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NXT - Pagina 7
[mention]tino84[/mention] ha scritto:cioè smettere di ascoltarle? secondo me son quelle, altrimenti ad una data frequenza/volume il problema dovrebbe puntu
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yesterday by pokerone
Come usare la tecnologia NXT e vivere felici... - Page 5
Elcaset wrote:kingbowser wrote:ma questo thread sta morendo? Cometarossa è sparito Non è mica una meteora,ma una cometa. Quindi torna sempre.
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yesterday by pokerone
Free SFX
Creative Commons sound effects, related to Dan Shiffman's Coding Rainbow.
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yesterday by jalderman
MagicPlay by doubleTwist
MagicPlay is an Open Source platform created by doubleTwist that establishes a universal way to stream music to wireless speakers, TVs, car audio systems and other connected devices, bringing music to the Internet of Things.
How does it compare to AirPlay?

MagicPlay has been described as the "Open Source AirPlay" and enables anyone to enjoy synchronized playback of music without investing in expensive proprietary systems such as Sonos or AirPlay-compatible speakers. And since it's open source you can run it on any platform, from Google TV to Raspberry Pi and you'll see cheaper wi-fi speakers coming to market in the coming months.
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yesterday by archangel
Hiqh quality DPCM | Bits'n'Bites
thinking of getting a 12 bit pint into a 8 bit pot, emax style - this might be helpful
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yesterday by equaliser
What I Saw in Syria - The New York Times
What I Saw in Syria: Harsh realities from the war-struck nation presented as an interactive audio-visual narrative.
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yesterday by rasagy

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