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Use context terms for segment building and targeting your ideal

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7 weeks ago by jhill5
How do you redesign your education coverage? Start by doing your homework
Despite our success, we recognized a larger opportunity: What would happen if we were more intentional in how we defined our audience? What if instead of describing the audience as “anyone who listened or read KPCC stories,” we redefined it as parents and caregivers of children ages 0–5 in L.A. County? Would it change the stories we told? The way we told them?
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february 2019 by paulbradshaw
V pleased that my new paper - ": A field in flux" published 2day on introducing fab essays by…
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december 2018 by sdp
How to Layer your in for Current Best Practices:

1. messaging - stop selling products;…
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december 2018 by jhill5
Personalization versus Customization: the Importance of Agency, Privacy, and Power Usage | Human Communication Research | Oxford Academic
What makes customization so appealing? Is it because the content is tailored or because the user feels greater agency? Study 1 tested these propositions with a news-aggregator Website that was either personalized (system-tailored), customized (user-tailored), or neither. Power users rated content quality higher when it had a customizable interface, whereas nonpower users preferred personalized content. In Study 2, half the participants were told that their browsing information may be used for providing requested services while the other half was told that it would not be used. The interaction found in Study 1 was observed only under conditions of low privacy, with the pattern being reversed under high privacy. Significant three-way interactions were found for sense of control and perceived convenience.
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november 2018 by Audiences

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