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Advanced Covert Dating by Aria
Community, Troy/Abed. "Hey, Abed?" Annie said. "Are you and Troy having secret sex?" // 1K. How secret sex differs from the regular variety, explained! An investigation by Annie.
fanfic  Community  slash  pair:AbedNadir/TroyBarnes  ref:humor  ref:roleplay  ref:domestic  via:alamerysl  au:aria  fandom:MiscTV 
february 2013 by zhena
The Demon's Fun Day Out at the Park with a Picnic by Aria
Demon's Lexicon, Alan & Nick, gen. All Nick really wants is a picnic.
Even unfettered, all Nick really wanted was to make Alan happy. He didn't think about this too hard, not with words, because no one had ever given Nick the words for it. Nick was fine with this. The world had been a bigger, freer place before Alan and Dad had taught Nick words and made all the words mean something. Nick liked that wanting Alan to be happy didn't come with words, because when he said, "He's my brother," or "Sometimes I try to be human for you," he was saying things that only covered a little of the vast, free space in which Alan was his and Nick was going to make everything okay.
// Uaaah. ;_; (Set, say, second bookish?)
fanfic  DemonsLexicon  gen  Nick/Alan  bookfic  ref:angst  au:aria  fandom:DemonsLexicon 
june 2012 by zhena
Fix by aria
Demon's Lexicon, Alan/Nick. "What's stronger," Nick said, "a demon's mark or a magician's mark?" Alan reluctantly agrees to receive his brother's mark. // Uah. Both of them are very in character here, as is their weird, tangled, codependent relationship. This was written after book 2 and is jossed, but I care not--decent porn is porn.
Also here:
fanfic  DemonsLexicon  slash  Nick/Alan  ref:marking  ref:incest  au:aria  fandom:DemonsLexicon  bookfic 
june 2012 by zhena
Signs of Affection by Aria
Due South, F/K/V. This is a domestic-fic followup to that one F/K/V fic (Magnetic). F is silently longing for PDA. K and V make plans to provide in the form of an actual date. Warm fuzzies, porn, etc.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:aria  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
february 2010 by zhena
Magnetic by aria
Due South, F/K/V. That one threesome fic, but all in one part on DW rather than divided in three on LJ. K/V-in-Chicago with confusion over F custody that culminates in F hookup later (in a kitchen), and is pretty satisfying as these things go. Now there is also a curtainfic followup.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:aria  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Kowalski/Vecchio  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
february 2010 by zhena
Katabasis by Aria
Due South, Fraser/RayK. (Post-"Rice") Fraser doesn't make it back from the Borderlands after all, Ray goes into the closet after him a la Orpheus. Then out of the closet as well, koff. Two parts. This has all the surreal, none of the 'trying too hard.' Verrrry cool, really good RayK voice.
Also here: and
fanfic  due-south  slash  AU  au:aria  ref:borderlands  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
Magnetic by Aria
Due South, Fraser/RayK/RayV. Ray is partnered with Ray, Fraser comes back to town, there is awkward as they sort out who gets partnered with who, complicated by novel undercurrents. Whoo, threesome fic, and also very long, satisfying, and readable. Three parts.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:aria  OT3  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
april 2009 by zhena
No Cocoon by Aria
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Post-MotB. Fraser finally gets accustomed to a new partner. Pretty fic.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:aria  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena

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