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Turns random audio on the Internet into a podcast feeds
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yesterday by nelson
‘Extracts the audio from videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and many more sites and sends it to Huffduffer.’ Podcasts from anything that youtube-dl supports.
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yesterday by threedaymonk
Advanced Chord Theory | Chord Extensions - Joshua Casper
"In this second video of a series on advanced chord theory, Dubspot Music Foundations Instructor Max Wild talks about various chord extensions and how chord voicings can be used to enrich your music. Expanding on 7th chord inversions from part one in the series, Max demonstrates how to play Major, Minor, and Dominant chord extensions. Learn how to play Dominant 7th and Minor 7th chords with extensions to the 9th, 11th, and 13th. Max also introduces us to Lydian and Dorian Modes while demonstrating how to avoid tritones. To wrap up the video, Max shows us how to apply various chord extensions using examples from Disclosure’s hit track “White Noise.”"
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yesterday by bookmarks
Advanced Chord Theory | Chord Inversions - Joshua Casper
n this first video of a series on advanced chord theory, Dubspot Music Foundations Instructor Max Wild talks about inversions and how they apply to chord progressions and triads. Learn what chord inversions are, the different types of inversions, and when to apply them to your music. Max also demonstrates how to smoothly transition between triads using inversions and how to use chord inversions to create arpeggios and melodies.
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yesterday by bookmarks
U-M grads' rendition of 'The Victors' is awesome! - YouTube
This video was created by a group of University of Michigan musical theater graduates. This may be the best rendition of 'The Victors' ever!
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yesterday by akombo

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