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Shut up and deal
: Overwhelmed with the task of getting four-plus years at Starfleet Academy done in three, Kirk has the not-so-brilliant idea to pimp out his off-campus apartment as a love nest for Starfleet officers in exchange for academic favors. He soon finds himself to be the only occupant not getting any action, and he certainly does not count on Spock, the Vulcan instructor he is crushing on, to become one of the frequent users.
slash  au:canon  au:school/university  theme:academy  Genre:infidelity  Genre:misunderstanding  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:angst  warning:attemptedsuicide  genre:first_time  genre:hurt-comfort  Character:JimKirk  character:spock  Pairing:JimKirk/Spock 
february 2013 by angsty_lia
Harry Dresden's first semester as an assistant professor of religious studies comes with its own unique challenges. Like dealing with Doctors Marcone and Vargassi of the philosophy department.
slash  au:school/university  job:professor  character:JohnMarcone  character:harrydresden  pairing:Harrydresden/JohnMarcone  fandom:dresdenfiles  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:au  genre:first_time  Genre:pastTrauma 
june 2012 by angsty_lia
Back to School
Jesse Eisenberg joins McKinley High as the new guidance counselor. He is immediately befriended by the Glee club director, Mr. Andrew Garfield. Plot includes: Sue making fun of Andrew’s Britishness, a sex education seminar taught by Mr. Eisenberg, an outing, some pouting, and a “Back to School” student assembly show starring New Directions. Featuring Songs By: The White Stripes, The Jackson 5, Salt N Pepa, and the American movie musical classic, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Notes:
slash  Genre:misunderstanding  au:school/university  xo:tsn/glee  fandom:thesocialnetwork  fandom:glee  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:crossover  genre:flirting  job:teacher  job:guidancecounselor 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
A The Road Not Taken
"Do you want to be a Marine or do you just want me to fuck you?" Brad says.

Nate's brain makes a noise, his mouth says, "Why can't I have both?"

"Because men like you get men like me killed."
slash  rating:nc-17  fandom:generationkill  pairing:nate/brad  character:brad  character:nate  author:hackthis  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:flirting  genre:hot  au:school/university  job:teacher  job:soldier 
april 2012 by angsty_lia
The Student Prince
A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kickboxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love... This story was inspired by the thought of Prince William of Wales (and indeed the current Max von Hapsburg) studying at the University of St Andrews; it is also, as the title suggests, at least a little inspired by the operetta 'The Student Prince'.
fandom:merlin  slash  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:first_time  job:student  au:school/university  au:modern  theme:hiddenTalent  genre:coming_out  genre:homophobia  pairing:ArthurPendragon/Merlin  character:arthurpendragon  character:merlin 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
like grabbing my heart and taking my breath
Arthur/Merlin modern!au Merlin has severe asthma and always ends up with breathing difficulties when he looks at Arthur, is around Arthur, is kissing Arthur etc. Inhaler use a must.
slash  rating:nc-17  fandom:merlin  character:arthurpendragon  character:merlin  pairing:ArthurPendragon/Merlin  genre:illness  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  protective!arthurpendragon  clueless!merlin  genre:pinning  au:school/university  job:student  genre:cute 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
Unexpected Relations
It’s true, there’s remarkably little awkwardness between Mark and him. Maybe it’s because they’re both mature enough to work past any that might arise, for the sake of their parents. Maybe it’s because Eduardo can see that Mark is a better person than he seems to think he is, and Mark doesn’t care that Eduardo doesn’t always feel like being kind and giving, that sometimes he just wants to say exactly what he’s thinking. Maybe it’s because they’d both been looking for the kind of friend that would understand them fully, and it just so happened that this is the way they met.
author:grim_lupine  fandom:thesocialnetwork  character:mark  character:eduardo  pairing:mark/eduardo  au:school/university  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:family  job:student  slash  rating:nc-17  theme:fix-it  tsn:post-deposition 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
Maze (you got me running through)
Boarding School AU. "Mark doesn't really notice him at first, maybe because Eduardo makes a point out of not being noticed, or maybe because Mark isn't the most observant guy, but within a week he finds his eyes drawn to Eduardo's face with unnerving regularity. It's almost like last year, when his eyes kept getting stuck on Erica's jawline, but it's different too, inexplicable, and Mark doesn't like things he can't explain."
fandom:thesocialnetwork  author:jeyhawk  slash  character:mark  character:eduardo  pairing:mark/eduardo  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:protective  protective!mark  shy!eduardo  au:school/university  theme:bully  genre:coming_out  genre:first_time 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
Relationship Status: It was always about you
College AU. The one where Eduardo works at the campus coffee shop and Mark doesn't understand the concept of love at first sight. Coffee, code, Facebook and love (not necessarily in that order).
author:jeyhawk  slash  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  clueless!mark  fandom:thesocialnetwork  character:mark  character:eduardo  pairing:mark/eduardo  rating:nc-17  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  job:student  job:barista  au:school/university 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
Receptive Expression
High school fic, with deaf Andrew and Jesse, who tries to get Andrew's attention, but thinks he's ignoring him when he talks to him. Cue Emma cluing him in on the fact that Andrew can't hear him, so Jesse learns a few signs, and asks him out on date. Jesse thinking he's signing something sweet, but turns out he's signing something really random would be a plus. Just give me deaf!Andrew please
slash  rating:nc-17  au:school/university  deaf!andrewgarfield  character:AndrewGarfield  character:JesseEisenberg  pairing:AndrewGarfield/JesseEisenberg  fandom:rps  fandom:thesocialnetwork  genre:au  genre:romance  genre:humour  job:student  genre:first_time 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
you're a genius, you've got to remember
Slight AU focusing on Arthur's early years as a teenage genius at Stanford. Apologies to any Stanford alums reading this who are about to write angry comments regarding the egregious errors I've made in writing about the place. Original prompt on IK: Cobb and Mal ‘discover’ this teenaged little genius, Arthur, who they want to train in extraction. They introduce Arthur to Eames. Eames corrupts him. Happily.
fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  kink:underage  slash  smart!arthur  character:arthur  character:eames  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:au  au:school/university  job:student 
march 2012 by angsty_lia
You're Waiting for a Stranger
College AU. Arthur's plans for his life are very detailed and predictable, just the way he likes it... until Eames comes along. Notes: This is a multi-platform fic, which means there are Twitter accounts involved. I recommend that you wait 'til the end if you want to check them out, though, because there will be spoilers if you jump the gun.
fandom:inception  slash  rating:nc-17  character:eames  character:arthur  pairing:arthur/eames  job:student  au:school/university  theme:MeetOline  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:flirting 
february 2012 by angsty_lia
Jared Padalecki is a college freshman with a lot to learn about everything. He's got awesome friends like Genevieve and Jensen to help, and a kinda sort-of mentor in Professor Collins, who smells too good to be true (and may possibly hate him a little for some reason). Who knew this Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff was so complicated??
author:janice_lester  au:school/university  au:alpha/beta!dynamic  fandom:rps  character:JaredPadalecki  character:mishacollins  pairing:jaredpadalecki/mishacollins  rating:nc-17  creature:Werewolf  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:cute  clueless!jaredpadalecki  shy!jensenackles  genre:homophobia  kink:virgin 
december 2011 by angsty_lia
Love, Apparent
Based loosely on the movie Son In Law, Jared is a shy college freshman busted out of his shell by eccentric long-time student Misha Collins. Mishaps, disaster, secrets and confusion!  Gay chicken, compulsive stealing and loose morals! Together they grow and fumble their way into love with the help of Jensen, Mike, Tom and more.
slash  rating:nc-17  character:JaredPadalecki  character:mishacollins  character:MichaelRosenbaum  character:jensenackles  character:TomWelling  pairing:jaredpadalecki/mishacollins  fandom:rps  genre:au  genre:romance  genre:humour  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  Genre:misunderstanding  genre:clueless  kleptoman!mishacollins  au:school/university 
december 2011 by angsty_lia
Raise the Stakes
As a professor, there are certain things that Jensen is not supposed to do. Jared, the kid in the back of his vampire sociology class, is one of them.
author:raeschae  au:school/university  job:student  job:professor  character:JaredPadalecki  character:jensenackles  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  creature:vampire  genre:romance  genre:au  genre:humour  genre:first_time  fandom:rps 
december 2011 by angsty_lia
Only A Day Away
(212): ok so I'm texting you now like I promised instead of drunktexting jensen and telling him how badly I want his cock tonight. aren't you proud?

(1-212): this is Jensen, hi
slash  character:jensenackles  character:JaredPadalecki  pairing:JaredPadalecki/JensenAckles  genre:pinning  author:bewaretheides  theme:drunk/underInfluence  genre:au  au:school/university  job:student  genre:humour  fandom:rps 
december 2011 by angsty_lia

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alien!jensenackles  au:alpha/beta!dynamic  au:canon  au:magic  au:modern  au:superhero  author:awarrington  author:bewaretheides  author:chash  author:grim_lupine  author:hackthis  author:jaiga  author:janice_lester  author:jeyhawk  author:lady_ragnell  author:longsufferingly  author:raeschae  badboy!jaredpadalecki  character:andrewgarfield  character:arthur  character:arthurpendragon  character:brad  character:castiel  character:chadmurray  character:chris  character:chriskane  character:deanwinchester  character:dustin  character:eames  character:eduardo  character:gabriel  character:garymitchel  character:harrydresden  character:harveyspecter  character:jaredpadalecki  character:jeffreydeanmorgan  character:jensenackles  character:jess  character:jesseeisenberg  character:jimkirk  character:johnmarcone  character:leonardmccoy  character:mark  character:merlin  character:michaelrosenbaum  character:mikeross  character:mishacollins  character:nate  character:oc  character:samwinchester  character:sherripadalecki  character:spock  character:tomwelling  cheerleader!jensenackles  clueless!dustin  clueless!jaredpadalecki  clueless!jensenackles  clueless!kirk  clueless!mark  clueless!mccoy  clueless!merlin  creature:alien  creature:dragon  creature:mate  creature:mutant  creature:vampire  creature:werewolf  cretin!kirk  deaf!andrewgarfield  dragon!jared  emo!jensenackles  fandom:atvs  fandom:dresdenfiles  fandom:generationkill  fandom:glee  fandom:inception  fandom:merlin  fandom:originale  fandom:rps  fandom:star_trek  fandom:suits  fandom:supernatural  fandom:thesocialnetwork  french!fic  gen!fic  genre:abuse  genre:adventure  genre:aggression  genre:alientradition  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:childabuse  genre:clueless  genre:coming_out  genre:courtship  genre:crossover  genre:crétin!kirk  genre:culturaldifference  genre:cute  genre:family  genre:first_time  genre:flirting  genre:friendship  genre:harlequin  genre:homophobia  genre:hot  genre:humour  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:illness  genre:infidelity  genre:jealousy  genre:mental-illness  genre:metafic  genre:misunderstanding  genre:parody  genre:pasttrauma  genre:pinning  genre:protective  genre:read!fanfic  genre:romance  genre:smut  genre:stalker  genre:violence  insecure!jaredpadalecki  job:actor  job:barista  job:clerk  job:deliveryboy  job:dj  job:fanficwriter  job:farmer  job:guidancecounselor  job:hunter  job:lawyer  job:librarian  job:musician  job:prince  job:professor  job:secretary  job:soldier  job:student  job:superhero  job:teacher  job:writer  kink:blowjob  kink:d/s  kink:facial  kink:handjob  kink:knotting  kink:ponfarr  kink:public_place  kink:rimming  kink:tail  kink:tattoo  kink:underage  kink:virgin  kink:wing  kleptoman!mishacollins  non-slash!fic  older!jaredpadalecki  pairing:andrewgarfield/jesseeisenberg  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:arthurpendragon/merlin  pairing:castiel/deanwinchester  pairing:castiel/samwinchester  pairing:chris/dusting  pairing:deanwinchester/samwinchester  pairing:harrydresden/johnmarcone  pairing:jaredpadalecki/jensenackles  pairing:jaredpadalecki/mishacollins  pairing:jimkirk/leonardmccoy  pairing:jimkirk/spock  pairing:mark/eduardo  pairing:mikeross/harveyspecter  pairing:mishacollins/michaelrosenbaums  pairing:nate/brad  pairing:samwinchester/gabriel  possessive!spock  pre-slash  prince!eduardo  protective!arthurpendragon  protective!deanwinchester  protective!jaredpadalecki  protective!jensenackles  protective!mark  rating:nc-17  rating:pg  rating:r  shy!eduardo  shy!jaredpadalecki  shy!jensenackles  shy!merlin  slash  smart!arthur  smart!deanwinchester  st_tos  st_xi  theme:academy  theme:bully  theme:dating  theme:drunk/underinfluence  theme:fix-it  theme:hiddenidentity  theme:hiddentalent  theme:meetoline  theme:ponfarr  theme:pretendtobeacouple  theme:royalty  theme:tarsusiv  theme:valentine  tsn:harvard  tsn:post-deposition  virgin!spock  vulcan!attitude  warning:attemptedsuicide  warning:dub-con  xo:atvs/rps  xo:tsn/glee  younger!jensenackles 

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