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Future Forged by kyrilu
Guardian, ZhaoYunlan(Kunlun)/ShenWei. "Masquerading as Kunlun, Zhao Yunlan sets out on a mission to recover the stolen Hallows alongside the young Shen Wei. Along the way, he discovers new abilities, forges new bonds, unearths old histories, and learns that the universe goes beyond his wildest imagination." // 30K. Twisty, complicated fixit fic where Yunlan spends about a year in the past, and joins up with a mountaintop sage and some warriors in hatching a plan to retake the holy tools from the rebels -- while building a relationship with Shen Wei while he's at it. A fandom where you can have simultaneous first-times and established. :D
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  AU  ref:fork  ref:fixit  ref:plot  ref:timetravel  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:domestic  ref:roadtrip  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:magic  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
november 2018 by zhena
Seeing Home by kyrilu
Guardian, Zhao/Shen, gen(ish). "This love of ten thousand years." Shen contemplates his Pendant of Pining and its meanings. //1K. Shen POV, series of vignettes.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  gen  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:backstory  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:pining  ref:domestic  ref:vignettes  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
What Follows after Rain by kyrilu
Guardian, Shen/Zhao & Da Qing. "Da Qing and Shen Wei have a conversation about Zhao Yunlan, and a past memory is revisited." // 2.7K. Cool genish backstory fic about Zhao's turbulent teens and his crappy relationship with Zhao Xinchi and with Da Qing trying to intercede on both sides.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  pair:ZhaoYunlan  pair:ZhaoYunlan|DaQing  pair:ShenWei|DaQing  ref:precanon  ref:backstory  ref:domestic  ref:established  ref:families  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
Black Cloak Reversed by kyrilu
Guardian, Shen/Zhao. "Chief Zhao is a little too friendly with the Black-Cloaked Envoy. The members of the SID worry that he's being emotionally disloyal to Professor Shen." // 2.6K. Here, Zhao keeps hitting hard on the Black-Robed Dude; one day he starts showing some interest back -- much to the outrage of everyone, who promptly throw their sympathies and support 100% behind the professor, which is v.v. sweet of them. (I am also OK with fics that are less canon fixit than just "fuck off, canon.")
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:established  ref:disguise  ref:humor  ref:miscommunication  ref:domestic  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena

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au  fandom:guardian  fanfic  gen  guardian  pair:shenwei|daqing  pair:zhaoyunlan/shenwei  pair:zhaoyunlan  pair:zhaoyunlan|daqing  ref:backstory  ref:disguise  ref:domestic  ref:established  ref:families  ref:first-time  ref:fixit  ref:fork  ref:humor  ref:magic  ref:miscommunication  ref:pining  ref:plot  ref:precanon  ref:roadtrip  ref:timetravel  ref:ust  ref:vignettes  slash  镇魂 

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