  plot:roadtrip  plot:stranded  saved  plot:bamf  plot:lucky!chaos 
june 2018 by dievillain
on my fingertips - magpie_fngrl - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In which Auror Potter has gone AWOL, Draco Malfoy is a bounty hunter, and an All-Beings-friendly music festival is under threat.
fic:hp  pairing:harry/draco  words:10-20k  hp:post-war  auror!harry 
june 2018 by Emi226
Banshee - asecretchord - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry's first case as a homicide detective takes him to Hogwarts where nightmares beyond his imagining await him. Written for the 2013 Secret Snarry Swap.

Prompt #16: "Harry is very much in love with his lover (not Severus) and refuses to believe his friends when they tell him that what he and his lover share isn't love. Severus has to heal Harry after his lover crosses a line and this is where their (Harry and Severus's) love story begins.
fic:hp  pairing:harry/severus  words:30-40k  trope:hurt/comfort  auror!harry 
june 2018 by Emi226
The Dark Lord's Equal by Lens of Sanity
Years after the Epilogue things look bleak; Harry Potter agrees to go back to the Ministry Battle to change history for the better. Premise; "canon makes sense" though not in the way you think. Fight scenes, humour, romance, magic, and insanity. FINISHED
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Harry P., Hermione G. - Chapters: 6 - Words: 58,281 - Reviews: 567 - Favs: 1,847 - Follows: 710 - Updated: Apr 16, 2011 - Published: Feb 21, 2011 - Status: Complete - id: 6763981

[In which Astoria sends Harry back to the Ministry Battle (known as the Ministry Six) and chaos is unleashed.]
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  p:harry/hermione  p:harry/fleur  het  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  de-aged!harry  powerful!harry  independent!harry  auror!harry  bashing!ron  bashing!dumbledore  plot:redo  plot:seers  plot:action!adventure  plot:lucky!chaos  plot:bamf  kickass!harry  kickass!hermione  kickass!neville  friend!neville  leader!harry  leader!neville  plot:humor  plot:crackfic  -rating:4/5  saved 
may 2018 by dievillain

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professor!draco  professor!harry  protective!draco  protective!harry  protective!severus  pureblood!culture  pwp  quidditch  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:r  ravenclaw!severus  rec:thereccenter  recovery  redeemed!draco  redeemed!lucius  redeemed!narcissa  reincarnation  reluctant!harry  reluctant!severus  rich!harry  romance  ron!pov  ron_weasley  runemaster!harry  sane!voldemort  saved  scarred!harry  scars  schmoop  secret-relationship  self_loathing  selfharm  sentient!magic  series/verse  severus_snape  sex:office  sex:pollen  sex:rough  sex:shower  sick!harry  site:a03  site:ffn  site:spacebattles  slash  slowburn  slytherin!harry  smart!harry  smart!severus  snarry  socialworker!dudley  socialworker!hermione  sortinghat  student!severus  student/teacher  teddy_lupin  the-mummy!au  therapist!draco  timetravel!draco  timetravel!harry  timetravel!hermione  timetravel!ron  timetravel  timetraveler!harry  top!draco  top!harry  top!severus  touchstarvation  trope:hurt/comfort  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