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[App of the Week] Get Involved this President’s Day
iPhone (iOS 11+)
President’s Day is known for honoring our nation’s leaders, but it can also be a reminder that our government is a multi-faceted organization. Get involved with Countable, the app that makes it easy to get in contact with your representatives and actively participate in government at more local levels.
**  vote  “Yea  or  Nay”  on  House  Bills.  It’s  a  simple  way  to  keep  up  with  what  the  House  is  doing  and  become  a  part  of  the  conversation.  Seated  available  in  New  York_  Chicago_  Boston_  San  Francisco_  Los  Angeles_  Philadelphia_  D.C_  Atlanta_  Miami_  Houston_  Austin_  Denver_  Seattle.  Use  augmented  reality  see  how  piece  will  fit  your  space.  Like  IKEA  app_  but  for  more  classical  tastes.  Bread  leading  movement  break  down  bitcoin  ‘bits’  (ƀ).  ƀ1.000.000  equals  1  bitcoin.  This  makes  it  easier  beginners  buy  small  quantities  easily  track  their  coin.  Vivino  has  most  accurate  label  scanner  market.  10  second  scan  any  gives  you  price_  flavor  profile_  pairings_  user  reviews. 
3 days ago by matzner
Daily sketches in 2017 – Noteworthy — The Journal Blog
Here, a student had to write, “I will make better choices.” over and over again. You can see that at the start, they write each letter one at a time. After some time they connect all the stems of the letters to save time. The act of doing something over and over again forces you to develop shortcuts. Those shortcuts actually become your style — how you get faster to a new thing.
processing  AR  augmented  pratt  UX  design 
6 weeks ago by everbigger
I upvoted Magic Leap One on Product Hunt: Topic: Hardware, Augmented Reality Category: Hardware, Augmented Reality Super stealthy AR startup reveals its first product
Product  Hunt  Hardware  Augmented  Reality  Magic  Leap  One 
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