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Getting Started - Atlassian Developers
HipChat Connect is HipChat's API that lets you build add-ons extending the HipChat apps. It is based on the same Atlassian Connect framework you already use to build add-ons for JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket. You can build HipChat add-ons in any language, and run them on any platform: all you need is for your add-on to talk to HipChat over open Web protocols (HTTPS, REST, OAuth, JWT).
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2 days ago by mightybs
Why Atlassian will be a $50+ billion company in 10 years | VentureBeat
I agree there's a decent chance Atlassian will be a $50B company in 10 years. The growth doesn't need to be that great for this to happen. They are already worth $9B. They were worth $6B when the article was written so it was claiming 9x growth at the time. While now we're just talking 6x growth at the end of the same year. Though to be fair, Atlassian jumped from around $8B market cap to $9B market cap in first week of October 2017, lol.
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10 days ago by skinnymuch
SublimeDataConverter "Sublime Text EDITOR" PKG ~ similar to online site: Mr. Data Converter!
This package ==>for the "Sublime Text EDITOR" <==, converts csv files to various other formats.
(It's been adapted from the wonderful Mr. Data Converter).

After installing, you'll find commands look like
DataConverter: to foo
in the Command Palette.

DataConverter will convert a selection or multiple selections.
(If nothing is selected, the entire document is converted).


Turn this:

Alice,10,Apple,"Sep. 12, 2016"
Bob,11,Blueberry,"Sep. 13, 2016"
Chris,12,Orange,"Sep. 14, 2016"

into this (Ruby):

[{"name"=>"Alice", "value"=>10, "fruit"=>"Apple", "date"=>"Sep. 12, 2016"},
{"name"=>"Bob", "value"=>11, "fruit"=>"Blueberry", "date"=>"Sep. 13, 2016"},
{"name"=>"Chris", "value"=>12, "fruit"=>"Orange", "date"=>"Sep. 14, 2016"}];

or into this (JSON):

{"fruit": "Apple", "name": "Alice", "value": "10", "date": "Sep. 12, 2016"},
{"fruit": "Blueberry", "name": "Bob", "value": "11", "date": "Sep. 13, 2016"},
{"fruit": "Orange", "name": "Chris", "value": "12", "date": "Sep. 14, 2016"}

Formats supported:

HTML tables
JIRA (Atlassian Confluence)
JSON (array of columns)
JSON (array of rows)
JSON (object, first column is key)
Javascript object
PHP (two formats)
Python (list of dicts)
Python (list of lists)
SQL (Postgres, MySQL and SQLite)
text table
Wiki markup
XML (property list)
XML for data-driven Adobe Illustrator

Additionally, DataConverter can convert between delimiters. By default, this includes commands to convert to CSV and TSV, and it's possible to add your own delimiter (create a User.sublime-commands file following the pattern in DataConverter.sublime-commands).

With Package Control

If you have Package Control installed, you can install DataConverter from within Sublime Text. Open the Command Palette and enter "Package Control: Install Package", then search for DataConverter.
Without Package Control

Clone the repository into your Sublime Text packages directory:

git clone git://

Without Package Control or Git

Click Download Zip above to download the package. Unzip it, rename the folder "DataConverter" and move it into your Sublime Text 2 packages directory (Preferences > Browse Packages in the application menu).

CSV containing Unicode characters aren't supported in the Sublime Text 2 version of the package. This is due to limitations in the Python 2.6 csv module. Unicode is fully supported in the Sublime Text 3 version of the package.

Submit an issue.
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4 weeks ago by SFdude

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