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Little Wild Animal (23 Parts)
Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack's property.
Humans are supposed to be extinct.
But then, Stiles is full of surprises.


Wow. Well, sometimes TW still has the capacity to entertain. I enjoyed it, it was fun. The turns, though expected, were handled deftly enough that they were enjoyable. Return me to my grave now please. Close the lid.
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  multipart  complete  50k-100k  au:diff-verse  werewolves  loc:ao3 
7 weeks ago by adelikal
Somewhere to Start
Stiles has always known that he isn't quite human - the plant life that tends to sprout around him whenever he gets upset or excited gives it away. He's never really fit in among the regular people in Beacon Hills and is determined to wait it out, go to college, and find somewhere to belong. He's forced to abandon those plans, however, after he desperately agrees to enter into an arranged marriage to save his father's life.

An arranged marriage with an angry, sometimes furry dude with trust issues. It's all very Beauty and the Beast, without the singing candlesticks.


I come grovelling once more to this fandom don't judge me

It was fun and I had fun
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  marriage-of-convenience  loc:ao3 
9 weeks ago by adelikal
Where I Fall is Where I Land
“We call them godmarks,” Enjolras explained to Grantaire. “And those who bear matching godmarks are soulmates.”

Enjolras is the Roman commander of a cavalry unit on Hadrian's Wall in the waning years of the Empire. Grantaire is a Pict.
fanfiction  slash  enjolras/grantaire  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  romance  soulmarks  loc:ao3 
11 weeks ago by adelikal
River Eyes (2 Parts)
If Jonathan Storm was the movie star Betty said he was, he looked the part: Hair like spun gold in perfect curls atop slender features, with eyes bluer than the Hudson in midsummer. “Normally I’d ask what a dame like you is doing in a place like this, but”—Peter cast a glance up his guest—“you’re not exactly a dame, are you?”

Storm flashed a weak smile. “I can be, if you want.”

Peter raised an eyebrow. Storm turned beet-red.

“I mean. I’m. I didn’t mean that.” Storm huffed and shoved out a hand. “Johnny Storm.”


It's 1933, Peter Parker has just shut down a Nazi eugenist and lost one of his oldest friends, and life in the big city is as joyless and hardscrabble as ever. Then Johnny Storm, movie star with a soul made of sunshine, walks through Peter's door, asking for his help. The rest, as they say, is history.


With that last bit in the end it feels like this could've gone on for like, 2-3 more chapters
fanfiction  slash  marvel  spideytorch  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
march 2019 by adelikal
(this isn’t exactly) where you’d want me

“Do you even have any nice and soothing words in your repertoire?” Stiles asks, holding still while McBroody shines a light into his eyes. “Or is it only me who they let you loose on?”

“I actually just downloaded a new set of comforting phrases to use on patients this morning but I haven’t had a chance to listen to and internalize them yet. I do know how to say, Good news: you’re not dead, and We only need to take off one of your legs, though.”

OR, the one where Stiles keeps ending up in the ER and Derek almost gets brain damage from so much stupid.


Oh man, this was cute. Cute and funny.
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  oneshot  10k-20k  au:diff-verse  humor  romance  loc:ao3 
february 2019 by adelikal
Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine
Merlin does not want to invite the Prime Minister's son onto his show, even if he is an environmental scientist. Arthur does not want to admit that he has a crush on the star of Merlin's Castle, the most popular children's show in the nation.

In which Merlin is Mr. Rogers, there is a bouquet of finger puppets, Freya and Gwaine hooked up years ago and neither of them wants to talk about it, and eventually everything turns out okay.


Oh hello it's been a while fandom
fanfiction  slash  merlin  arthur/merlin  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  fluff  loc:ao3 
february 2019 by adelikal
Waiting (2 parts)
Not wanting to think on it took much, Stiles took a step forward and passed his hand between the bars, moving the bleeding side closer to Derek’s mouth.

“Not too close, he bites.”

Stiles snatched his hand away just as Derek had been about to lick at it. The snarl he got in response was not comforting.

“He what?” Stiles asked nervously, turning to Deaton.

The man looked a little amused. “Don’t worry, only if he doesn’t like you.”

“Well, he probably hates me, now!” Stiles insisted, turning back to Derek.

He looked extremely displeased.


Yet another 'Derek is feral' story, but it's AU so it does take a different tack. Here, Derek is ~tied to the town so he can actually influence it magically (earthquakes, storms, etc). To keep him calm (and their town safe), the town has someone take care of him for a year, and that someone is picked through the Blooding. This year Stiles is picked, and things take off from there.

I actually really liked the first two-thirds of the fic. I really liked the whole, taking care of Derek and then Stiles being a huge softy. I'm going to nitpick the denouement/ending though, it just felt like they could've just let the relationship develop further instead of sticking 2 characters in an interrogation room and having one admit 'oh, you're my mate', like ... I just wanted for Derek to take a chill pill, and then for both of them to realize their feelings for each other? Like seeing each other first outside of a 'taking care of each other because magic said so' context, and then realizing they liked each other still.

Still a fun read though!
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  multipart  complete  50k-100k  au:diff-verse  werewolves  bonding  loc:ao3  via:mklutz 
february 2019 by adelikal
The One With The Scottish Wolf Lord
I just... okay, there was a ridiculous bodice ripper cover with "SCOTTISH WOLF LORD" and I went from there. THE PREMISE IS CRACKY BUT THE STORY IS NOT. *crosses heart*

The Hales are alive and a royal family in Scotland; Stiles is the waif sent to work in the kitchens, elevated to personal attendant/servant to the young Lord Hale. Who happens to be a wolf who can't shift back. (Not without finding... *spoiler*)

(I just really love romances, can't stop won't stop.)


friends here we are again

tw is the trashiest of my fandoms but still I keep coming back to it

and this was short and fun
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  oneshot  10k-20k  royalty  humor  fluff  au:diff-verse  loc:ao3  via:mklutz 
january 2019 by adelikal
Til Planet-Rise
“This is the part where it gets a little more complicated,” Fel'icia said, “so listen up.”

Peter blinked and looked back at the data pad.

“We’re not the only ones looking to get our hands on this weapon,” Fel'icia said. “There’s a terrorist group out of Denusia who got the jump on us and already contacted one of the scientists involved, a Dr. Reed Richards. Richards got cold feet about the whole ‘create a super weapon for a would-be tyrant’ thing, and he’s hatched a plot to steal the prototype when it’s unveiled at the gala. Richards will be attending with his partner and presumably co-conspirator, Senator Susan Storm of Alderaan. While at the Gala, Richards will hand off the prototype to the person attending the party with the Senator’s younger brother, Jonathan. The Denusian terrorists plan for that person to be one of their number, a smuggler named Robert Drake.”

Fel'icia arched an eyebrow. “We plan for that person to be you.”


I'm given to understand this is a Star Wars AU. Anyway, it's interesting but also feels a bit unfinished. Authorperson says this MAY be 1 of 3, but ain't promising anything. Read at your own risk?
fanfiction  slash  marvel  spideytorch  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  action/adventure  fake-relationships  loc:ao3 
december 2018 by adelikal
To Have and to Hold (11 Parts)
“Yes, well, you see . . .” Deucalion cleared his throat again. “In an effort for authenticity, the writer used an actual binding ceremony in the script. The casting director, wanting to make sure it was pronounced correctly, found an actual shaman to perform it. He did so.”

“You – you mean – are you saying that Derek and I are actually married?” Stiles managed to squeeze out of his rapidly closing throat.


1) I was expecting this to be an accidental marriage fic and it sort of is, but it takes a back seat to the ATTEMPTS ON THEIR LIVES

2) They are celebrities BUT ALSO Derek is still a werewolf AND Stiles can use magic. I TOTALLY MISSED THAT in the beginning and I was like, wait what. Werewolf?? What.

3) The mystery? plot? was kind of interesting, but I feel kinda duped because I was in it for the accidental marriage, and I feel like I didn't get enough feels/pining.

fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  accidental-marriage  mystery  loc:ao3 
november 2018 by adelikal
The Wolf in the Tower (30 Parts)
Too many people are scared of witches so when Stiles accidentally sets a building on fire with magic, he is taken prisoner and dragged before Lord Hale. Rather than leave an untrained magic user free, Peter Hale thinks he might be able to make use of Stiles' skills and hands Stiles over to his sorceror Deaton to be trained. Stiles is still unsure about his future, but he's even more confused when he finds out that one of his new duties involves feeding the black wolf imprisoned at the top of one of the towers. There's something very strange about this wolf and Stiles can't help wondering if magic might be involved.


Strong start, interesting plotline, bit of a weak finish. I kinda liked the way Stiles' magic developed and how he had to actually plan things out, at least a little bit. I wasn't actually super-interested in their romance - which honestly there isn't much of tbh, and their getting together in the end felt a little bit tacked on.
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  mystery  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
november 2018 by adelikal
Bloodless (7 Parts)
"Reporting live on the events taking place on the Venusian colony of Melete is our correspondent, Ananda Bhatia."

"It's a scene of chaos and destruction here on the surface of Venus, Jim. Robotic rescue crews are combing the station for survivors and the life support system has only recently come online. Over my right shoulder is a view of the planet's inhospitable surface. All the mining platforms have all been decimated in the wake of this shockingly violent Replicant uprising."

"Ananda, what caused these Replicants to all go berserk at once? There've been reports of the occasional Replicant going off-programming, but this kind of mass—for lack of a better term—glitching is unheard of."

"It's possible that this was a large-scale coding failure on the part of Proclus, the company that manufactured all the Replicants in use at this particular colony."

"You don't sound convinced."

"It's all speculation at this point, but high level sources on the ground I've spoken to are saying that this was no accident. They think someone in the station was responsible for hacking the machines and inciting them to riot."


A Replicant uprising in Venus brings Eames back into the Blade Runner business - for one last job, with a big payout. All the degenerate gambling hasn't done him in, but this one last ditch effort to clear the slate might.
fanfiction  slash  eames/arthur  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
october 2018 by adelikal
in the fire and the flood
Enjolras nods. This is—not ideal. Grantaire isn’t supposed to be here. Never supposed to be involved in any of this. He isn’t trained for combat or resistance. He untangles curses for god’s sake, working out of the same tiny shop they found him in, and yeah, he has some friends in questionable places—Enjolras and the ABC included—but Grantaire himself is…not questionable. He doesn’t even believe in the revolution, and here he is, rubbing his wrists raw on enchanted handcuffs in a Neo-Death Eater hideaway with blood on his chin.

“I’m not gonna say I told you so,” Grantaire says, in a way that absolutely implies I told you so. Enjolras shoots him a glare, and Grantaire holds up his bound hands. “I’m just not-saying. But I am curious. Do you have a plan?”

In which the Death Eaters are back, Enjolras is doing his best to lead the revolution, Grantaire owns a magical pawn shop, and Veritaserum makes talking about feelings very complicated for everyone involved.
fanfiction  slash  enjolras/grantaire  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  harrypotter  action/adventure  loc:ao3 
october 2018 by adelikal
Undead and Urban Society (9 Parts)
The Amsterdam vampire community is generally very conflict-free. It certainly has been since Enjolras moved to town at least. That was nearly a decade ago now and Enjolras knows he’s lucky to have a home like this, and friends like this.

That doesn’t mean he’s averse to change though and change is coming. It’s arriving by plane, from America, in the form of Courfeyrac’s friend Jehan and their fledgling Grantaire.
fanfiction  slash  enjolras/grantaire  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  vampires  mystery  slice-of-life  loc:ao3 
october 2018 by adelikal
come a lily, come a lilac
"Most people just pick whatever flower they think is prettiest. It doesn’t require a lot of input from me.”

The man walks up to Q, leaning against the counter between them. “Well then, what can I do to get your input?”

 (In which Q runs a flower shop, and his newest regular is almost definitely a spy.)
fanfiction  slash  skyfall  bond/q  oneshot  1k-10k  au:diff-verse  fluff  loc:ao3  via:mklutz 
september 2018 by adelikal
Under Yellow Moons
They stare at each other, half-grinning, and Derek knows it’s definitely the absolute wrong time for this, but he wants. He wants to grin at Stiles over dinner every day for the rest of his life, baffled over yams and Moon Pie Day, and, god, crap, goddamn, when the fuck did he have time to fall in love?


The life and times of Deputy Stiles and Supernatural Foster Dad Derek Hale
fanfiction  slash  teenwolf  derek/stiles  oneshot  10k-20k  au:diff-verse  kidfic  fluff  loc:ao3 
august 2018 by adelikal
A Monstrous Regiment (9 Parts)
General Wellington selects Colonel Fitzwilliam for a very singular honor during the Spanish Campaign: working with dragons-- and, in particular, with Captain Elizabeth Bennet, of His Majesty's Dragon, the Longwing Wollstonecraft.

Temeraire/Pride and Prejudice crossover entirely to have Elizabeth Bennet as a dragon captain during the Peninsular War, with Charlotte Lucas as her uber-capable first lieutenant.
fanfiction  pride&prejudice  multipart  complete  50k-100k  au:diff-verse  action/adventure  loc:ao3  via:silviakundera 
june 2018 by adelikal
Timestamps: Not Part of the Plan (9 Parts) [Not Part of the Plan, Part 8]
A collection of ficlets/timestamps for my series Not Part of the Plan, set during or after the main story.

These are not necessarily in chronological order, but in order of when they were written.
fanfiction  slash  spn  dean/castiel  multipart  complete  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  royalty  marriage-of-convenience  loc:ao3 
may 2018 by adelikal
An Unambiguous Cataloguing System
Ariadne moves out of Arthur's apartment. Eames moves in.


I thought I was done turns out I am very much not
fanfiction  slash  inception  eames/arthur  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  fluff  domesticity  loc:ao3 
april 2018 by adelikal
tell me what you waitin' for (4 Parts)
Erik and T'Challa meet at a party and it goes downhill from there.

So, I like this a lot and people should write more
fanfiction  slash  marvel  killmonger/t'challa  multipart  complete  10k-20k  au:diff-verse  students  smutfest  loc:ao3 
april 2018 by adelikal

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