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bootlegMIC | Open Music Labs
Inspired by all the aweful sounding concert videos on youtube, we designed this microphone to be cheap and easy to use, so hopefully lots of people start using them! Please! Right now we have them available as kits in our store. So take a look at the assembly page, and see if its a good project for you.
diy  audio  field_recording  mic 
10 hours ago by dynamo
electret microphones | Open Music Labs
Electret microphones are the most commonly used microphones today. Every cellphone and laptop has one embedded into it, and many studio microphones are also electrets. They can have an extremely wide frequency response (from 10Hz to 30kHz ), and typically cost less than a dollar. They are also very small and quite sensitive. Despite these good characteristics, they can also have a few drawbacks, such as a high noise floor, high distortion, and uneven frequency response. We will dissect an electret microphone, explain how it works, and talk about the reasons for its various attributes.
electronics  audio  diy 
10 hours ago by dynamo
Miharu Koshi and Haruomi Hosono - Swing Slow (1996) FULL ALBUM - YouTube
00:00 Western Bolero
04:08 Time Scan 1
06:07 I'm Leaving It All Up To You
09:23 Disappeared
16:02 Hotel Etoiles
20:17 Snow Wave
21:43 Yuki-Ya-Konko
24:28 Good Morning, Mr.Echo
27:07 Capybara
32:36 Voo Doo Surfer
36:40 Time Scan 2
37:14 Paradice, Ver.2
album  1996  1990s  miharu_koshi  haruomi_hosono  music  youtube  streaming  audio  pop  swing_slow 
11 hours ago by cluebucket
Pink Trombone
crazy web speech synth (like physically manipulating the flesh of someone's mouth and throat)
audio  voice 
12 hours ago by w1nt3rmut3
The Chord Company's ShawCan Cable At Headroom | Hifi Pig
I just starred Try The Chord Company’s ShawCan Headphone Cable At Headroom Show on Inoreader
12 hours ago by SEverson

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