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Which audio formats are supported?
Tests which html5 audio formats are supported — Ogg/Opus, WebM, Ogg/Vorbis, WAV, MP3, FLAC
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16 hours ago by amitp
Old Time Radio Researchers Group
The OTRR Group is a community of enthusiastic fans, avid listeners, and strong supporters of “Old Time Radio". The group’s goals include restoring, preserving and sharing the classic shows from what is commonly known as the "Golden Age of Radio" (1930-1960). The OTRR Group, comprised of a diverse world wide group of volunteers, has undertaken many ongoing projects and continues to work hard to preserve our wonderful radio heritage.
otr  radio  audio 
17 hours ago by dbernstein
This will keep me going for months. Mainly berlin/germany, though.
18 hours ago by perspectivelute
Audio System Design Tool for Teensy Audio Library
The Audio System Design Tool lets you easily draw a system to process 16 bit, 44.1 kHz streaming audio while your Arduino sketch also runs.

Export will generate code to copy into the Arduino editor, to implement your system.
teensy  audio  design  graphical  ui  arduino  online 
18 hours ago by cyberchucktx
New School Archives: Digital Collections: Collection: The New School oral history program [NS070101]
"The New School Oral History Program, initiated in 2012, consists of recorded sound interviews conducted by Archives and Special Collections staff and faculty partners on an ongoing basis to document aspects of university history that may not exist in other recorded formats. Interviewees consist of New School administrators, faculty, and staff, both current and retired. These interviews cover the twentieth and early twenty-first history of different academic departments and disciplines, university offices, and affiliated institutes. Recordings are all in English."
newschool  oralhistory  archive  2012  POPR  transcript  audio  interview 
20 hours ago by quarry
Getting the most out of your portable recorder
Josh Turner describes how he gets the most of his portable recorder when shooting his music videos
audio  video 
21 hours ago by shearichard
OpenTok | WebRTC Platform for Video, Voice and Messaging from TokBox
TokBox’s WebRTC platform, OpenTok, makes it possible to embed live video, voice and messaging to websites, iOS, and Android apps. 30-day free trial.
webrtc  chat  api  tools  communication  messaging  video  audio 
22 hours ago by vesan
JavaScript Jabber 201- Security with Troy Hunt
I’ve seen other cases where people have done things like the remember me feature on a web page, in fact Black&Decker used to do this, I wrote that in a blog post. So, the remember me feature when you logged in and you check that little box that says ‘Log me in automatically next time’, they’re actually saving the username and the password in a cookie with Base64 encoding not flagged as HTTP only either. So, when you have a cookie that’s not flagged as HTTP only, you can write client script to access it. So, you have one cross-site scripting risk and now someone can start sucking passwords out of your cookies.
security  hack  password  podcast  audio 
yesterday by Gwendoux

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