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The Moodring has been in “development hell” for about two years. This reverb pedal has turned out 
to be the most revised and re­designed project since madbeanpedals began (some seven or eight 
different designs before release!) But, I’m happy to say that I think the Moodring is not only one of the 
best Belton Brick­based reverbs out there, but also one of the best sounding MBP projects. It has 
character, ambience and even a bit of weirdness if you dial the knobs right. While the part count is 
fairly high (more on par with an analog delay) it requires almost no tweaking or adjustment. Just plug
it in and let your fat E chords rip!
pedals  audio 
2 days ago by cmillward
Free VST Plugins | Equipboard®
Welcome to Equipboard's database of free VST plugins. We're building the largest list of freeware plugins on the web, constantly updated, complete with user reviews, download links, which free VST plugins are most popular with pros and the Equipboard community.
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2 days ago by klokie
Between A/D and D/A: the power of pragmatism | DAR__KO
I just starred Between A/D and D/A: the power of pragmatism on Inoreader
2 days ago by SEverson
Bid for Access to Amazon Echo Audio in Murder Case Raises Privacy Concerns - The New York Times
"detectives investigating a murder in Arkansas are seeking access to audio that may have been recorded on an Amazon Echo electronic personal assistant."

“We have to fight against the myth of Echo listening in on our every word and sending that data to Amazon — it’s simply untrue.”
USA  police  state  technology  IoT  Amazon  Echo  audio  crime 
2 days ago by dandv
Ils produisent des podcasts entre copains, et pourraient bien être le média du futur – Medium
considéré comme ringard au début du web 2.0, le podcasting est l’une des grandes tendances média de ces deux dernières années. Et tandis qu’aux Etats-Unis, les initiatives s’enchaînent et continuent de surprendre les mauvaises langues, avec des chiffres étonnants, en France, Binge Audio fait partie des pionniers du renouveau du genre.
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2 days ago by sentinelle

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