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In a report published by Coin ATM Radar, 5 are being installed every day worldwide, which indicates t…
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january 2019 by randyhilarski
en el de países con mas crecimiento de Crypto , en estamos agradecidos del apoyo…
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july 2018 by randyhilarski
That design is money! - physical interface
(It looks like this post is no longer at its original URL, but this one works just fine.)
“Wells Fargo hired Pentagram in the fall of 2005 to begin work on a new user interface for their ATMs. Wells Fargo was in the process of upgrading their ATMs with touchscreen monitors. This was a relatively slow process, since there are about 7,000 ATMs in the field, and any upgrades are expensive. But with the vast majority to be converted during 2007, this was the perfect time to create a fresh UI that would fully utilize the touchscreen capability.”
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june 2018 by handcoding
I started working on Talking in 1995. I will never tire of reading things like "The university has directed…
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may 2018 by mgifford
Notes on banking accessibility
RT @ANZ_AU: As payment tech grows we must consider accessibility, that's why our 3.4m debit cards will have #accessible features https://t.…
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october 2017 by danielameleo
Cashing in on ATM Malware - A Comprehensive Look at Various Attack Types
rather unnerving report from Trend Micro / Europol.

'As things stand, it looks like different criminal groups have already graduated from physical to virtual
skimming via malware, thanks to the lack of security measures implemented by commercial banks
worldwide. This is common in Latin America and Eastern Europe, but these criminals are exporting the
technique and have started to victimize other countries.'
atms  banking  security  trend-micro  banks  europol  exploits 
october 2017 by jm
Using ATMs in San Miguel
Re: Using ATMs in San Miguel
Aug 27, 2012, 4:07 AM
I have never experienced ATM fraud in San Miguel, or anywhere else for that matter (I am not American but that's of no consequence here). Nor do I know anyone who has, although there have been occasional reports of it here on the TA forums and elsewhere.

However, from time to time one of my cards is not accepted. This is always a temporary glitch, due to a communication failure between banks, and can be rectified by going to another ATM or waiting until the next day. Also, especially at busy weekends, central ATMs can run out of cash. This is especially the case in my experience at Banamex on the Jardín. Also on one occasion this year, a Banamex in Mexico City failed to return my card or issue cash. This was out of hours, so I had to return the next morning, when the tellers were able to return the card to me. Naturally, I was concerned and was tempted to cancel the card.

My advice therefore is to only use ATMs in banks. It seems to be the ones at supermarkets that can get tampered with. And only use them when the bank itself is open. ATM fraud happens all over the world, so you should always be careful that no one can see you enter your PIN and look to see if any kind of skimmer has been attached to the machine.I always travel with more than one card.

Edited: 4:09 am, August 27, 2012
Re: Using ATMs in San Miguel
Aug 27, 2012, 12:16 PM
We have always used the Bananorte on San Francisco just up from the jardin. If the machine gives really high denominatioh bills, you can just go into the bank and they'll break them for you. There are two machines inside the doors of the bank. We always shield the key pad with our hand above it. In 7 years, we've never had a problem. "Touch wood"!!! We would never use our card at a grocery store ATM like Mega or Soriana.

Re: Using ATMs in San Miguel
Aug 27, 2012, 1:09 PM
My favorite machine is at the Mega at the glorietta. THe location is such that it is difficult for someone to stand behind you while using one of the machines. The only time I have had a problem is one of the later days of a holiday weekend becasue it runs out of money. The first machine in (there are about 4) does not keep your card during the transaction, which I prefer, you just swipe it.
ATMs  SanMiguelDeAllende 
september 2017 by juandante

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