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Atlassian Futurist Sees Teamwork, not Chatbots, Defining the Future of Work
"Not to worry, said Dominic Price, who is the head of research and development and resident “work futurist” at Atlassian. During a recent phone interview he noted that in the last 144 years, technology created more jobs than it took away. True, there has been mass displacement and the actual roles that remain are very different, but overall more jobs have been created. He doesn’t think artificial intelligence, or intelligence assistance, or machine learning, or whatever term you want to use will be any different."
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7 days ago by jonerp
Silicon Valley weighs speed versus risk in app dev | InfoWorld
A panel featuring Atlassian, GitHub, HackerOne, and Rainforest explores how to get successful software projects completed on time without breaking things
InfoWorld  Software_Development  Atlassian  GitHub  HackerOne  Rainforest 
16 days ago by GameGamer43
Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams. Distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team. The only collaborative Git solution that massively scales. Bitbucket can be used for small team who has less than 5 users.
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18 days ago by moalex
cptactionhank/atlassian-confluence - Docker Hub
Docker Image for Confluence, with links for Jira etc.
docker  atlassian  confluence  jira 
4 weeks ago by dirksteins
I Work At HipChat, But These Are Four Times I Stick With Email (For Now) | Fast Company
Email still has a role to play (even if it’s a shrinking one) as teams embrace chat tools, says one HipChat manager.
Atlassian  FastCompany  Email  Atlassian_HipChat 
5 weeks ago by GameGamer43

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