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Disengagement by turtle_paced
The killing of Mad King Aerys Targaryen by person or persons unknown worked out well for virtually everyone, including Jaime Lannister. Disgraced for failing his king (if only they knew) and tasked with protecting no-longer-a-Princess Rhaenys Targaryen until she can be wed to Robert’s eldest legitimate son (whenever Robert gets around to producing one), Jaime must go north with the Starks (a prickly, judgmental lot) to look after her. Cold, bored, and guarding a five-year-old, Jaime might yet learn to be a truly honourable knight – but even far from King's Landing and Cersei, his dangerous secrets might catch up with him. Worse, his aren't the only dangerous secrets in the North…
gameofthrones  fic  au:pre-series  wip 
november 2014 by alikcin
In the Beached Margin of the Sea by Rivers_bend
Podfic Link:

Summary: Summary: Sam and Dean black out on a hunt, and when they wake up, Dean's having visions and Sam can't get new, strange feelings out of his head. When John finds out about the side effects, he'll do anything to get rid of the "curse". But Sam and Dean don't want to go back to the way things were before.

My Note: So, I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for any au where Sam and Dean run away together. This is a beautiful example of that, and it left me wanting so much more in this verse.

Length: 20,500
Trope:someone_finds_out  Timeline:pre-series  Fandom:Spn  Pairing:wincest  podfic_available  au  au:pre-series  Trope:boys_run_away_together  Length:10k-25k  Reader:exmanhater  Trope:telepathy  Rating:Mature  rec  trope:bonded  Genre:first_time 
march 2014 by oppisum
Power Surge
AU-Pre-Season Sam 18/Dean 22. A deranged hunter is singling out psychic kids and killing them. In the meantime Sam is starting to develop his abilities and becomes a target.Hurt/Limp Sam;Pro/Hurt Dean; Pro John.
TO.READ  wordcount:25k-50k  tag:pre-series  powers!sam  au:sam  develops  powers  earlier  au:pre-series  series:supernatural 
february 2012 by frannie_pants
Seems So Easy for Everybody Else by etothepii (Stochastical)
He signs his correspondences to the police as Sherlock H, as he always has, and he signs his letters to his parents as SH -- they can take what they will from the S. He signs his school assignments S. Holmes, and manages to get away with it because he is the only Holmes in his classes. FtM!Sherlock. Contains trigger warnings for trans issues and brief mention of suicidal ideation.
bbc.sherlock  fic  genderfuck  au:pre-series  ~15k 
december 2011 by alikcin
Spoctoria by screamlet & waldorph
1) strive seek find yield: Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up--a love story.

2) You are Cordially Invited: The United Federation of Planets invites you to the wedding of His Serene Highness, James Tiberius Kirk, Prince of America, Duke of Iowa, Commander in Starfleet to His Royal Majesty, S'chn T'Gai Spock, King of the United Federation of Planets, Prince of Vulcan, Duke of Shi'Kahr, Duke of Washington, Earl of Seattle.

3) The Virgin King: Jim never wants anything from Spock except the impossible: stop terrible re-imaginings of their romance, and make peace with the Romulans.
fic  kirk/spock  startrek  au:pre-series  au:career  ~80k   
november 2011 by alikcin
Some Assembly Required by manic_intent
For the kmeme: "Alex and Hank were two teenagers who frequently fight in school. One fight got so bad that the principal called in their fathers (as both came from single-parent families)/ guardians for a conference. This was how Charles and Erik meet."
x-men  charles/erik  fic  ~15k    au:pre-series 
november 2011 by alikcin
Embers by Vathara
Dragon's fire is not so easily extinguished; when Zuko rediscovers a lost firebending technique, shifting flames can shift the world... Follows "Theft Absolute".
fic  avatar:tla  zuko  au:pre-series    wip  gen  ~600k 
november 2011 by alikcin
Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl by lightgetsin
Summer, 1998. Neal Caffrey robs the gallery where Elizabeth O'Dell is working late, and comes away with a lot more than art. Agent Burke has no idea what's about to hit him.
whitecollar  fic    neal/peter/elizabeth  au:pre-series  ~20k 
november 2011 by alikcin
Humane Society by Smilebackwards
Once Erik finally allows himself to decide that Charles is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, he spends the next week being incredibly bitter that he's Charles' cat and not his boyfriend.
x-men  charles/erik  fic  human!charles  kitten!erik    r  ~10k  au:pre-series 
september 2011 by alikcin
Secrets of a Successful Marriage by valtyr
Tony Stark lives a double life; he's secretly the supervillain known as Iron Man. But his loving husband Steve has a few secrets of his own, as Tony is about to discover.
steve/tony  avengers  ~25k  au:pre-series    fic 
september 2011 by alikcin
The Rescue Blues by phaballa
He was twenty-two years old, and the only thing he knew about himself for sure was that he was never getting on a motorcycle again, but he kind of wanted to write a song about it. He could already hear the melody in his head.
nc-17  au:pre-series  adam/kris  rps    amnesia  fic 
september 2011 by alikcin
On to Washington by BetanSurvey
Five Things That Never Happened After the Independents Won the Battle of Serenity Valley
au:pre-series  firefly  gen  fic  ~1k 
september 2011 by alikcin
And Then Some by Loch Ness
On a mission to save priceless works of art from the Nazis, MacLeod's ship is torpedoed by a German U-boat, and he finds himself in the hands of an SS doctor who desperately wants to learn the secrets of Immortality--and a lover whose affections he's not sure he wants.
au:pre-series  highlander  methos  fic  ~50k 
september 2011 by alikcin
We’ll Forget the Sun in His Jealous Sky by thenyxie
2004. Dean makes a trip to Stanford to catch a glimpse of Sam and finds a whole lot more than he bargained for.
~15k  au:pre-series  nc-17  sam/jess/dean  spn  threesome  fic 
september 2011 by alikcin
Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by rageprufrock
In his rational mind, Rodney knew that following a girl who'd just dumped you into a strip club was really, really pathetic.
mckay/sheppard  nc-17  series  sga    au:pre-series  smart!sheppard 
september 2011 by alikcin
Last Will and Testament by Speranza
It's about your father. Your father is dead, Rodney."
au:pre-series  mckay/sheppard  nc-17  sga  fic  ~20k 
september 2011 by alikcin
Under the Sea by astolat
Grad student Rodney, frat party, Sheppard in drag, and tutoring.
au:pre-series  mckay/sheppard  sga    fic 
september 2011 by alikcin
The Hostage Major by Frostfire
"You can't just--kidnap people if they're about to do something you don't want them to do!"
au:pre-series  mckay/sheppard  nc-17  sga  smart!sheppard  fic 
september 2011 by alikcin
Occam's Razor
John hears from some other hunters about other children who's mother's burned alive in ceiling fires and the plans that the demon has for them. He enlists the help of a psychic with a bad track record to take a look in Sam's head to find out what the demon did that night. Things don't go according to plan.
teen!chesters  character:missouri  mosley  character:bobby  singer  character:dean  winchester  character:john  winchester  character:sam  winchester  genre:angst  au:sam  finds  out  about  his  destiny  series:supernatural  au:pre-series  jerk!john  hurt!sam  protective!dean  tag:pre-series  fatherly!bobby  character:oc  depressed!sam  nightmares!sam 
august 2011 by frannie_pants
On Our Own
AU. When Sam is fifteen, his dad makes a decision based on a dark future he was apparently shown by an 'angel': split his sons up and abandon his youngest to keep that future at bay. Dean refuses to let it happen, but if they want to stay together, there's only one option: run.
tag:season  5  time-travel  character:bobby  singer  character:john  winchester  character:dean  winchester  character:sam  winchester  au:castiel  shows  up  earlier  in  series  au:dean  leaves  with  sam  for  stanford  series:supernatural  au:pre-series  au:stanford  jerk!john  tag:pre-series  hurt!sam  protective!dean  character:castiel  au:pilot  wordcount:25k-50k 
august 2011 by frannie_pants

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