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Messi to Madrid! | Brian Phillips
An appreciation of soccer’s ludicrous, misleading, and fabulously entertaining transfer rumor mill.
24th  august  2010  slate  brian  phillips  football 
8 weeks ago by pnjman
Why you should deploy on Friday afternoon - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
"Don't deploy on Friday afternoons!"
This expression is taken as programmer wisdom but I hate it. I'm going to try and kill it, with words and experience.
The motivation behind it is sound. I don't want to spend my Friday nights debugging a production problem either.
To me the expressions smacks of unprofessionalism. Software development as an industry has a poor reputation and phrases like this do not help.
If you went to an ER on a Friday afternoon and was turned away because the doctors don't trust their own tools and know-how, how would you feel?
If we want people to take our craft seriously we need to own it and not give the impression that we dont understand the systems are we making enough to make changes at the end of the week.
devops  dev  agile  programming  advice  personal  blog  opinion  article  august  2018 
12 weeks ago by rbf
RT : We've back baby! After a small break in , we're hitting the ground running by hosting our + i…
August  LGBTQ  monthly  from twitter
september 2018 by robdrimmie
Chain saw carvers make wood sculptures at Monterey County Fair
George Kenny works on a chain saw carving project at the Monterey County Fair. Kenny owns and runs Bear in a Box, which is the home of the George Kenny School of Chainsaw Carving. (Juan Reyes — Monterey Herald)
Summer  2018  August  USWest  California  BWRT  CentralCoast  Region:  Central  Coast  vacation  MontereyCounty 
september 2018 by ahasteve

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