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Twelve Years and a New Dawn
Dawn was a secret and was put up for adoption when she was born, but when Deeks' dad is hurting her, will her parents know who she is? Or is she just another case?
WIP  not  very  well  written  but  great  idea  character:oc  character:nell  jones  character:eric  beale  character:hetty  lange  character:g  callen  character:sam  hanna  character:marty  deeks  character:kensi  blye  au:deeks'  father  isn't  dead  character:gordon  brandel  future!fic  au:adoption  children:kensi/deeks  marriage:kensi/deeks  pairing:kensi/deeks  series:ncis  los  angeles 
october 2012 by frannie_pants

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angeles  au:adoption  beale  blye  brandel  but  callen  character:eric  character:g  character:gordon  character:hetty  character:kensi  character:marty  character:nell  character:oc  character:sam  children:kensi/deeks  dead  deeks  father  future!fic  great  hanna  idea  isn't  jones  lange  los  marriage:kensi/deeks  not  pairing:kensi/deeks  series:ncis  very  well  wip  written 

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