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Hold Her Fast - Lynds - 11.9k
"Farah Black is the new girl in Amanda's school, and she's captivating. Everyone has a story about her. Amanda just can't quite figure out why her entire being is so totally aware of her, why her skin prickles when she's around, why Farah looks more real than anyone else she's ever known."
AU  AU:high_school  Character:Farah_Black  Character:Amanda_Broztman  Character:Tina_Tevetino  Character:Todd_Broztman  femslash  Rating:Teen  Fandom:Dirk_Gently's_Holistic_Detective_Agency  angst  fluff  coming_out  favorites  getting_together  beta 
february 2019 by juniper-and-lamplight
Your Colourful Words - AryaWinchester
In a universe where you're soulmates first words are tattooed on you in their handwriting, Kravitz and Taako find each other
fandom:taz  au:soulmates  au:modern  au:high_school  p:taakitz  p2:blupjeans  genre:fluff  genre:angst  wc:1-5k  tag:first_kiss  c:taako  c:kravitz 
july 2018 by endofthyme
True Places - foxxcub - The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own] - R - 7,746 words
Summary: Esca looks down at his bare right ankle, which is warm to the touch. A name is displayed there, permanently, sunken into his skin for all time, written in a tight, jagged handwriting:
au:soul_bond  ****  fanfic  the_eagle  au:high_school 
june 2018 by Moonfoot
Syndicate Modern Highschool AU
Can I get a retelling of Syndicate in a modern highschool setting? Here's what all I have envisioned, although it could be hard to fit all this into a single plot:

Evie and Jacob just had to transfer into a new school because their single dad moved to this town for work. Jacob tries out for the school sports team the Rooks and he gets in. The cool rebellious "gangster" kids like to make fun of the team for their poor game record. These rebellious kids include Chad Starrick (he hates the name Crawford so he goes by Chad), Max Roth (he starts to homophobically tease Jacob, who puts up with it because he wants to be seen as cool too), etc etc. Evie is your stereotypically studious kid, really into history, and crushing on this Indian guy named Henry. To prove he's not gay, Jacob briefly dates this girl from the "gangster" group, Pearl, but they fight and break up. Ned just wants to use the boy's bathroom and people keep giving him shit because that's "controversial". Robert Topping is that kid who runs dice games at lunchtime and takes bets on schoolyard scuffles, but he's not that bad a guy when you get to know him. Mr. Abberline is the friendly vice principal that Jacob eventually learns to go to to report his troubles. The Rooks eventually start actually winning games holy shit! Jacob comes to realize he is bisexual, and anyone who has a problem with that is gonna catch these hands (his own hands or Evie's or the hands of any of their friends basically)
Part6  AC:Syndicate  status:unfilled  character:Jacob_Frye  character:Maxwell_Roth  character:Ned_Wynert  character:Pearl_Attaway  pairing:Jacob/Pearl  pairing:Jacob/Ned  pairing:Jacob/Roth  genre:het  genre:slash  AU:high_school 
may 2017 by asscreedarchive
this is the first time i've ever posted on a kink meme in my life wow

but anyways i'd really like some type of adorable ezio/leonardo modern high school au? especially if they've been friends since childhood

Part6  AC2  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  pairing:Ezio/Leonardo  genre:slash  AU:high_school 
april 2017 by asscreedarchive
ProtoCreed: Teachers in Love
Alex is the biology teacher at an urban high school. Desmond teaches shop class. They get intimate in secret in places like the supply closet or whatever. The kids are mostly oblivious but the other teachers are suspecting something's going on.
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  genre:slash  kink:public_sex  crossover:Prototype  AU:crossover  AU:high_school 
february 2017 by asscreedarchive
we should just kiss (like real people do) - i_am_girlfriday - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is the social zero of the sophomore class. Derek is the much cooler junior who befriends Stiles anyway.

// Perfect fic is perfect
fandom:teenwolf  au:high_school  author:i_am_girlfriday 
march 2016 by llitchi
teacher au
reposting since I think my original prompt got lost somewhere. However, if it still exists please could the original be deleted and keep this one :)

Basically the prompt was this: I've read a lot of teacher au's where the age of consent comes into play and the age of consent is 18. However, I'm British and the age of consent here is 16.

Could we maybe have Desmond teaching in England, or something else so long as he's older than Shaun, and he freaks out because he thinks he corrupted/molested a minor while Shaun thinks he's being ridiculous and would Desmond please have sex with him already.

Doesn't have to be Des/Shaun but I love these two :)
Part6  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  genre:slash  kink:teacher/student  kink:age_difference  AU:high_school 
april 2015 by asscreedarchive
Binomial Coefficients - DevilDoll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love. [SP: SO FRIGGIN' CUTE OMG IT'S TOO ADORABLE AHHHHHH]
teen_wolf  derek/stiles  au:high_school 
february 2015 by TheShadowPanther
[mcu] Middletown: A Study of Suburban Life, by M_Leigh (Steve/Bucky, Pepper/Tony, Thor/Jane, Loki/Sif, Clint/Darcy, Maria, Phil, Sarah Rogers, ensemble)
(91,700 words) In which Bucky is the new kid, Steve is the square who takes him in, Tony and Pepper fight over valedictorian a year in advance, Thor remains a golden god, Loki remains a drama queen, Natasha commits an act of vigilante justice, Clint somehow fails to make a your mom joke, Darcy is a Satanist, Jane is a goth, Sif is fine thank you very much, Sam climbs a tree, Peggy says no, Rumlow is a bully, and Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Coulson, and Ms. Hill are all very long-suffering.

Or: the story of the year Bucky Barnes finally learned how to talk to at least one other human being, discovered J. D. Salinger, started to try in school (kind of), got a haircut, landed a punch, almost got arrested, and kissed a boy on the mouth.

[ this is omniscient third person on a group of modern teenagers (and a few of their important adults) in modern teenage language, written in the authorial style of a Victorian novel. it's a conceit that works to wonderful effect, mostly humorous but sometimes not at all that. it's a high school AU that is both a parody of the genre as well as its GREATEST PINNACLE OF ACHIEVEMENT. I don't have anything against the genre myself, because I've read quite a few good ones (they're out there!), but wherever you come down on them, I can say that this is not your typical high school AU: the kids are very much adolescent kids; they are terrible, ugly, awkward people; they make questionable fashion choices and have actual acne and they SMELL BAD. but. the most important thing. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. this is the first time I've ever, ever sort of curled around my own high school experience in recognition (and a sort of grimace of pain), again, mostly humorous but sometimes not at all that. there were these moments when I knew exactly what they were going to do because it's what *I did* and I wanted to say no, no don't do the thing! I know better and you will thank me later!! but they still *did the thing* because they don't know any better, because of course they did the thing because teenagers are tragically predictable and intractable. AUGH.

so I sympathized with them completely. I also sympathized with the despairing adults in their lives completely and simultaneously. basically, it made me feel a lot; I love it *so* *much* and I'm profoundly sad it wasn't a hundred thousand words longer than it already is even though in actuality it's probably just as long as it needs to be. ]
fandom:marvel_cinematic_universe  pairing:steve/bucky  pairing:pepper/tony  pairing:thor/jane  pairing:loki/sif  pairing:clint/darcy  character:sarah_rogers  character:maria_hill  character:phil_coulson  character:ensemble  author:m_leigh  wc[08]:50000-99999  au  au:high_school  humour  romance  outsider_pov  <3 
november 2014 by liveship
[xmfc] The Eldest of the Gods, by lapetitesinge (Charles/Erik)
(32,700 words) It's 1928, and sixteen-year-old Charles Xavier is intrigued by the new boy joining him at Eton College. He's thrilled to realize that they may be alike in more ways than one, but there's more standing between them than he can possibly guess.
fandom:x-men:first_class  pairing:charles/erik  author:lapetitesinge  wc[07]:25000-49999  au  au:high_school  au:edwardian  <3 
november 2014 by liveship
Hot For Teacher
AU-verse. ALL Assassins/Templars in a charter school--this means dorms, except for one strange boy named Desmond Miles. He has family issues, and ever since his mother had been killed in a gang-related (TEMPLARS OHFUCK) accident, his father has been abusing him in more ways than one can count. His history teacher, Shaun Hastings, (:D) is becoming increasingly worried about Desmond, and when he corners him ont he subject, Desmond flees, frightened. Then one day he comes into class ten minutes before it was going to let out, and Mr. Hastings sees this giant bruise on the side of his face, and he's limping painfully. protectiveteacher!Shaun x abusedstudent!Desmond ensues. Other pairings, such as Altair/Malik, Federico/Vieri, Lucy/Rebecca, teacherassistant!Leonardo/Ezio, welcome but mainly centered on Shaun and Desmond, ti prego. Captcha says: convulsed toriano. Maybe Ezio is epileptic?
Part1  AC:misc  status:filling  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  character:assassins  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  genre:slash  kink:teacher/student  AU:high_school 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
AU School smut
Serious craving for Alt/Mal fucking in a school classroom/closet/bathroom o_O <3 Amusment also from the idea of Al Mualim being a teacher looking for them xD
Part1  AC1  status:filled  character:Altaïr_Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Malik_Al-Sayf  pairing:Altaïr/Malik  genre:slash  AU:high_school 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
So about my grade...
Teacher!Shaun/student!Desmond. Desmond his failing his history class and wants to do some "extra credit". Can either be high school or college as long as Desmond is 18, all I ask is that Shaun screws Desmond on his desk.
Part2  AC:modern_assassins  status:unfilled  character:Desmond_Miles  character:Shaun_Hastings  pairing:Desmond/Shaun  genre:slash  kink:desk_sex  AU:high_school  AU:university 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive

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