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e/R public radio AU, 2/2
e/R public radio AU, 2/2

The second part of this story. In which there is unexpected conversations, journalism, pining, and somebody really needs to take Grantaire’s Twitter account away from him.
author:idiopathicsmile  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  pairing:combeferre/courfeyrac  char:grantaire  char:enjolras  char:combeferre  char:courfeyrac  char:joly  char:bahorel  char:bossuet  char:jehan  au:modern  au:journalism  au:radio  trope:journalism  trope:social-media  setting:party  setting:fire-escape  trope:first-meetings  genre:humor  genre:not!fic  trope:puns  wc:1k5k  pov:R  f:les-mis 
september 2016 by cochepaille
The other day, I thought I’d celebrate my birthday...
The other day, I thought I’d celebrate my birthday by typing up my headcanons for a super self-indulgent e/R AU, and then I got super caught up in it and wound up almost writing the whole fic instead.

So here is Part One of the PUBLIC RADIO AU that literally nobody was asking for, in which Enjolras is a determined radio reporter, Bahorel has a wildly successful travel show, and Grantaire is the undisputed master of the uncomfortable metaphor.
author:idiopathicsmile  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  pairing:enjolras+combeferre+courfeyrac  char:enjolras  char:grantaire  pairing:joly+bossuet+R  pairing:bahorel+R  char:combeferre  char:jehan  char:courfeyrac  pairing:combeferre/courfeyrac  char:joly  char:bahorel  char:bossuet  au:modern  au:radio  au:journalism  trope:journalism  trope:first-meetings  trope:relationship(friendship-is-magic)  trope:g/s(gender-changes)  genre:humor  genre:not!fic  wc:<1k  series:public-radio-au  pov:enjolras  pov:R  f:les-mis 
august 2016 by cochepaille
Combeferre is the somewhat beleaguered captain of the motley crew of a pirate radio station. Eight broadcasters with huge personalities, the merry and determined ship’s cook Joly and chief engineer Musichetta, the poor Prouvaire trying to keep everybody up-to-date and punctual; it felt like the ship couldn’t get anymore chaotic. But then Marius Pontmercy arrives for some quality time with his cousin Combeferre at his mother’s behest, and deep in the British Government, a rigorous MP named Javert sets out to bring the pirate radio stations down if it’s the last thing he does.
author:asriel  char:combeferre  char:jehan  char:les-amis  char:joly  char:musichetta  char:marius  char:javert  au:modern  au:historical  setting:historical(1960s)  setting:historical  au:pirate  au:crime  au:radio  au:broadcasting  pairing:jbm  char:enjolras  char:grantaire  char:courfeyrac  char:eponine  char:bahorel  char:bossuet  char:cosette  char:feuilly  genre:humor  genre:light  trope:shenanigans  wc:1k5k  au:film/book/etc  au:f/b(pirate-radio)  f:les-mis 
july 2016 by cochepaille
Aubergine Heart by jeyhawk
21,500 words | AU. The thing about Harry is that he just appears one day. Technically, he's Henry's new assistant, but he seems more like everyone's new best friend because suddenly he's everywhere. He's a troll-eyed nineteen year old in skinny jeans and bandanas who likes sticky sweet drinks, talks like honey drips, and shows up at every function/party/dinner/fucking DATE Nick goes to for months until he's Nick's new best friend too and that's just unacceptable.

Or Nick and Harry are idiots in love. *heart-eye* *heart-eye* *heart-eye*

// Soooo much fluff!
nick/harry  au  pining  marriage-commitment  20-30K.words  +  via:jerakeen  fic  slash  1D  radio1  au:radio 
september 2014 by eleret
giving up this game - annemari - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
What happened was that around two years ago, after their night time show, Matt Fincham turned to Nick and said, "Hey, you know Louis Tomlinson, right? They want you to do football with him."

To which Nick said, "Do what?"

The one where Nick and Louis do the alternative football commentary and the action isn't only on the field.

[I realized I don't know why I like this pairing when I don't find either of them at all attractive. It must be the antagonism I enjoy. Four. Mixed-up lack of communication with a delightful decision to actually talk through things.]
pairing:louis/nick  author:annemari  fandom:onedirection  rating:****  genre:au  au:radio 
august 2014 by thatspotonthe_t
Malik is the doctor of lurv
Malik's a dj hosting a late-night radio program as the love doctor (because I happen to find his voice sexy as hell and because he's Malik and he can do anything). Then he gets a trollcaller. This would turn to be a regular thing until they end up actually liking each other. What they also don't realize is that they've already met somewhere and no one had any clue that the other is the dj and the other the trollcaller. Trollcaller could be Altair or Desmond (because I love Desmond's awkwardness and fluster) who happened to do it because of a dare or bet (by Ezio or someone).
Part3  AC:misc  status:filled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Lucy_Stillman  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  AU:radio 
june 2014 by asscreedarchive
it's miserable and magical - estrella30 - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Since when do we accept morning drinks from enemy lines?” Nick asks flatly. The coffee cup has rolled toward his foot, and Nick stomps on it with his boot, grinning as the cup splits down the middle.

“Enemy lines. Please.” Matt shakes his head and huffs. “Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic, Grimmy?”

“No.” His mobile has finally gone silent, but that’s no better. A quiet Louis Tomlinson is just a Louis Tomlinson who hasn’t figured out how to piss you off again yet. Nick’s figured this out over time. “Not at all.”

OR - Nick is regular Nick on Radio1 but all of 1D are various DJ's and they all work together. And then Tomlinshaw happens.
fic  slash  1D  radio1  au  au:radio  nick/louis 
april 2014 by eleret
You can hear it on the AM radio
My oh so humble request is this - - Malik as a radio host and Altair as his caller/listener. Not a morning 6 - 10 radio host but I'd like the late night talks and weird callers. It can be a legit business but bonus points if it's something like a pirate radio station. (just for fun or a resistance movement)
Part4  AC1  status:filling  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  genre:gen  AU:radio 
march 2014 by asscreedarchive
the magic of rocket ships | as for holiday fic, umm. would you be up for nick/louis? trope 4, "Drunk work Christmas parties" :D?
I LOVE NICK/LOUIS. AU where they both work at a local radio station, and Louis is charged with organising the annual Cropley FM Christmas party.

[And I love hate boners. Three-five.]
fandom:onedirection  pairing:nick/louis  rating:***.5  genre:hateboners  genre:au  au:radio 
december 2013 by thatspotonthe_t
Play It All Night Long
Summary: the rom-com-ish one where Dean hosts a late night radio show, Castiel is a regular listener of his who starts calling one day and ends up calling more often than not and Dean finds himself liking it. This, until one day Castiel calls for not exactly petty reasons (just before Dean's brother Sam is visiting with his girlfriend for spring break) and things get very, very crowdy at his place. He also doesn't know it's just the beginning of it. Also features Gabriel, Chuck, Andy, the Roadhouse crew and a huge amount of music quoted. Especially Bob Dylan.
Pairing:destiel  Rating:nc-17  rec  Rec:absolute_favorite  AU  AU:music  AU:radio  Length:25k-50k  from pocket
february 2013 by oppisum
many moons have come and gone
sequel to Blackjacks Running Down My Back.

[they can never seem to communicate when it matters. but it's all love, anyway.]
media:fanfic  source:music  fandom:onedirection  pairing:harry/louis  type:au  au:college/uni  au:radio  rating:nc-17  wc:005-010k  by:dangerbears 
october 2012 by thatoldbooksmell
But It's a Good Refrain
From the Author:

Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.

My notes: a bit like a Friends episode. Nothing much happens, but you don't care because you love the relationships between them. lady_ragnell has a good banter. And I'm a real sucker for an epistolary romance.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  length:20-30k  au  au:radio  epistolary.romance  fluff  creator:lady_ragnell 
april 2012 by concinnity
lady_ragnell: "But It's a Good Refrain" (Arthur/Merlin, PG, 23000 words)
Oh, adorable - kept me grinning like a fiend at work. I've decided that my life needs more radio show AUs. And I love that Arthur is surrounded by awesome ladies, BECAUSE HE IS.
merlin  fic  fluff  cute  arthur/merlin  era:modern  a:lady_ragnell  pining!Arthur  oblivious!Arthur  AU:radio  arthur-is-a-prat 
march 2012 by hush
zarah5: Fic: Second Sight (1/3)
Radio AU. Ryan doesn’t think Brendon has missed more than two episodes of Spencer’s show in the last year, usually making himself comfortable in Ryan’s office while they listen and Ryan keeps track of the time so as not to be late for the news at one, his last round for that shift. Ryan’s always just assumed that Brendon’s a tiny little bit in love with Spencer. Most people who listen to the show on a regular basis are
bandom:patd  pairing:brendon/ryan  pairing:ryan/spencer  au:radio 
october 2008 by lattara

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+  1d  20-30k.words  a:lady_ragnell  ac1  ac:misc  arthur/merlin  arthur's-bad-plans  arthur-is-a-prat  au  au:broadcasting  au:college/uni  au:crime  au:f/b(pirate-radio)  au:film/book/etc  au:historical  au:journalism  au:modern  au:music  au:pirate  author:annemari  author:asriel  author:idiopathicsmile  bandom:patd  by:dangerbears  char:bahorel  char:bossuet  char:combeferre  char:cosette  char:courfeyrac  char:enjolras  char:eponine  char:feuilly  char:gavroche  char:grantaire  char:javert  char:jehan  char:joly  char:les-amis  char:marius  char:musichetta  character:altaïr_ibn-la'ahad  character:desmond_miles  character:lucy_stillman  character:malik_al-sayf  creator:lady_ragnell  cute  epistolary.romance  era:modern  f:les-mis  fandom:merlin  fandom:onedirection  fic  fluff  genre:au  genre:crack  genre:gen  genre:hateboners  genre:humor  genre:light  genre:not!fic  genre:slash  harry/nick  length:20-30k  length:25k-50k  marriage-commitment  media:fanfic  merlin  morgana/leon  morgana  niall/louis  nick/harry  nick/louis  oblivious!arthur  oblivious!merlin  pairing:altaïr/malik  pairing:bahorel+r  pairing:brendon/ryan  pairing:combeferre/courfeyrac  pairing:destiel  pairing:enjolras+combeferre+courfeyrac  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  pairing:harry/louis  pairing:jbm  pairing:joly+bossuet+r  pairing:louis/nick  pairing:nick/louis  pairing:ryan/spencer  part3  part4  pining!arthur  pining  pov:enjolras  pov:r  radio1  rating:****  rating:***.5  rating:nc-17  rec  rec:absolute_favorite  romance  school  series:public-radio-au  setting:fire-escape  setting:historical(1960s)  setting:historical  setting:party  slash  source:music  status:filled  status:filling  trope:first-meetings  trope:g/s(gender-changes)  trope:journalism  trope:puns  trope:relationship(friendship-is-magic)  trope:shenanigans  trope:social-media  type:au  wc:<1k  wc:005-010k  wc:1k5k  wc:drabble 

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