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San Francisco careers | Atlassian
Picture yourself in the city by the bay. Full of neighborhoods as unique as its people. Head over to the Mission, home of some of the best burritos on the planet, or to SoMa where you’ll find AT&T Park and Atlassian’s SF office. That's San Francisco: up a hill to a new vista, down another to a different park, cafe, or cool bar.

Now add to that a job in the playground of global technology, and the home of Atlassian's global marketing and business teams (think Finance, Legal, HR). 

And, San Francisco is just the beginning. As we grow, so will our SF Bay Area team.
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4 weeks ago by foliovision
Introducing the Atlassian Team Playbook – Designing Atlassian – Medium
Working with a team is hard, especially over time and across great distances. Of course, there are many great tools we can use to make that work easier. But tools alone aren’t enough, so we created a playbook to help our own teams work better together. We’ve been using, revising and experimenting with this playbook for quite awhile now, and it’s been a terrific and ongoing help. Which got some Atlassians to thinking, this playbook could help pretty much any team.
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5 weeks ago by GameGamer43

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