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Say You'll Be Mine by IAmNotLost
5,095 words | The four times Tony tried to subtly woo Steve, and the one time he was painfully clear.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  highschool  fluff  au-all.human 
june 2015 by leahbeex
Bruised Ribs With A Side Of Flirting by pensversusswords
1,700 words | Prompt via anon: "We got in separate bar fights downtown and now we're waiting in the ER comparing stories."

AKA two beat up dweebs make starry eyes at each other.
steve/tony  00-05k  alternate.universe  mcu:pre-serum.steve  fluff  au-all.human 
june 2015 by leahbeex
A Present After All by ann2who
9,336 words | Christmas Eve. For the first time in years, Tony wouldn’t spend this day alone. And okay, there might be a little millennia-snowstorm involved, which had ruined everyone’s plans to spend Christmas at home with their families, but that were just details. Tony would take what life threw at him, and this, well… it was safe to say that life, in all of Tony’s short but extreme experience living it, had never been better.

He only needed to survive the evening without making a complete fool of himself by doing something like grabbing Steve's Ugly Christmas Sweater and just kiss the guy.
steve/tony  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  college  holiday:christmas  pining  mcu:avengers.bonding  au-all.human 
may 2015 by leahbeex
Melt Me Slowly Down by maichan808 (maichan), the_deep_magic
20,307 words | The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.

|| really enjoyed this! Some angst, some fluff, some good bdsm.
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  20-30k  alternate.universe  warning:past.abuse  misunderstandings  hurt/comfort  au-all.human  bdsm  kink:orgasm.denial  kink:praise  voyeurism 
december 2014 by leahbeex
Since When by QueenOfAllPeasants
3,118 words | Some kid called Stiles keeps buying weird crap at the grocery store Derek works at. Derek maintains that he is not amused (he really is).
derek/stiles  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  hales.are.alive  fluff  au-all.human 
september 2014 by leahbeex
only fools rush in by decideophobia
13,592 words | Is it an imaginary date?

No. I met him in a coffee shop.


This morning. It was love on first sight.
derek/stiles  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  hales.are.alive  pretend.relationship  au-all.human 
august 2014 by leahbeex
Murder, He Wrote by mklutz
31,682 words | And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  police.officer-criminals  hales.are.alive  au-all.human 
july 2014 by leahbeex
The View From My Window by primroseshows
29,586 words | Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.

|| I read this ages ago and don't remember it rn lol, but I did bookmark it so I enjoyed it! Will update my notes here once I reread sometime.
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  20-30k  alternate.universe  ptsd  warning:drug.use  warning:depression  warning:panic.attack  misunderstandings  au-all.human 
april 2014 by leahbeex
I stopped believing in happy endings by otatop
6,667 words | Derek was prepared to have his heart broken for just one evening with Stiles. He knew what he was getting himself into.

(He had no idea what he was getting himself into)

|| Super cute!
derek/stiles  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  highschool  fluff  misunderstandings  firstkiss  au-all.human 
march 2014 by leahbeex
Baby Yoga For Beginners - otatop - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
7,606 words | He started the ridiculous class because his best friend harassed him. He stayed because of the teacher.
derek/stiles  05-10k  alternate.universe  kid.fic  au-all.human 
december 2013 by leahbeex
DILF by twentysomething
30,871 words | "Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified."
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  kid.fic  teachers-education  *favorites  au-all.human 
october 2013 by leahbeex
Fireman Derek's Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain
17,698 words | “He can't blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible."

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

"Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things," she agrees, nodding towards her brother's name on the menu. "Derek won't let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the eye candy."

"Send them my way," Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. "Apparently I'm incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance."
derek/stiles  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  hales.are.alive  firefighters  food-bakery-restaurants  misunderstandings  *favorites  au-all.human 
august 2013 by leahbeex
I Wish That I Could See You Soon by talktowater
23,604 words | Derek Hale is one half of indie duo Girls and the Dogs. He spent his late teens drinking and fucking his way around small clubs over the world, but now he is sober, sick of touring, and has rules. Or one rule at least, no hook ups on tour.

When the guy with the impossibly tight t-shirt who calls himself Stiles follows him back to his bus one night after a show in London, he’s in no danger of breaking his rules because as Stiles quite categorically states, he is straight. Right… good luck with that Derek…
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  20-30k  alternate.universe  musicians  first.time  *favorites  au-all.human 
august 2013 by leahbeex
Remembering Me, Remembering You by derekstilinski
10,682 words | Derek was in an accident and has been at the Beacon Hills Long-Term Care hospital for almost a year. He doesn’t remember anything. But there’s an odd, quirky boy that has been there since day one for him… even though he’s a werewolf.
derek/stiles  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  amnesia  hales.are.alive  au-all.human 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Of books and boys by RonnieMinor
23,966 words | The one where Stiles is at Oxford (with Lydia), works in a second-hand bookshop (also with Lydia), and meets Derek Hale, the Irish creeper who likes poetry and brooding.

Now including: Derek meeting the Sheriff/Stiles' friends from home, and Stiles meeting the Hales.
derek/stiles  20-30k  alternate.universe  college  brotp:lydia.stiles  au-all.human  tw:bamf!lydia 
june 2013 by leahbeex
The Rory to My Amy by linksofmemories
163,077 words | Derek is Scott's older brother. Stiles is Scott's best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  100k+  alternate.universe  slowbuild  pining  fluff  angst  firstkiss  first.time  au-all.human 
june 2013 by leahbeex

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