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Cyber security and information risk guidance for Audit Committees - National Audit Office (NAO)
"Audit committees should be scrutinising cyber security arrangements. To aid them, this guidance complements government advice by setting out high-level questions and issues for audit committees to consider."
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25 days ago by niksilver
Auditing Algorithms - Northeastern University
Today, we are surrounded by algorithmic systems in our everyday life. Examples on the web include Google Search, which personalizes search results to try and surface more relevant content; Amazon and Netflix, which recommend products and media; and Facebook, which personalizes each user's news-feed to highlight engaging content. Algorithms are also increasingly appearing in real world contexts, like surge pricing for vehicles from Uber; predictive policing algorithms that attempt to infer where crimes will occur and who will commit them; and credit scoring systems that determine eligibility for loans and credit cards. The proliferation of algorithms is driven by the explosion of Big Data that is available about people's online and offline behavior.

Although there are many cases where algorithms are beneficial to users, scientists and regulators are concerned that they may also harm individuals. For example, sociologists and political scientists worry that online Filter Bubbles may create "echo chambers" that increase political polarization. Similarly, personalization on e-commerce sites can be used to implement price discrimination. Furthermore, algorithms may exhibite racial and gender discrimination if they are trained on biased datasets. As algorithmic system proliferate, the potential for (unintentional) harmful consequences to users increases.
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4 weeks ago by tonyyet
Risk Management – The 3 Lines of Defense for Good Risk Management
"Today, a new governance model is gaining popularity. The “three lines of defense” (3LoD) model mobilizes three separate groups—business managers, central risk and compliance management teams, and internal auditors—to work together at different stages to provide increased protection against an ever-widening array of risks."
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5 weeks ago by niksilver
linux - Find which process is modifying a file - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
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You can use auditd and add a rule for that file to be watched:

auditctl -w /path/to/that/file -p wa
Then watch for entries to be written to /var/log/audit/audit.log.
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6 weeks ago by po
In-depth Malware Analysis: Malware Lingers with BITS | Secureworks
Figure 1. Sample log entry from Microsoft-Windows-Bits-Client/(Microsoft-Windows-Bits-Client/Operational.evtx) event log. (Source: SecureWorks)

Logged details about the pending tasks were terse. The log indicated that new jobs had been created but did not provide detail. CTU researchers used tools that parsed the BITS job database and provided the missing details (see Figure 2)

CTU researchers recommend that clients consider enumerating active BITS tasks on a host ...(bitsadmin /list /allusers /verbose)

now use powershell bits commandlet
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10 weeks ago by bwiese
Investigating Microsoft BITS Activity - SANS Internet Storm Center
BITS is fully integrated within the Microsoft OS and generates events in the EventLog but everybody knows that such pieces of evidence can be easily cleared by the attackers. How to investigate an incident involving file transfer performed via BITS? French researchers from ANSSI[3] had a look at the queue manager files created by BITS.
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11 weeks ago by bwiese
Investigating PowerShell: Command and Script Logging »
Restricting access to PowerShell is notoriously difficult. As an example, the PowerShell Empire project has a capability to inject the required .NET assemblies into memory, allowing PowerShell functionality even if PowerShell.exe has been removed or blocked on the system. Perhaps the only way to truly prevent malicious PowerShell activity is to stop an attacker from achieving administrative privileges.
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11 weeks ago by bwiese
Command line data must be included in process creation events.
Maintaining an audit trail of system activity logs can help identify configuration errors, troubleshoot service disruptions, and analyze compromises that have occurred, as well as detect attacks. Audit logs are necessary to provide a trail of evidence in case the system or network is compromised. Collecting this data is essential for analyzing the security of information assets and detecting signs of suspicious and unexpected behavior. Enabling "Include command line data for process creation events" will record the command line information with the process creation events in the log. This can provide additional detail when malware has run on a system.
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11 weeks ago by bwiese
Microsoft Security Advisory 3004375 | Microsoft Docs
How does this update change security event ID 4688?
After installing and configuring this security update, administrators will see a newly added element in the 4688 security event called Process Command Line, which contains the entire command that was executed for the event in question.
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11 weeks ago by bwiese
The most important audits my team performed | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"Internal auditors should understand that business is not about avoiding or limiting risk, it is about taking the right risk. I have learned that all internal auditors should consider themselves business people who have a job as internal auditors."
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january 2018 by niksilver

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