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Peeping Through Windows (Logs)
4688 - New Process Name, Creator Process Name
4738 - User Account changed
4624 - User logon

Also the "Sexy Six" event codes from .conf2015
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9 days ago by bwiese
Go to HELL, PowersHELL : Powerdown the PowerShell AttacksSecurity Affairs
Event ID 4688 will give us two key information based on which alerts can be created on the SIEM to detect such attacks.

Which process has been created
What Command line parameters/arguments are passed with the process creation (if any)
Who is the parent process (Win10/ Win 16 and later includes name of the parent process under Creator_Porcess_Name field; previous versions of windows include the Process ID of the parent process under Creator_Process_ID)
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9 days ago by bwiese
How to Determine What Just Ran on Windows Console | Windows Command Line Tools For Developers
For some background, a console window (running as ConHost.exe) opens & is attached to a command-line application when executed. When Windows launches a new process, an event with ID 4688 is generated. This event is disabled by default, and needs to be turned-on through a Group Policy Object setting before it can be tracked.

cmd line auditing: Double-click the “Include command line in process creation events” setting, select the “Enabled” field and hit OK.
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9 days ago by bwiese
Windows Incident Response: HowTo: Track Lateral Movement
On system B, you may find indications of a service being started in the System Event Log (event ID 7035/7036), and on WinXP and 2003 systems, you may find indications of the task being run in the SchedLgU.txt file
dfiri  cybersecurity  windows  auditing 
10 days ago by bwiese
How to Query Audit Logs Using 'ausearch' Tool on CentOS/RHEL
In this tutorial, we will explain how to use ausearch tool to retrieve data from auditd log files on a RHEL and CentOS based Linux distributions.
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6 weeks ago by loquitoslack
Nice windows event blacklisting · GitHub

disabled = 0
start_from = oldest
current_only = 0
evt_resolve_ad_obj = 1
checkpointInterval = 5
blacklist1 = EventCode="4662" Message="Object Type:(?!\s*groupPolicyContainer)"
blacklist2 = EventCode="566" Message="Object Type:(?!\s*groupPolicyContainer)"
blacklist3 = EventCode="4688" Message="New Process Name:\s*(?i)(?:[C-F]:\\Program Files\\Splunk(?:UniversalForwarder)?\\bin\\(?:btool|splunkd|splunk|splunk\-(?:MonitorNoHandle|admon|netmon|perfmon|powershell|regmon|winevtlog|winhostinfo|winprintmon|wmi|optimize))\.exe)"
blacklist4 = EventCode="4689" Message="Process Name:\s*(?i)(?:[C-F]:\\Program Files\\Splunk(?:UniversalForwarder)?\\bin\\(?:btool|splunkd|splunk|splunk\-(?:MonitorNoHandle|admon|netmon|perfmon|powershell|regmon|winevtlog|winhostinfo|winprintmon|wmi|optimize))\.exe)"
splunk  auditing  eventlogs 
11 weeks ago by bwiese
Controlling 4662 Messages in the Windows Security Event Log
We added a feature to black list and white list on a regular expression. In the case of the Security Windows Event Log, we need something like this:

blacklist1=EventCode="4662" Message=”Object Type:\s+(?!groupPolicyContainer)”

The black list is a set of key=regex pairs. The list of keys are things like “EventCode” and “TaskCategory” – i.e. the event log keys, not the Splunk fields. In this case we are going to black list EventCode 4662, but only when the Object Type is not groupPolicyContainer
splunk  auditing  eventlogs 
11 weeks ago by bwiese
Auditing File Access on File Servers – Premier Field Engineering
Recently, I helped a customer achieve two objectives:

Audit access to sensitive content on the file servers and ensure the information is captured
Generate reports on a regular basis that would show WHO did WHAT to WHICH content and WHEN this was done.
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12 weeks ago by bwiese
Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking Privacy Risk
Ping HTML Link
This will render on the page as a normal link to and if you hover over it, will only show you the destination URL. It does not show you the ping back URL of, so users will not even realize this is happening unless they examine the sites source code.
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april 2019 by euler

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