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- A speech recognition library for the web
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18 hours ago by stuarth
Transform any speaker into a portable Bluetooth® speaker
Transform any speaker into a great sounding, portable Bluetooth speaker.
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20 hours ago by bradbarrish
Center for Investigating Healthy Minds
Compassion Meditation Training Audio Files
Compassion is the feeling of caring for and wanting to help others who are suffering. The following audio files and scripts were created as part of a study into the effectiveness of compassion meditation conducted by principal investigator Helen Weng with Drew Fox, Alex Shackman, Diane Stodola, Jessica Kirkland Caldwell, Matt Olson, Greg Rogers, and Richard J. Davidson at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds.
meditation  training  compassion  audio  mp3 
21 hours ago by dgingrich
Developing Game Audio with the Web Audio API
Varied intensity background music, overlapping sound effects and randomization, sound source and listener spatialization (and directional sound cones), room effects via convolution, detect and prevent clipping, and implement dynamics compression. Including interactive inline demos!
HTML5  audio  Javascript 
23 hours ago by amason
: JS Dynamic Audio Synth
javascript  audio 
yesterday by futuraprime
El truco matemático del MP3, el JPEG y la cara de Homer Simpson
Por si no ha quedado claro, nos encantan las mates. Tras esas fórmulas y ecuaciones aparentemente incomprensibles hay un mundo de posibilidades. A la transformación de Fourier, por ejemplo, le debes la música que escuchas en formato MP3 y las fotos que subes a Facebook en formato JPEG. ¿Quieres saber por qué?
algoritmos  tecnologia  audio  imagenes 
yesterday by gndolfo
Amptastic - Amazing Tripath Mini HI-FI audio amplifiers (T-amps) and accessories
New for 2014, the Mini-1 follows the success of the popular Mini-T amplifier. Our mission was simple, to build the best Mini T-amp available, without breaking the bank.
yesterday by mvh
piCorePlayer is a dedicated Squeezebox player (like a Duet receiver) for your Raspberry pi board. It is build on a small read-only linux (Microcore) and Triodes excellent Squeezelite player.
rasberryPi  audio 
yesterday by mvh

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