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shadowrose81: Close to Broken (Master Post)
Summary: It is 1932. Castiel, the adopted son, serves as the Sant’Angelo crime family’s hitman, a ruthless soldier who kills indiscriminately without questions. It is only when Castiel is contracted to kill Dean Winchester, his childhood obsession, that his world is torn asunder. Suddenly, in the face of the man he once loved, Castiel begins to doubt himself and nothing can prepare him for how quickly everything seems to fall apart. (really well done, great story)
spn  dean/castiel  castiel/meg  yr:2011  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  shadowrose81  au  au-mafia  Casitel:assassin  SPN_All_Time_Favorites  challenge:deancasbigbang 
october 2011 by dossier1013
Angie's Ramblings - Searching for God at the Pink Pony Master Post
Summary: When Special Agent Castiel Novak was transferred to work with the driven and fixated Special Agent Victor Henrickson in a quest to bring down the Winchester crime family, he had a feeling that things weren’t going to turn out well. He thinks his biggest obstacles will be his new partner's obsessions, the ruthlessness of the family they’re investigating and his own terrible secrets. In the end, the real enemy is worse than anything he could ever imagine.
spn  dean/cassie  castiel/other  yr:2011  len:30001-50000  [NC17]  acc812a  au  au-mafia  Dean:mafia  Castiel:FBI  challenge:spn_j2_bigbang  het 
september 2011 by dossier1013
Citrus maxima. - Fic: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Summary: AU; Castiel is a son of the Family, but he wants nothing to do with organized crime - he just wants Dean.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2011  len:1001-5000  [NC17]  yellow_pomelo  au  au-mafia  Castiel:mafia  Dean:prostitute  Dean:assassin  deathfic 
april 2011 by dossier1013
Guilty In Loving In The First Degree
Summary: AU: Iced coffee and pancakes. A match made in heaven. It's too bad they're on opposite sides of the law.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2010  len:1001-5000  [PG13]  au  au-mafia  Dean:mafia  Castiel:detective  challenge:secret_angels_4  swing_set13 
october 2010 by dossier1013
Title: Family Business
Summary: Mafia prince Dean meets a weird guy named Castiel while working off his multiple parking tickets' community service at the Taft Ave Soup Kitchen. (And there's torture and PTSD and mystery and stuff.)

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spn  dean/castiel  yr:2009  [R]  luchia13  au  Dean:mafia  au-mafia  len:30001-50000 
july 2010 by dossier1013
The Reading Room - Lights Out - Organisational Post
Summary: AU! With Dean's cellmate Gordon now dead, he less than eagerly awaits the arrival of his replacement. He just hopes life with Castiel Gaznayev is somewhat more bareable than before.
spn  dean/castiel  yr:2009  len:10001-30000  [NC17]  ru_salki99  au  au-mafia  prison  Castiel:russian-mob  au-prison 
may 2010 by dossier1013
sga_flashfic: "Blood Cleansing" by Jade - R (Criminal Challenge)
Kavanagh remained silent, never taking his eyes off John. He wasn’t stupid, John knew, he was aware of where the real threat lay in the room. As intimidating as Ronon was, as ruthless as Teyla could be, as threatening as Lorne could appear, they lacked a certain something that practically radiated from John - lacked a certain coldness, a certain… indifference that made John truly frightening. Because he didn’t care how loud you screamed, how much you begged, that wasn’t what he was after when he came with his leather bag of tricks.
sga  gen  jade_1459  yr:2007  [R]  len:1001-5000  AU  John:hitman  au-mafia  on-earth  challenge:criminal 
september 2008 by dossier1013
FanFiction.Net : 1933
The story of a killer and a piano player in the dark corners of NY’s streets. MafiaKillerAU MCshep BETAED! Complete

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sga  gen  ladyamarra  au  yr:2006  len:1001-5000  [PG13]  John:assassin  Rodney:pianist  au-mafia 
january 2007 by dossier1013

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