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Hannibal - The Long Weekend, by Devereauxs_Disease Hannibal/Will
Feed your dogs, leave a note for Alana.

It had been such a tempting offer, one that buzzed around in Will's mind. He responded on instinct, pressing his mouth to Hannibal's. Then, he ran for all he was worth...

When Hannibal finally finds him, he makes a proposal: Spend one weekend together, and make a decision once and for all about his and Hannibal's fate. Can Will still play Hannibal to get the evidence he and Jack need? Or is he playing a new game now?
hannibal  hannibal/will  will/hannibal  au:forkintheroad  length:15k-50k  reallyfuckinggood 
december 2018 by northern
Hannibal - Omiai, by iesika Will/Hannibal
Season 1 fork-in-the-road Will Finds Out AU, well done. I am intensely curious what happens directly after the story ends.
hannibal  au:forkintheroad  length:50k-  reallyfuckinggood  hannibal/will  will/hannibal  kink 
august 2017 by northern
Captain America - And Shadows Will Fall Behind, by leveragehunter Steve/Bucky
AU with Bucky as the Winter Soldier who got picked up by SHIELD and Steve as modern parkour non-serum artist. They fall in love and there is hurt/comfort.
captainamerica  steve/bucky  bucky/steve  au:forkintheroad  au  length:15k-50k  hurt/comfort 
july 2017 by northern
Captain America - i'm a ghost when i walk in (holy spirit when i walk out), by notcaycepollard Bucky/Sam
Bittersweet, interesting story with a hopeful ending. Looks like part of a series, but it's more a collection, so this is standalone.
captainamerica  bucky/sam  sam/bucky  length:5k-15k  au:forkintheroad  au:supernatural 
february 2017 by northern
Harry Potter - Written on the Heart, by who_la_hoop Harry/Draco
Eighth year AU. Harry is inconveniently famous, and a reporter casts a soulmark spell on him and a few of his year mates. Misunderstandings and pining ensues. Very good.
HP  Harry/Draco  Draco/Harry  length:50k-  pining  reallyfuckinggood  au:forkintheroad 
february 2017 by northern
Hannibal - The Fox's Wedding, by thehoyden Hannibal/Will
Because Will’s life is bullshit, he gets gently kidnapped from the hospital after Hannibal guts him.
They spend some tine in Japan, before it's time for Abigail to study in Paris.
length:5k-15k  hannibal  hannibal/will  will/hannibal  au:forkintheroad 
january 2017 by northern
Hannibal - Separately to a Wood, by emungere Hannibal/Will
The one where Hannibal proposes to Will right away, and Will for some reason says yes. So sweet, so satisfying, with probable canon variations.
hannibal  hannibal/will  will/hannibal  au:forkintheroad  length:5k-15k  reallyfuckinggood 
october 2016 by northern
Rivers of London - Wizardry by Consent, by Sixthlight Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale
Fifteen years after a headless body was discovered in Covent Garden, Thomas Nightingale is still the last wizard in Britain, and Peter Grant, newly appointed Commander for Community Engagement in the Metropolitan Police Service, has just learned the truth about the existence of the Folly.

He has one or two questions.
au:forkintheroad  riversoflondon  reallyfuckinggood  length:50k-  nightingale/peter  peter/nightingale 
august 2016 by northern
Hannibal - ficlets, by emungere Hannibal/Will
All of these are good, but I like the way she wrote Hannibal in this one. How much they need each other and how very hungry Hannibal is.
hannibal  length:0k-5k  au:forkintheroad  hannibal/will  will/hannibal 
june 2016 by northern
Hannibal - Child of Wolf, by eonism Hannibal/Will
Excellent merge, after the fall story with Silence of the Lambs. I recced the previous story in the series in january, but this one is longer and better, and was a joy to read.
length:50k-  hannibal  hannibal/will  will/hannibal  au:forkintheroad  reallyfuckinggood 
may 2016 by northern
Hannibal - Ravenous, by rageprufrock Hannibal/Will Gen
Clarice's story, as it mught have been with a few adjustments to canon. Story is interspaced with excerpts from Freddie Lounds's book about them.
au:forkintheroad  length:15k-50k  hannibal  gen 
february 2016 by northern
Person of Interest - Penetration Testing, by toft Finch/Reese
CIA send John to honeytrap Harold while he's building the Machine. John kind of gets in too deep, and it's delicious. Alternate timeline, lovely John feelings, happy-ish ending.
Finch/Reese  Reese/Finch  personofinterest  d/s  length:5k-15k  au:forkintheroad 
february 2016 by northern
Hannibal - Never Let It Starve, by northern Hannibal/Will
Will Finds Out, a Season 1-ish AU.
This Will has successfully avoided returning to the field, nonetheless ending up in Doctor Lecter's office, but he can't resist the lure of a fresh kill by the Chesapeake Ripper.
myfic  hannibal  hannibal/will  will/hannibal  au:forkintheroad  length:5k-15k 
january 2016 by northern
Hannibal - The Business, by magnetism_bind Hannibal/Will
Hannibal meets Will when he's working as a prostitute. Hannibal plans to kill him, but changes his mind.
Two stories so far and will likely be three. They read fine on their own.
d/s  kink  length:50k-  hannibal  au:forkintheroad  hannibal/will  will/hannibal 
january 2016 by northern
Daredevil - Knock Three Times (On the Ceiling If You Want Me), by poisonivory Matt/Foggy
Matt's downstairs neighbour keeps singing showtunes when Matt is trying to sleep. They eventually meet and get to know each other, but it's as Daredevil and Foggy, not Matt and Foggy.
length:15k-50k  au:forkintheroad  daredevil  matt/foggy  foggy/matt  identityporn 
october 2015 by northern
Batman - I Wonder, by heartslogos Bruce/Tim
Tim meets an older gentleman at a coffeeshop. Heeeeee! Secret identities!
length:0k-5k  batman  bruce/tim  tim/bruce  au:forkintheroad  reallyfuckinggood 
october 2015 by northern
Dragon Age - By the still waters, by emilyenrose Hawke/Fenris, Solas/Lavellan
Fantastic alternative of what happens instead of the Inquisition epilogue, Fenris pov. Really nice in character dialogue and thinking. Loved it.
reallyfuckinggood  length:50k-  dragonage  fenris/hawke  hawke/fenris  lavellan/solas  solas/lavellan  au:forkintheroad 
september 2015 by northern

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