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All Goals in Life Are Problematic — Except One – Personal Growth – Medium
The late physicist Richard Feynman famously won a Nobel Prize for his work on quantum electrodynamics. But here’s something most people don’t know about him: He was also a world-class safecracker. via Pocket
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yesterday by ChristopherA
Big Tech's Battle For Our Attention - YouTube
So, what's the price of your attention? We’re in the middle of an Attention War – where big tech battle it out to win over our eyeballs. Our attention spans are considered a precious—and scarce—commodity. So what is the price of your attention?
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yesterday by kogakure
How To Pay Attention – re:form – Medium
I started to make an informal list of “how to pay attention” strategies — my own, those that students suggested, and others that I’ve read about or otherwise encountered here and there. To my delight, this list grew into something more than I’d anticipated, and started to take on the feel of something between a set of New Year’s resolutions, and a manifesto.
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2 days ago by lendamico
The spotlight of attention is more like a strobe, say researchers
Despite the 'illusion' of continuity, human perception pulses in and out four times per second, says Princeton neuroscientist Sabine Kastner.
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3 days ago by bradbarrish
Killer Tulips Hiding In Plain Sight - The Atlantic
We have missed the connection, they say, because we do not pay attention to things too close to notice: the crops in fields, the flowers in gardens, the soil under our feet.
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3 days ago by wtokie
Media Lens - The Filter Bubble - Owen Jones And Con Coughlin
'Owen, we absolutely loved your thread exposing Con Coughlin. But what happened to the promised Guardian article on this? I'm asking because you told us you were writing something on Oct 17. The piece then came out a week later on Oct 24 with almost all the meat missing. Did you run into internal opposition at the Guardian?' (Direct message, Twitter, November 8, 2018)

We received no reply. Jones, of course, is not about to reveal what happened to his article. Perhaps the Guardian editors simply published what he submitted. One thing is clear: somehow, at some point, the filter bubble worked its magic and prevented a damning expose of a senior UK journalist reaching the Guardian's readers.
journalism  uk  iraq  attention  agnotology 
3 days ago by juliusbeezer
🏅App of the Week 🏅Sharpen Your STEM Skills with Brilliant
Solve fascinating problems
Brush up on your algebra skills, solve logic problems, learn about astronomy and more with Brilliant, the app that makes STEM education way less scary.
**  Attention  right-brained  people!  This  app  will  help  you  sharpen  your  STEM  skills  with  bite-sized  problems_  quizzes_  and  lessons. 
4 days ago by matzner
Calm Technology
Calm technology is maintained by Amber Case
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5 days ago by garrettc
False Knees
how am i supposed to concentrate when there's so many things to think about?!
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7 days ago by sky
AnjiPlay (@anjiplay) • Fotos y vídeos de Instagram
“We have discovered that some teachers, if they really want to hear what children have to say, that their whole state of being is at ease, and they listen closely and that in the process of listening they discover that children are speaking a wealth of information, and these teachers will be receptive to the information that they are hearing. And then some teachers want to hear children say what they the teachers, deep down, want the children to say, things that they want to hear, and will unconsciously overlook what children are actually saying. They can't hear clearly and are unable to truly understand the child's expression. And you can see that their physical state of being is one of anxiety.” —Wang Zhen, Vice Principal, Jiguan Kindergarten, Anji County interviewed by Dr. Chelsea Bailey on November 7, 2018.
wangzhen  children  childhood  preschool  anjiplay  listening  howweteach  teaching  pedagogy  hearing  attention  presence  receptivity 
8 days ago by robertogreco
[1810.13409] You May Not Need Attention
In NMT, how far can we get without attention and without separate encoding and decoding? To answer that question, we introduce a recurrent neural translation model that does not use attention and does not have a separate encoder and decoder. Our eager translation model is low-latency, writing target tokens as soon as it reads the first source token, and uses constant memory during decoding. It performs on par with the standard attention-based model of Bahdanau et al. (2014), and better on long sentences.
8 days ago by foodbaby
Study: Tetris is a great distraction for easing an anxious mind
The best distracting activities are those that can induce a sense of "flow ... It's something that fully captures your attention and engages you," says Sweeny. "I often describe it as the kind of thing you can't start doing if you only have ten minutes, because you know you'll lose track of time." Video games are perfect for this, provided they hit that sweet spot of being easy enough to learn while still pushing the skill level of the player, without becoming so challenging that the player becomes frustrated.
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11 days ago by terry

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