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16 hours ago by thatrabbitgirl
What's New in JAWS 18 Screen Reading Software
"The new Vocalizer Expressive 2.2 voices are only available for JAWS 18 and later. If you previously installed Vocalizer Expressive Voices that were used with JAWS versions prior to JAWS 18, those voices will continue to work with earlier versions but will no longer be seen by JAWS 18 once you have installed your first Vocalizer Expressive 2.2 voice.”

"JAWS 18 offers significant improvements when working in Google Docs.”

And it looks like JAWS 18 adds some ARIA 1.1 bits too:
"JAWS 18 ads support for several ARIA 1.1 features that are being used on certain web pages. These include the aria-modal, aria-current, and aria-placeholder attributes, as well as support for partially visible tables."
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17 hours ago by handcoding
G-Audio Unity | Dynamic Audio for Unity
Good looking Unity audio library (as used in Mini Metro).
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20 hours ago by infovore
Acoustic echo cancellation in Java - Stack Overflow
useful so that people don't notice you're on the loo
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23 hours ago by mhd
Narro turns your reading list into a podcast.
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yesterday by the_karel
Bricasti M1 SE & other DACs under 10k worth auditioning
I just starred Bricasti M1 SE & other DACs under 10k worth auditioning on Inoreader
yesterday by SEverson
The trouble with computers
I just starred The trouble with computers on Inoreader
yesterday by SEverson

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