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Sounds of Street View by Amplifon
A digital explorative sound framework by Amplifon which gives 3D sound in a street view environment
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2 hours ago by inspiral
underdevpodcast: Summary We discuss thinking beyond human error as Bill starts to summarize the book Behind Human Error. It’s always helpful to look at how the system and process caused the wrong move. Also, thinking about hardware, and some nice feedback from designers. Subscribe to the feed: Your friends @cote and @BillHiggins Hardware, what is it? Coté is confused about how to think about hardware. The IBM “brain chip” Follow-up on “design” Some follow-up from a designer: of course they iterate, dummy! The air hockey meat-mallet (actually called the "OXO Good Grips Meat Pounder") Where Good Ideas Come From and avoiding the Ferrari to Pinto transformation. Design documentary movies: Objectified, Helvetica, and the upcoming Urbanized. Human Error Bill goes over Behind Human Error, causing us to discuss how various pipelines (systems) in product management work in waterfall and non-waterfall mode. How do product managers fit in to a design-heavy pipeline?
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