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JIRA Software documentation - Atlassian Documentation
JIRA Software combines development tools with agile features to help teams build world-class software
JIRA  Software  documentation  atlassian 
4 weeks ago by gdw
Kanplan: where your backlog meets kanban
Kanban, scrum, even scrumban. Every team needs a framework that works best as a foundation for how to plan, track, and release great software.
agile  atlassian 
4 weeks ago by lsrgt
Kubetoken, time-limited tokens for Kubernetes cluster access - Atlassian Developers
Introducing kubetoken, an open source took to time limit tokens for Kubernetes cluster access.
kubernetes  tokens  ttl  atlassian  toread 
4 weeks ago by pinterb
Using JIRA for Getting Things Done (GTD)
This atlassian blog article comments that i can use JIRA as a task list for work(team) tasks and personal tasks.
atlassian  gtd 
6 weeks ago by lsrgt

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