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[TW] A Desperate Arrangement - mikkimouse
"I'm sorry, I believe there's something wrong with my hearing," Stiles said. "Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me."
Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn't misheard a damn thing.

some weird pov changes, but overall worth a read
derek/stiles  au:historical  au:royalty  trope:arranged.marriage  trope:angst  wc:100k+  located:ao3  teen.wolf 
8 days ago by ofjustimagine
if not, winter - knightswatch
It's simple: Shigeru needs to help secure an alliance for his family. Kentarou needs to keep his home from being destroyed. The solution of marrying each other, however, turns out to be anything but simple.
!type:fic  !fandom:haikyuu  rating:mature  ship:kyotani/yahaba  au:royalty  au:historical  genre:slow.burn 
8 days ago by callmebombshell
A Token, My Liege?
Prompt: “My liege!” called the knight to the war-mage. “A token, to wear into battle?”

A hush falls, as everyone in the room holds their breath in fear of the war-mage’s temper.

“Will a scarf do?” The war-mage asks, already unwinding xir own.
author:akaluan  fandom:Bleach  au  au:historical  drama  hurt/comfort  protective!character  wip  character:IshidaUryu 
15 days ago by yuurei
above the water, below the wind - Belfire - Red Hood and the Outlaws (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Not everyone can be Moses, lifted from the waters and destined to become the saviour of an enslaved nation. Some people are Jason, half dead and floating face down, dragged from the ocean by lesbians. Lesbians who are immensely confused as to why this boy has gills and webbed hands.
char:kate-kane  setting:historical  warning:noncon  warning:child-abuse  au:pirate  char:bruce-wayne  char:jason-todd  trope:first-meetings  warning:abuse  char:roy-harper  pairing:dick/jason  trope:creatures(merfolk)  pairing:jason+roy  type:fic  char:roman-sionis  char:slade-wilson  setting:age-of-sail  pov:jason-todd  wc:wip  au:merfolk  f:dcu  au:historical  char:dick-grayson  author:Belfire  au:no-capes  char:joey-wilson  warning:threats-of-noncon 
7 weeks ago by toobufftorebuff
Speak Truth - gluupor - All For The Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
"Little rabbit," said the Monster. "Were you sent to kill me?" he continued mockingly, and smiled. It wasn't a nice smile; it was distinctively threatening, all of the Monster's pointed teeth showing.
"I am not afraid of you," said Neil.
The Monster cocked his head thoughtfully. "Interesting," he said. "Why are you here, rabbit?"
fandom:foxholecourt  au:historical  theme:fairytale 
7 weeks ago by aredblush
The Emperor's Fury - valtyr - Marvel Ultimates [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating.
marvel  avengers  Ultimates  Steve/Tony  first.time  valtyr  au  au:total  au:historical  AncientRome 
8 weeks ago by southerly
Breaker of Horses - Sineala - Avengers (Comics), Marvel (Comics), Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
What do you do when the Roman Empire you were raised to love consigns you to the sands of the arena? Antonius is a prince of the Dacians, captured in war and sold as a gladiator. He yearns for his freedom. Stephanos -- the last living centaur -- is his fellow slave and trainer. Centuries old, disillusioned by a Rome that has become a shadow of itself, Stephanos has all but given up on life... until he meets Antonius, and both of their lives are forever changed.

After the events of "Breaker of Horses," our heroes finally have some time alone together. But there are a few things they need to figure out about intimacy first, in more ways than just the physical.
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  Sineala  au  au:total  au:historical  AncientRome  au:fantasy  centaurs  slave!fic 
8 weeks ago by southerly
Thirst - Esselle
' "It's you. I can… smell you," Hinata said, a little awed, and Tobio realized the reverse was true as well. Whatever he was smelling, that hot, smoky scent—that was Hinata.

Tobio bowed his head to rest his cheek against Hinata’s forehead, breathing deep inhales of his skin. He had never done this before, never. Not only because of the enormous breach of social conduct, in casually letting a Wolf who had professed no interest in courting him scent a Lamb like him this way; but also because he had never met one who had ever found his scent pleasing.

Hinata thought he smelled good?'
!type:fic  !fandom:haikyuu  rating:explicit  ship:kageyama/hinata  au:a/b/o  au:historical  genre:dirty.bad.right 
8 weeks ago by callmebombshell
A Gentleman's Guide to Centaurs - BladeoftheNebula - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
All of Marvyl is a-twitter when Captain Rogers comes to town and takes up residence at Brooklyn Hall.

A single alpha in possession of a large fortune is an interesting prospect for any unmarried omega - especially when he has hooves.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  BladeoftheNebula  au  au:total  au:historical  au:fantasy  omegaverse  centaurs  regency!au  pining  captured 
8 weeks ago by southerly
32. Pebble - LadyUkkey, NekoTiara - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Sailors cannot resist the call of a...merman?

"My heart is pierced by Cupid
I disdain all glittering gold
There is nothing can console me
But my jolly sailor bold"

A Mermaid's Kiss by Lunatical
There had been rumors of a sunken pirate ship, not too far away from Tony's nest, and he'd headed out to investigate. He was expecting to find some cool trinkets, or maybe even a treasure -- shipwrecks were always full of human-made stuff, and Tony liked to collect and study it.
What he ended up finding, though, was a bit bigger than a couple of cute toys. Seriously, what was Tony going to do with two shipwrecked sailors?
(For the Stuckony server Remix event: a Merman!Tony AU)
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  LadyUkkey  NekoTiara  au  au:total  au:historical  au:fantasy  merpeople  pirates  Steve/Bucky  established  Lunatical 
10 weeks ago by southerly
You're the One That I Want - emmagrant01
[Grease AU]

"Someone’s arms went around him and pulled him out of the water. He sucked in a deep breath, then coughed, blinking salt out of his eyes. The sun seemed exceptionally bright overhead, and the ground beneath him rough when the water rushed out again.

Had he nearly drowned in a foot of water? How embarrassing.

“Hey, man, you all right?”

He looked up at the boy standing over him, the one who’d pulled him up out of the surf. Locks of auburn hair flopped over the dark sunglasses he wore, but it was his smile that caught Aziraphale’s attention. He looked like he was on the verge of laughing, and he was so beautiful Aziraphale didn’t even mind."
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  emmagrant01  AU  AU:school  AU:historical  firsttime  past-relationship  pining  PG-13  length:15-20k  saved:WILL 
12 weeks ago by citibyrd
the wei to the kingdom (is through the prince's heart) - Bird_of_Dreams - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
It was supposed to be a simple tournament held to celebrate the Kingdom of Gusu’s recent victory over the Wen Kingdom. Wei WuXian has no idea how it suddenly derailed into a free-for-all contest for Second Prince Lan WangJi’s hand in marriage.
au:royalty  au:historical  mdzs  wangxian 
august 2019 by brecs1
Son of Heaven and Frost General - Aki_no_hikari - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
Though fate and circumstance, Wei Wuxian, the son of a servant, was aclaimed Son of Heaven and Emperor of China.
After months fighting an invading army, his beloved general Lan Wangji returns victorious.
They meet that night to catch up and celebrate his return.
au:historical  au:royalty  wangxian  mdzs 
august 2019 by brecs1
These Roads Lead to You - flowercity (FaoriE) - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
After deciding to leave his home for good, Wei Ying finds himself getting a job inside the walls of Gusu’s palace, where the royal family lives. He would never be able to predict that he’d be so interested in a certain prince. And he’d never be able to predict just where that interest takes them.

Stables' boy Wei Wuxian x Prince Lan Wangji
au:historical  au:royalty  wangxian  mdzs 
august 2019 by brecs1

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trope:language-barrier  trope:magic  trope:meddling  trope:medical(hypothermia)  trope:medical(illness)  trope:medical(injury)  trope:medical(injury:serious)  trope:mental-health-issues(ptsd)  trope:mental-health-issues(trauma)  trope:mistaken-identity  trope:misunderstandings  trope:monsters  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:mythology  trope:near-death-experiences  trope:obliviousness  trope:occupation(bounty-hunter)  trope:occupation(cowboy)  trope:occupation(dancer)  trope:occupation(guardian-angel)  trope:occupation(law-enforcement)  trope:occupation(priest)  trope:occupation(soldier/military)  trope:parenthood  trope:peril  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:pining  trope:polyamory  trope:possessiveness  trope:power-dynamics  trope:pregnancy  trope:protectiveness  trope:realization-of-feelings  trope:religious-themes  trope:resurrection  trope:reunions  trope:royalty/nobility  trope:schemes  trope:secret-identity  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:secrets  trope:self-loathing  trope:slavery  trope:sleeping-together  trope:soulbond  trope:soulmate-identifying-marks  trope:spells&curses  trope:supernatural-abilities  trope:supernatural-elements  trope:teaching  trope:tending-to-sick/wounded  trope:trapped  trope:travel  trope:trust-issues  trope:undercover  trope:unexpected-meetings/encounters  trope:unrequited-feelings  trope:ust  trope:war  tw:dub/non-con  tw:non-consensual-drug-use  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:self-harm  type:fic  type:rec.mine  ultimates  valtyr  victor/yuri  victorian!au  virgin!jared  voltron  w:au  wangxian  warning:abuse  warning:abusive-relationships  warning:alcohol  warning:child-abuse  warning:dubcon  warning:homophobia  warning:internalized-homophobia  warning:kidnapping  warning:major-character-death  warning:manipulation  warning:misogyny/gender-descrimination  warning:noncon  warning:past-abuse  warning:past-noncon  warning:referenced-noncon/dubcon  warning:stockholm-syndrome  warning:themes-of-noncon/abuse  warning:threats-of-noncon  warning:torture  warning:victim-blaming(self-victim-blaming)  warning:victim-blaming  wc:<1k  wc:1-5k  wc:10-25k  wc:10000-25000  wc:100k+  wc:10k20k  wc:1k5k  wc:20k50k  wc:25-50k  wc:25000-50000  wc:5-10k  wc:50k+  wc:5k10k  wc:drabble  wc:under5k  wc:wip  wedding  wip  wooing  words:10-20k  words:30-40k  words:40-60k  xmfc  yoi  yuletide:2018  »read  ★★★★ 

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