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How important is that little pixel? your will reveal it.
Auditing  tracking  website  from twitter
4 weeks ago by jhill5
Otseca - Security Auditing Tool To Search And Dump System Configuration
Auditing  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by blackthorne
Better practices for audits
By Paul Hammant. On achieving continuous delivery in a regulated environment.
ContinuousDelivery  auditing  compliance  regulation  build  ReleaseManagement 
6 weeks ago by jefframnani
Script Get-USBHistory
powershell script, useful for grabbing USB history from all PC's in a domain, useful for creating a baseline/history of USB use.
windows  USB  history  log  PowerShell  script  sysadmin  tips  tricks  logging  baseline  security  audit  auditing 
9 weeks ago by asteroza ◆ Cloud Security & Compliance
Secure Your Cloud. Evident Monitoring & Compliance enables organizations to proactively manage cloud security risk — minimizing attack surface and improving overall security posture, all from a single dashboard.
aws  devops  security  amazon  monitoring  auditing 
11 weeks ago by dlkinney

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