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RT : looking very strong in the first half of Extra Time. I think the sale of Ronaldo is going to burst…
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august 2018 by Imolina2001
Reacción Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Finalista Champions League 2017 | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Reacción Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid finalista Champions League 2017 Atlético Madrid 2-1 Real Madrid (2-4 Global) Entrevista a Cristiano Ronaldo tras el paso del Real Madrid a la final de la Champions League 2017 en Cardiff contra la Juventus. Reacción Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid finalista Champions League 2017
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via Atletico Madrid vs. Las Palmas: Saul expects much from 'most talented' Atleti Las Palmas start their La Liga return with the small matter of a trip to Atletico Madrid and Saul is
IFTTT  Delicious  ZOLWA2R  Atletico  Madrid  vs.  Las  Palmas:  Saul  expects  much  from  'most  talented'  Atleti 
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