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The World Keeps Turning by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. Peter lets the kitten out of the bag a bit early while Nightingale's over to supervise training. // 3K. Another slice-of-life fic set after "Lies Sleeping." In this case, a pre-kid fic.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:humor  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
january 2019 by zhena
The Precautionary Principle by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. Peter's done the paperwork. He just has to persuade his bosses that turning Lesley back to their side would be in everyone's best interests. // 2K. Another "Lies Sleeping" missing scene. Yeeowch, focusing on Peter's peculiar relationship with Leslie. And Seawoll, Nightingale, and Stephanopoulos conversation is ... really something I'd be very interested in reading a lot more.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
january 2019 by zhena
Magical Thinking by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. "Beverley was in a lab when the Nightingale called." // 4K. "Lies Sleeping" missing scene, Beverley POV, set during the days when Peter was busy being kidnapped.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:BeverleyBrook|ThomasNightingale  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
january 2019 by zhena
This Is How You Get Up by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. "Nightingale is first on the scene, and not sure of what he's going to find." // <1K. "Lies Sleeping" missing scene, post-Leslie.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:PeterGrant|ThomasNightingale  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
january 2019 by zhena
The Right Sort by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen(ish). "DCI Peter Grant, the last official wizard in Britain, gets permission to take on an apprentice: probationary constable Thomas Nightingale. DCI May has her doubts." // 15K, role reversal AU, with Nightingale as the (very posh) PC, and Peter as the WWII vet/last wizard in London. Also Abigail, Seawoll, Tyburn, et al. are Thomas's contemporaries, Lesley, Beverley et al. are now the older set. It doesn't sound promising, but actually it's kind of fun. It's dated 2015, and I have no idea why I didn't notice this one before.

* The Better Person, "'It’s such a pity you’re still my boss,' Thomas said mournfully." // 1K, Thomas/Peter. Thomas, no longer an apprentice, gets drunk and blurts out what's on his mind, after a fashion.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:role-reversal  ref:canonish  via:siria  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
november 2018 by zhena
Schrodinger's Wedding by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. "If a marriage takes place but neither of the parties involved knows it’s real, is anybody really married? Unfortunately for Peter and Nightingale, the answer according to the Registry Office is yes. All they have to do is get divorced. It’s the twenty-first century. How hard can it be?" // 12.6K. Wonderful, funny accidental marriage fic that moves veeery slowly, and absolutely worth it.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:accidental-marriage  ref:humor  ref:molasses  ref:UST  ref:first-time  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
september 2018 by zhena
It Takes a Police Officer by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Beverley, Peter/Thomas, AU. Series. "DS Peter Grant, seconded to Organised Crime, is sent to keep an eye on two persons of interest." That would be Thomas Nightingale and Beverly Thames, two loosely affiliated criminal sorts, who've taken unusual interest in their assigned copper.

* "Adventures in Plainclothes Surveillance," "Questions are asked. Answers are mostly ignored." That is, Peter is tasked with the undercover observing of a mob-affiliated couple, and his cover is blown. So to speak. // 4.8K, porny, mildly humorous.

* "Anonymous Sources," "It was only when I was pulling the door open that I remembered that opening it to Thomas Nightingale might be an idea worth being paranoid about." // 3K, slash. Thomas stops by to deliver a warning, which Peter appreciates. Moar porn.

* "Enemy Action," "I flicked my bedroom light on. Even the dim incandescent bulb I had back here was too bright, and I had to shade my eyes for a second. Sitting cross-legged on my bed, Beverley Thames did the same thing. 'Ow.'" // 3.6, het. Peter gets framed on the job; porny comfort is proffered.

* "Personal Motivations," "When Abigail Kamara gets hired for a new and interesting hacking job, the last person she expects to see is her cousin Peter, until last year a detective in the Metropolitan Police Service. Peter’s putting together a team - but the job turns out to be twistier than either he or Abigail realise." // 41K!, gen, Abigail POV. Heavily plotted, multiple heists, lots of fun. As it turns out, this is a magic-based AU after all. Also the rest of the team gets filled out in this outing. The character roles (but not relationships!) roughly map: Peter = Nathan, Beverly = Parker, Thomas = Eliot, Abigail = Hardison, Caroline = Sophie. This one also incorporates side glances to the comics and short stories, but they're not critical to following the plot.
fanfic  via:popular  Rivers-of-London  gen  het  slash  AU  ref:crime  ref:undercover  ref:UST  ref:threesome  ref:closetsex  ref:plot  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  pair:ThomasNightingle|BeverleyBrook 
july 2017 by zhena
Changes of Perspective by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. AU. "In 1945, the prison camp of Ettersberg is bombed from altitude. In 2009, Peter Grant graduates university with a bachelor's degree in architecture. It's a magical new world." Peter and his roommate Jaget live in a tidy block of converted council flats where his neighbors include former and current cops, potential goddesses next-door, and mysterious benign lurkers of various types. But he's most intrigued by the out-of-place poshness of retiree(?) Thomas, who's living a tech-free life on the ground floor with his dog Toby. // 91K(!) AU where the Folly became a publicly known wizarding affiliate of Oxford; no one except Thomas has any relationship with it, and they all live in a block of council flats (because: why not?). So it's not really a fork AU, but it is very fun. I put off reading this for a long time because it didn't sound that interesting, so I was a bit stupid. Several canon corpses get HEAs here; in fact, everyone (except Seawol :) generally seems happy with life. (Including Molly, who's settled into a cross btwn Twiggy and Sadako, lol.) So it's like a super-curtain-fic with a side order of plotty murder mystery.
On Common Ground, // <1K, gen. Sahra confronts Lady Caroline. Peter is no help at all.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:domestic  ref:architect  ref:council-flat  ref:humor  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:plot  ref:mystery  ref:first-time  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
april 2017 by zhena
A Walk in the Woods by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. Nightingale, Peter, and Lesley go camping. Abigail tags along. // 12K, fork AU, Abigail POV. Here, Lesley didn't make a deal (but everyone knows about the offer), and the Faceless Dude went down with the tower. So Abigail is stuck with three adults who Aren't Talking About Something, plus tents and compasses and no bars on the mobile. I could do with a whole YA series with Abigail, tbh.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:fork  ref:camping  ref:angst  ref:teamfic  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
april 2017 by zhena
Working Hypothesis by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Nightingale begins dating again, and Peter is mysteriously bothered by it all. And everyone around him must hear all about it. // 3K. Peter POV. Fun, esp. the Lesley parts. I dunno how I missed this one the first time around.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:humor  ref:oblivious  ref:jealousy  via:sophia_sol  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
april 2017 by zhena
Happy Families by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Bev/Peter|Nightingale, gen(ish). Curtainfic, kidfic, poly series. Wasn't sure I'd like this one, but it's a great read. Gently funny with loads of entertaining character interactions.
Places to Be, "Tolstoy was wrong: every happy family is happy in its own way." Bev and Peter have a baby, and Nightingale putters about being highly useful. Bev's not clear on why her family's having a conniption over the wizards. // 6K of curtainfic + kidfic. Thomas inadvertently meandering into the role of Dad #2 seems weirdly plausible. Tres fluffy, not slash per se.
Hostage Negotiations,
"Thomas Nightingale is widely regarded as the most dangerous wizard in Europe. Nobody has told my eighteen-month-old daughter this. It shows." // 3K, Bev POV, gen(ish). Thomas takes on child care.
The Limitations of Magic, // "Parenting: expectations versus reality." // <1K, Peter POV, gen. Thomas, still held captive by infant, and Peter discuss former future plans.
fanfic  via:popular  Rivers-of-London  het  gen  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook|ThomasNightingale  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:kidfic  ref:humor  ref:families  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
april 2017 by zhena
All at Sea by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. "Captain Nightingale wants the dinner he missed, Dr Brook wants to throw a geochemist overboard on behalf of her ROV team, and Dr Grant might be regretting this whole chief scientist thing. (Not really.)" // 1.5K, AU. Author imports the characters into her own job of poking at the ocean seafloor, and it's oddly enjoyable. (ROV = remotely operated underwater vehicle per Google. Fic's author never bothers to define.)
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  AU  ref:oceanographers  ref:humor  via:blueMeridian  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
march 2017 by zhena
Circumstantial by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. “It’s got colder out since we came in here, I think,” Nightingale said. “But the snow seems to be easing, so we may be able to dig ourselves out without too much trouble in the morning.” // 3K, PWP. Always pleased to see that random Canadian shacks can still pop up in any country or fandom.
via:epaulettes  fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:PWP  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:CanadianShack  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon  via:zhena 
january 2017 by Harpijka
Circumstantial by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. “It’s got colder out since we came in here, I think,” Nightingale said. “But the snow seems to be easing, so we may be able to dig ourselves out without too much trouble in the morning.” // 3K, PWP. Always pleased to see that random Canadian shacks can still pop up in any country or fandom.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:PWP  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:CanadianShack  via:epaulettes  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
january 2017 by zhena
The Next Best Thing by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Two wizards get wammied by a truth spell, source unknown, no apparent expiration date, which forces them to voice their innermost thoughts the moment they have them. // Peter POV. But in the end, turns out more funny than mortifying. Peter naturally has a technological solution. But... (Mild HT spoilers.)
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:first-time  ref:curse  ref:forced-truth  ref:humor  au:Sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2016 by zhena
Three-Body Problem by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Beverley, Peter/Thomas. Beverley, who has had enough of all the unrequited pining in the air, issues an ultimatum: do something about it, leave her out of it, and keep it out of her house. Period. A new Agreement is clearly in order. // 15K. Bev POV. As I've not read HT, I'm not sure what's invention and what's HT spoiler. That aside, it's an interesting fic about an odd situation. Not exactly a yenta sort of fic.
* Luck and Love and Time, Sequel, Bev POV. Bev stops in to visit her mum-in-law, who drops an idle bombshell over tea.
* Just Keep Your Eyes on Me, Sequel, Peter POV. Peter gets sex-pollened at the spring court. Bev and Thomas sort him out. Porn.
* We Took the Floor and She Said, <1K, Rom POV. Followup to previous fic.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  het  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:poly  ref:plot  ref:domestic  ref:pining  ref:sexpollen  ref:threesome  fandom:RiversOfLondon  au:Sixthlight 
december 2016 by zhena
Questions of Character by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Nightingale. "I’m embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t Nightingale kissing me, that night, that made me realise there was something seriously wrong." Peter and Thomas walk into some magical sex pollen, then spend the next week being embarrassed and British at each other. // ~6K. A bit angsty and pine-scented, while mildly humorous. Smut and HEA.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:sexpollen  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:miscommunication  ref:first-time  via:Harpijka  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
november 2016 by zhena
Without Restraint by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Peter watches ex-soldier Nightingale kick fae ass sans magic and finds it weirdly hot. One thing leads to another, eventually. // Muuuch UST, and PWP.

* "A Terrible Idea," "The trouble with having spectacular and possibly very slightly kinky sex with your boss because he’s caught you ogling him after work-related sports practice is that however well it goes, there’s no easy way to suggest a repeat." // And yet success -- more PWP.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:PWP  ref:UST  ref:age-difference  ref:awkward  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
september 2016 by zhena
Wizardry by Consent by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Thomas/Peter, AU. "Fifteen years after a headless body was discovered in Covent Garden, Thomas Nightingale is still the last wizard in Britain, and Peter Grant, newly appointed Commander for Community Engagement in the Metropolitan Police Service, has just learned the truth about the existence of the Folly. He has one or two questions." // 62K. Wow. Holy cow, this is cool. Nightingale (POV), who never met Peter, had to tackle most of the canon incidents on his own; the results were decidedly mixed. So Nightingale spends most of the fic angry and bitter while he's being politically undermined by Tyburn and the Met. Commander Grant not only outranks him by a lot, but refuses to be shaken off; he becomes one of the more serious obstacles Thomas faces, along with four apprentices Grant imposes upon him. Very close to an air of enemy-slash at points, as Peter perseveres in hauling an old dog into a new era. HEA. (The apprentices are OCs imported from her other fics; I'd hoped they'd show up, and they did. :) There's also a very stealth "Lewis" xover in here, which brought me joy.

* "The Road Not Taken," Peter/Nightingale. AU, xover with the other series. Commander Grant and DC Grant accidentally switch universes. Everyone is confused, and neither of them are pleased.

* Glass of Water, gen. Abigail just wanted a late-night glass of water but runs into someone furtively headed out the back door.
via:sumeria  fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  gen  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:fork  ref:miscommunication  ref:plot  ref:conspiracy  ref:competence  ref:politics  ref:age-difference  ref:first-time  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
september 2016 by zhena
A Few Years Later by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Nightingale. Series of fics set after Peter has finished his apprenticeship and become an inspector himself. The Folly has four new apprentices, Abigail included. The first set of fics are variations on the get-together theme (sort of a romance CYOA), then the rest of the fics follow on from that with assorted cases and vignettes. Fun stuff.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:postcanon  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:magic  ref:series  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
july 2016 by zhena

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