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CSS Architecture for Design Systems | Brad Frost
We just created a design system for a huge organization and established a CSS architecture we’re quite pleased with. It’s one of the first times I’ve ever gotten to a project’s finish line without wishing I’d done at least a few things differently. So I thought it would be great to share how we went about creating our system’s CSS architecture.
css  system  BEM  atomic  component  bradfrost 
6 days ago by fjordaan
On the Growing Popularity of Atomic CSS
Atomic CSS offers a straightforward, obvious, and simple methodology. Classes are immutable - they don't change. This makes the application of CSS predictable and reliable as classes will always do exactly the same thing. The scope of adding or removing a utility class in an HTML file is unambiguous, giving you the confidence that you aren't breaking anything else. This can reduce cognitive load and mental-overhead.
fridayfrontend  css  atomic 
12 days ago by spaceninja
Real-space and real-time dynamics of CRISPR-Cas9 visualized by high-speed atomic force microscopy | Nature Communications
HS-AFM enables the direct visualization of the structures and dynamics of intact molecules, in contrast to other single-molecule imaging methods, in which a molecule of interest must be labeled with fluorescent probes. Using HS-AFM, we visualized the real-space and real-time dynamics of CRISPR-Cas9 in action, thereby improving our mechanistic understanding of the RNA-guided DNA cleavage by Cas9.
atomic  microscopy  CRISPR 
28 days ago by euler
Pattern Lab | Build Atomic Design Systems
Pattern Lab helps you and your team build thoughtful, pattern-driven user interfaces using atomic design principles.
styleguide  patterns  atomic 
6 weeks ago by kopfbunt
Nem az atombomba kényszerítette térdre Japánt a II. Világháborúban
A fentiek fényében aggasztó lehet, hogy a nukleáris fegyverekről lévő ismereteink központjában Hiroshima and Nagaszaki áll. Ez a két támadás határozta meg évtizedeken át a világ berendezkedését, a tömegek gondolodásmódját, és azt, ahogy a rombolóerejükre vagy a nemzetközi kapcsolatokban betöltött szerepükre gondoltunk. Azonban a tények nagyon is cáfolják eddigi ismereteinket, Japán hirtelen megadása közel sem az atombomba ledobása miatt történt.
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6 weeks ago by soobrosa

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