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Online vocal recognition
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17 hours ago by amicalmant
SoundCiteJS -- Northwestern University Knight Lab
Inline audio players. Easy to make. Seamless to publish.
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18 hours ago by briandorsey
Wolf 359
a podcast reminiscent of welcome to night vale
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19 hours ago by ambitious
WSDG News - Immersive Audio
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21 hours ago by gdw
John Siau: Benchmark Audio Guru | Real HD-Audio
I spoke to him about DSD technology after reading a few of the white papers on the topic. The illustrations below were taken from a paper by Andreas Koch, a principal in Playback Designs (a hardware company that manufacturers DACs and advocates for the DSD format) from an article entitled, “DSD – the new Addiction”.They got me thinking about the DSD format.
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yesterday by pankkake
Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA.
5.     We feel that, even from a market perspective, many questions need to be answered. When will we see MQA on Tidal? At what cost? What percentage of the library will be MQA? How many releases should we expect to see from Warner in the next 12 months? What will be the cost? Again, a historic example may be cautionary. Consider Sony and DSD. DSD is a Sony technology that they promoted, and yet they released very few recordings in DSD.
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yesterday by pankkake
British Library - Sounds
BL’s Sounds - in case you needed more deliciously sprawling databases:
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yesterday by Nomad93
Research Center
Alan Lomax recordings online!
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yesterday by joem
Research Center
Alan Lomax recordings online!
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yesterday by joem

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