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AmazonBasics Bluetooth Audio Receiver
As great as portable bluetooth speakers are, they aren’t for everyone. A lot of people have existing 5.1 stereo systems that they’d love to be able to use with their iOS devices. Amazon has a [bluetooth audio receiver ( that solves this problem. With this device, you can convert one of the RCA jacks on a stereo receiver into a bluetooth enabled input. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity without having to buy a new receiver or use a separate device. If you have a nice home theatre system, this will make a great addition. Get it for $24.99. Buy Now
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Sounds of solar oscillations (in the AIFF format)
Sounds created from data collected from the Sun - a project by a Stanford University professor.
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The WALTR winners -
If you missed it, you can catch my review here. Don't forget that it's only $14.95 for a little longer, then the price is going up to $29.95. If you have videos or audio in any non-iTunes format,
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