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CSS Architecture: Block-Element-Modifier (BEM) & Atomic CSS
In this article, we’ll look at two methodologies for naming things in CSS. Both methods were created to improve the development process for large sites and large teams; however, they work just as well for teams of one. Whether you choose one or the other, neither, or a mix of both is up to you. The point of introducing them is to help you to think through approaches for writing your own CSS.
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3 days ago by spaceninja
"Economic advantages of dry-etched black silicon in passivated emitter " by Chiara Modanese, Hannu S. Laine et al.
Using a surface treatment on black multicrystalline silicon, net cost is lower than conventional silicon solar cells (10% less)
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16 days ago by asteroza
Dawn of a new Armageddon - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
This particular January morning starts out like almost every other Saturday morning here on Kaua’i, though the sunrise at first light is exceptionally beautiful, even for Hawaii.
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19 days ago by neverminding
Learn about the benefits of wallet-to-wallet trading over centralized exchanges.
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5 weeks ago by orlin
Nuclear Shadows | Now I Know
On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan; three days later, a second nuke followed. The death toll and destruction from these attacks were both immense.
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6 weeks ago by neverminding
Rapatronic Camera: An Atomic Blast Shot at 1/100,000,000th of a Second
This is a photo of an atomic bomb milliseconds after detonation, shot by Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton in 1952 through his Rapatronic (Rapid Action Electronic) Camera. The photo was shot at night through a 10 foot lens, situated 7 miles away from the blast, atop a 75 foot tower.
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6 weeks ago by neverminding

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