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jas-chen/atom-live-server: Launch a simple development http server with live reload capability.
Launch a simple development http server with live reload capability. - jas-chen/atom-live-server
atom  web-development 
5 days ago by onefewercar
Atom vs Visual Studio Code: Features and Comparison - Atom Discussion
Hello, folks. I wrote a post with review and comparison Atom vs Visual Studio Code. Which features of Visual Studio Code look good for you and don't have alternative in Atom? Arguments from the VSC users is very liked.
tech  atom  vscode 
5 days ago by onefewercar
adrianlee44/atom-aligner: Easily align multi-line with support for different operators and custom configurations
Easily align multi-line with support for different operators and custom configurations - adrianlee44/atom-aligner
8 days ago by onefewercar
Notational Velocity for Atom
This Atom package implements the some key features from this amazing app:

Modeless operation
Mouseless interaction
Incremental Search

Integrated with Atom, we have several advantages:

Use Atom's Features - Such as Syntax Highlighting and Tree View.
Use Other Packages - Such as Markdown Preview and Minimap.
Multi-OS - You can use it in OSX, Linux and Windows.

We do believe Notational Velocity is the precursor of the famous note-taking app Evernote. Advantages over Evernote are:

Open Source
No Rich Text - Instead, we strongly recommend to use Markdown.
Sync Whereever You Want - You can save notes locally, in Dropbox, or in Google Drive.
notes  text  atom 
8 days ago by kdredington
Atom plugin for Vale, a customizable, syntax-aware linter for prose
writing  atom 
15 days ago by onefewercar
snippet generator
Snippet generator for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom. Enjoy :-)
generator  atom  code  boilerplate  vscode  coding  convert  snippet  snippets  sublime 
16 days ago by speckz
~ soft aesthetic ~
🌸 soft aesthetics for development and creation environments - ~ soft aesthetic ~
chrome  coding  vscode  atom  emacs  IFTTT  iterm  Pocket  slack  theme 
22 days ago by atran

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