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Octave: A free library of UI sounds.
Octave, the free library of user interface sounds.
free  ux  sound  dev  audio  iosdev  ressource 
yesterday by icylace
How Comcast Sets Its Customer Service Reps Up to Fail - Gretchen Gavett - Harvard Business Review
OVERLOOKED/true: How employees' REAL customer is management, not the firm's #customers #comcast example #experience
customer  experience  comcast  q3  2014  example  audio  service  representative  retention  management  metrics  analysis  call  center  incentive 
yesterday by csrollyson
> At Audiocogs we want make the web a better place for audio, or better yet, make the web the best place for audio to be. We're a group of friends who used to work together in a research & development team dedicated to exactly this task, our work often being writing open source libraries that push the limits of the web as we know it. We've gone our separate ways professionaly, but we're still commited to the same goals and continue to pursue them on our own time.
> We are working with a lot of cutting-edge technology that we believe shouldn't be cutting-edge anymore, trying to make the possibilities available to everyone, everywhere. This means JavaScript codecs, audio processing and other things that come with the territory. Pioneering on these new technologies, we also believe in good faith that we should communicate our learnings to give back to the community by blogging about our work, speaking about it publicly, and helping out in organizing events where this is possible.
javascript  audio  library 
yesterday by axelav
Make Lush Drones in Live with Synths, Samples, and Effects | Ableton
"Drones - long, continuous notes or chords in music - are nothing new. Classical Indian music, for example, has used drone instruments such as the Tanpura and Shruti Box for centuries, while the Scottish bagpipes also produce a distinctive drone. With the 20th century, came the introduction of new forms of music in which drones were the centerpiece - and sometimes sole element. La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela were two innovators of drone music as part of the 20th century Western experimental canon - listen below to a 1973 recording of the two of them.. "
audio  music  software  ableton  style  tutorial  ***** 
yesterday by bookmarks
jiaaro/pydub @ GitHub
Manipulate audio with an simple and easy high level interface
audio  library  python 
yesterday by wheely
pydub - Manipulate audio with a simple and easy high level interface
audio  python  library 
yesterday by wheely
Royalty Free Music doesn't need to be complicated, we offer a straightforward, 'one size fits all' service, with just one simple license which covers all of your Royalty Free needs at a price that works for you.
music  tune  tunes  royalty  free  audio  tracks  sound 
yesterday by dcolanduno
Peggo Converts YouTube Videos to Audio for Offline Listening
“Web: Peggo is a simple web service that takes your favorite YouTube videos, whether they're music, podcasts, or other programming, and saves them as audio files so you can listen to them later or offline.”

From “Peggo Converts YouTube Videos to Audio for Offline Listening”

Lifehacker  utility  converter  video  audio  youtube 
yesterday by cbucher1
Peggo - Record beautiful MP3s from YouTube
Record beautiful MP3s of your favorite YouTube videos. Fast, free, and packed with great features like subtracks, artist and title tags, removal of unwanted silence, audio normalization, and more. No registration required.
audio  mp3  youtube 
yesterday by spanner_banana Video
Xiph.Org has undertaken a series of self-produced videos to spread techie-level knowledge about digital media as well as our own work involving new media research.
audio  video 
yesterday by edavey
libogg, libvorbis, and libtheora compiled to JavaScript with Emscripten, and to Flash with Crossbridge. Current status A demo is included which runs some video output in the browser; you can search…
ogg  javascript  audio 
yesterday by edsu

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