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playing from the same hand
Niall and Zayn grow closer on the European leg of the Where We Are Tour.


Zayn hums again, low from the base of his chest and Niall’s hand skims down Zayn’s arm six more times, Niall counts them slowly to match his rhythm, before it feels a bit more natural.


"Don’t think Perrie’ll make Paris,” Zayn finally says. And that’s that.
r  complete  au—canon.compliant  slash  drama  niall.horan/zayn.malik  rps  angst  novella  au—tour 
december 2018 by briefly
just come closer
“Seriously Liam,” he mumbles, his eyes still closed as he lets the exhaustion of the last few days catch up with him on top of a few beers, “best date ever. Thanks mate.”

Liam’s lips press against his forehead and Niall snuggles happily into his pillow.

“Go to sleep,” Liam orders him gently.

The lights turn off and the door closes, and Niall falls asleep hugging his pillow. And possibly drooling on it too.
niall.horan/liam.payne  complete  au—canon.compliant  short.story  r  rps  slash 
december 2018 by briefly
The One with the Sex Bet
Patrick calls him in August, when Jonny’s still in Manitoba. “So I think we need to start it up again,” he says.
complete  slash  au—canon.compliant  novelette  patrick.kane/jonathan.toews  r  rps 
november 2018 by briefly
Burn Our Fingers and Change Our Names
“Jamie’s always wanted to end up with a wolf,” Jordie says, and it’s like cold water over Tyler’s head, because that means Jamie can’t end up with him.

(Can be read as a stand-alone)
rps  jamie.benn/tyler.seguin  au—canon.compliant  au—alpha/beta/omega  complete  slash  drama  angst  novella 
july 2017 by briefly
Just to Break My Own Fall
Patrick used to play a game with himself, when he was younger and considerably dumber: see how close he could get to Jonny, for how long, and not do anything to give himself away.
rps  patrick.kane/jonathan.toews  complete  slash  r  drama  au—canon.compliant  short.story 
april 2017 by briefly
Another Mask Behind You
Draco is a high-end prostitute who hides his identity. Harry unknowingly hires him. And then there is porn, questions about identity, domestic bliss, more porn, and truth as seen through a web of lies. (And then more porn. Seriously, if you don’t want sex scene after sex scene you probably shouldn’t read this. And please read the warnings.)
fanfiction  fandom.harry.potter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  complete  slash  prostitution  novel  drama  hurt/comfort  au—canon.compliant  au—postwar  angst  bdsm  rimming  felching  dub-con 
january 2017 by briefly
Save Me a Place
Tyler doesn’t get crushes; Tyler falls in love. Head over heels, smack you in the face, spin you around love. The difference with Jamie and Jordie is that he doesn’t just have a crush on one or the other. There’s no real way to choose between the two anyhow, but even if he could, Tyler’s feelings for them aren’t distinct. He loves the Benns—the pair, the set—and that makes everything so much more complicated.
rps  nc-17  complete  slash  threesome  jamie.benn/tyler.seguin/jordie.benn  incest  novelette  au—canon.compliant 
january 2016 by briefly
lying down thinking about you
Liam hates Louis.

Okay, he doesn’t actually hate him, but he’d quite like to strangle him at the moment. Lovingly. See, this was all Louis’ idea. Louis’ ideas are bad ideas a hundred percent of the time, but this one? The baddest. Worst, worster, worstest. Proper English is hard enough when your arse isn’t being stretched open, thank you very much.

Or: Liam is a bit desperate to have his arse filled.
rps  harry.styles/louis.tomlinson/niall.horan/zayn.malik/liam.payne  fivesome  complete  slash  au—canon.compliant  short.story  nc-17 
august 2015 by briefly
Love is Never Ever Simple
Zayn and Perrie are done, Harry and Niall are on, Louis and Liam are circling each other, and everyone's got secret complicated feelings. All set to the backdrop of the Australasia/Africa/Middle Eastern legs of the OTRA tour.

Or the one where they finally get it all together and realize polyamory's the way to go.
rps  harry.styles/louis.tomlinson/niall.horan/zayn.malik/liam.payne  fivesome  complete  slash  nc-17  au—canon.compliant  novelette  drama  drug.usage 
august 2015 by briefly
Take a Chance on Me
Niall isn't really sure how this started. Not this specifically. This started with five pints and being separated for well over a month. This as in the larger picture, how things went from subtle flirting and overly fond touches to Niall being in a two year ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with Harry Styles, who currently has him tied to a headboard in his hotel room in Sydney.

For the prompt "Niall and Harry are just sleeping together, but its more than that"
rps  nc-17  slash  niall.horan/harry.styles  complete  novelette  general  au—canon.compliant  au—tour 
august 2015 by briefly
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
There's something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can't quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There's something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.
fanfiction  fandom.teen.wolf  derek.hale/stiles.stilinski  epic  complete  slash  drama  au—magic  au—canon.compliant 
june 2015 by briefly
I'm so much older than I can take
Harry stares Nick down, his face caught half between a smile and a grimace. Which Nick thinks is kind of insulting, actually, if you think about it. He’s about to try and push Harry off the sofa when he speaks up.

“Oh my God, you’ve got a crush on Niall?”

“Harry, I’m 29 years old, I do not get crushes. I merely think his hands are my favorite size of hands and his lips are my favorite color of lips and I’d quite like to see either of them wrapped around my cock, is all,”


Or: Niall likes space, Nick likes to feel sorry for himself, and they both like each other.
rps  niall.horan/nick.grimshaw  nc-17  complete  slash  drama  au—canon.compliant  novella 
june 2015 by briefly
King and Lionheart
Sidney’s wedding day doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. When he’d bothered to imagine it at all, he’d thought of a nice June wedding in Nova Scotia, outdoors with the sun streaming down. He hadn’t imagined this hurried affair on the tarmac on a rainy and unseasonably cool day in early September, a month after his twenty-fifth birthday.
rps  sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  nc-17  au—canon.compliant  complete  slash  novel  drama  general  au—arranged.marriage 
february 2015 by briefly
“Oh, fuck no.”

“It’s a theory, Sid,” Stewart says. He passes over Sidney’s file again, waving at the open page. “Look, you’ve disclosed that you have the capability, you disclosed your sexuality years ago, and your symptoms literally sound like morning sickness.”

“You can’t be serious,” Sidney says, totally aghast. “There’s no way—I’m not pregnant, Jesus Christ! I’m not even with anybody right now, and there’s nobody—no. No way.”
sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  drama  complete  slash  mpreg  au—kidfic  au—canon.compliant  rps 
january 2015 by briefly
Jeff/Eric have sex when Jeff's seventeen and Jeff gets pregnant.
rps  jeff.skinner/eric.staal  mpreg  complete  slash  drama  pg-13  novella  au—canon.compliant 
january 2015 by briefly
We Are Who We Are
Sidney's always known who he is and what he wants to do. It's everyone else that has a problem.
rps  sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  r  complete  slash  au—alpha/beta/omega  au—canon.compliant  novel  hurt/comfort  humiliation  adult.language 
january 2015 by briefly
Oh капитан, my капитан
Sidney gets drafted to play for the Montreal Canadiens just like his father had, but when the lockout happens and Sidney goes to play in the KHL he learns that the path everyone else has picked for him may not be the path he wants to be on.
rps  sidney.crosby/evgeni.malkin  au—canon.compliant  r  complete  slash  novel  drama 
january 2015 by briefly
Orbital Resonance

Passing from one phase to another without transitioning through an intermediate phase.
Where socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are consciously transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior, possibly resulting in a long-term conversion of the initial impulse.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews should probably have figured out the first time what this type of behavior meant.
rps  patrick.kane/jonathan.toews  nc-17  slash  threesome  het  complete  rimming  first.time  barebacking  masturbation  novel  au—canon.compliant 
january 2015 by briefly
Handle this
Tour life can be pretty lonely, so Niall figures he and Liam could help each other out.
rps  niall.horan/liam.payne  pg-13  complete  slash  novella  hurt/comfort  angst  drama  au—canon.compliant 
july 2014 by briefly
take me in (and catch me when i fall)
He watches as Niall's hand hovers over the tiara for a second, like he's nervous, but Liam just lifts his hand and pushes it into Niall's. "Go on," he says almost pleadingly, stepping closer, his eyes bright with excitement. "Go on Nialler, it'll be ace."
rps  niall.horan/liam.payne  au—canon.compliant  complete  slash  crossdressing  feminization  r  general  short.story 
july 2014 by briefly

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