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who cares about your lonely heart
After the Battle for Coruscant, Obi-Wan has wings, a Sith Lord to handle, and a former Padawan who's still not following a code of conduct for the Jedi. Facing the Sith Lord might be the easy part.
author:Elenothar  pairing:Anakin.Skywalker/Padmé.Amidala/Obi-Wan.Kenobi  AU:Wings  fanfic  on.A03  length:25000-30000  Downloaded  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Revenge.of.the.Sith 
april 2018 by willowanne
What's An Angel?
Rako Hardeen shot and killed Obi-Wan Kenobi. In his quest for justice, Anakin discovers that his teacher has been hiding some things from him.
author:dogmatix  author:norcumi  pairing:Anakin.Skywalker/Padmé.Amidala  AU:Wings  fanfic  on.A03  length:5000-10000  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Revenge.of.the.Sith 
april 2018 by willowanne
Aeonian: (adj.) eternal; everlasting
The fact that Q had cracked the secrets of time-travel was actually not much of a surprise. Q was the only thing more dangerous than a genius - a determined genius. It made him a force of nature that went unmatched in the natural (and unnatural) world. Perhaps, in light of this, it should also have been unsurprising that someone would try and steal this technology and gain control of the person smart enough to create it.
And that was why Bond was now wearing largely untested time-traveling tech and preparing to go back in time to rescue his present-day lover. He could only hope that Q's good opinion of him was eternal, because he'd been told that Q as a five-year-old was incredibly stroppy...
author:Only_1_Truth  AU:wings  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.A03  length:10000-15000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
september 2016 by willowanne
No Rest for the Wingless
The top agents in MI6 are Angels - there's nothing angelic about them, but they sure are dangerous. And not always good with taking orders from bespectacled, stringy Quartermasters.
MI6 has decided that a new strategy is needed to ensure the success of their missions, and for that, they hired Q: with his genius mind and [mostly] cool head, it became his job to coordinate the 00-missions.
Now the double-o's have a voice in their ear telling them what to do, where to go on missions.
Do the double-o's take well to this?
No. And the worst ones are 006, 7, and 8...
In which Q's got a spine and is willing to beat double-o's over the head with it.
author:Only_1_Truth  AU:wings  fanfic  on.A03  length:150000-200000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
september 2016 by willowanne
Alate: (adj.) having wings; lifted up in flight
Q's got his wings back, and besides luxuriating in that fact, his favorite things to do are laze in bed with 007... and make good use of 007's massive shower.
author:Only_1_Truth  AU:wings  fanfic  on.A03  series:Wings  length:1000-5000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
may 2016 by willowanne
Clay is a literal guardian angel
The Kaczmarek household was pretty religious (good ol' Polish Catholicism), but Clay never really believed. Not until after his scheduled deletion, when he woke up with fuckin' wings and shit. He and Desmond are soul-bound now, a voice tells him. So, all through ACIII and afterwards (because fuck you canon) Clay's there watching Desmond's back, from time to time giving him a lil nudge in the right direction or mussing up an enemy's attempt to kill him.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:filling  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Clay_Kaczmarek(Subject_16)  pairing:Desmond/Clay  genre:slash  AU:angels  AU:not_dead  AU:soulmates  AU:wings 
april 2016 by asscreedarchive
There was little to be done the day Gary Unwin was born. Like any other child, he was born into the world small and weak. But unlike other children in his neighborhood, he was born different.
author:Cortesia  fandom:Kingsman  AU:Wings  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Swan-King  length:70000-75000  Downloaded  pairing:Harry.Hart/Eggsy.Unwin  pairing:Merlin/Roxy.Morton 
october 2015 by willowanne
wingfic with egg laying
like the title says: Wingfic with egg laying. Kinda want it to be Altaïr/Maria, but, considering how fuckin dead this meme is lately, I'll be glad for any fill at all.

captcha is not smart enough to recognize "Clay's subject number" is the correct answer to "Ten + 6 is what?"
Part6  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Maria_Thorpe  pairing:Altaïr/Maria_Thorpe  genre:het  AU:wings 
march 2015 by asscreedarchive
Any of the Assassins (Altaïr, Ezio, Edward, Connor or Desmond) or all of them have wings for some reason or other. Anything else goes.
Part6  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Edward_Kenway  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:gen  AU:wings 
january 2015 by asscreedarchive
I am in desperate need of it. Preferably AltMal, AltMalMaria, or Connorline. Someone touches an artifact they shouldn't and it messes with their DNA to reveal their First Civ ancestors were separate to the "human" line and had wings. They then grow wings. A bit of hurt and comfort doesn't go amiss and bonus points for having all of them transform, and cuddling to soothe one another's pain.
Part6  AC1  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  character:Maria_Thorpe  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Aveline_de_Grandpré  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  pairing:Altaïr/Malik/Maria_Thorpe  pairing:Connor/Aveline  genre:slash  genre:het  AU:wings 
january 2015 by asscreedarchive
Wings - astolat - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“You know, whatever you’re planning to do to me,” Sam said, working hard to keep his voice steady, “I'm not going to be using it for you."
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:astolat  steve/sam  rating:nc-17  au:wings  ~25000 
august 2014 by nishatalitha
WINGS continued : Altair/Malik
I had this dream whilst I fell asleep on the bus due to my addiction to Kink Meme: What if the ability to have wings could also be transmitted sexually (by coughcomingcough inside them and biting them simultaneously) so Malik finds out about Altair's wings, they develop a relationship, they have sex... (Note: no one knows that they can be spread this way, Altair's dad was there to give him te whole Birds and Bees talk so no one knows about this) a few weeks later Malik notices two bulges in his back (so does Maria -who's hanging round Masyaf at the time and knows about Altair's problem- and Altair) cue extreme pain a few days later and Malik being very angry at Altair "Novice, you gave my fucking wings!" ( Kadar would have had them but, you know, Solomon's Temple and all...) This is where my dream got even weirder, somewhere along the way, Malik and altair have sex again, and via the apple or wings or some shit, he gets pregnant. Thus malik ends up with a bulge at the front and two at the back, plus two increadbly painful moments ahead, meanwhile Maria, Rauf, the Dais, and EVERYONE at Masyaf is like throwing stuff at Altair and like "You bastard, first you gave Malik wings and now you've got him pregnant!"
Part3  AC1  status:filling  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  kink:mpreg  AU:wings 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
Alrighty, let's get to prompting! First time posting to any kind of meme, so if this a little weird, sorry! So, I'd love some winged Altair or Ezio. My idea is that Those Who Came Before had not just experimented with merging themselves with humans, but also merged DNA of animals with humans too. (Scientifically, please, not the other way.) The result was a line that would be able to produce wings, and can hide them, though painfully. (Wings bursting out of your back? Ouch.) True flight was possible early on, but with each generation being forced to hide the wings more often, it leaves the wings either useless or only for gliding. The wings are gained in a "coming of age" thing (kinda like puberty! XD) The first time the wings come out of the back would be very painful and bloody. Infection is a high possibility, and the feathers need to be cleaned. After the person heals, the wings can be taken in and out of the body without any problems. When in severe pain or sickness, the wings come out as a reflex. For Altair, he keeps the wings hidden when he's on missions/in cities/etc. But when he's alone, the wings come out (he goes out and glides down from Eagle Points?) He gained the wings at a really early age, and Al Mualim is the only one who knows about them. I'd love to see Malik's reaction when he ends up helping a seriously hurt/feverish Altair, and the wings come out. If you want to do Ezio, he hasn't gained his wings yet. He knew that Giovanni and Federico had them, it was never explained to Ezio on what happens before/during/after he would get his wings. Now Ezio has no idea what's happening to him. He's been displaying the signs of his "change" (feverish, overly tired, achy) but with his missions, he isn't around long enough for his mother to tell him what's going on. Ezio ends up collapsing at Leo's workshop, and the worried artist ends up helping him through the ordeal. (If an anon figures out how Des comes about them, and the modern assassins' reactions, I'll give you all the internets that I have.) XD t
Part3  AC1  AC2  AC:modern_assassins  status:filled  status:filling  status:artfill  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  character:Lucy_Stillman  character:Rebecca_Crane  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  pairing:Desmond/Shaun/Lucy/Rebecca  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:gen  AU:wings 
june 2014 by asscreedarchive
Been ages since we have had such a prompt. Eagle vision comes with a side effect; eagle wings. Up to Anon of they can be used for flight.
Part6  AC1  status:filled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  genre:gen  AU:wings 
april 2014 by asscreedarchive
16/Desmond, wings
Kink meme, I am disappointed in you, this should have been prompted ages ago. Anyway. Clay eventually decides he kinda likes the title of Desmond's guardian angel, so he codes himself some wings, maybe a halo or something too, partially to make fun of Desmond for calling him that, and also because he's kinda flattered. Desmond thinks they're the coolest thing ever. Could end in porn or fluffy wingcuddles or a flight to one of those big blocks suspended in the air or whatever, just roll with it.
Part4  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Clay_Kaczmarek(Subject_16)  pairing:Desmond/Clay  genre:slash  AU:wings 
march 2014 by asscreedarchive
One day, Malik wakes up to see that a wing has grown in the place of his old arm. It gets in the way of his rafiq duties, especially when he’s the only one who can see it. Somewhere down the line, Altair happens to use eagle vision in the bureau and sees the wing. Any pairing or lack thereof you want!
Part4  AC1  status:unfilled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  genre:gen  AU:wings 
february 2014 by asscreedarchive
Lost or Flown Away - winterhill - Skyfall (2012), Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock/Skyfall crossover. Wing shape and colour shouldn't mean anything, not in this enlightened age, but it does. Q had been quite happily passing as a blackbird until Sherlock threw himself off a building and didn't bother to fly. 2k
fandom:sherlock  fandom:jamesbond  pairing:jamesbond/q  1-5K  au  au:wings  author:winterhill 
november 2013 by melberries
A Different Sort of Wing Fic
But not your traditional wing fic. (Bear with me here, it's gonna get long...)

So, most wing fic has their chosen victim character somehow gain wings, either through magic, Apple shenanigans, heritage, or a combo of all. The victim character is shocked for a little while, but soon accepts their new appendages, and so does everyone else. And everything is all hunky-dory. (The ability to fly seems to be a 50/50 in fics, but usually doesn't take long for said ability to be mastered.)

Let's go the other direction, shall we?

Assassin of your choice has just come into their heritage and gained wings (or it's brought on by the Apple/whatever.) Preferably w/ gradual lead up to the wings coming out; with fever, aches, pain, and refusal to rest (because they're stubborn, insisting they're healthy, and collapsing from fever/exhaustion wasn't anything. Really.) (...)
Part5  AC1  status:filling  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  genre:gen  kink:angst  kink:hurt/comfort  AU:wings 
august 2013 by asscreedarchive

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