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Either Jira has sloppy editors OR they're the model of inclusivity and diversity.
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25 days ago by rwarner
Crazy, beautifully crafted Halloween experience, or just another day at the office?
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7 weeks ago by leisa
Opening up our Atlassian Term Sheet
Favorite tweet:

“The traditional M&A process is outdated, inefficient, and combative. Which is why we’re opening up our Atlassian Term Sheet to fix it.”

I love this company. Open. Innovative. Honest. Even in legal! 👏🏻 to the $TEAM on a big step for everyone.

— Mike Cannon-Brookes 👨🏼‍💻🧢 (@mcannonbrookes) June 17, 2019
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10 weeks ago by jeremyhiggs
Atlassian Boosted Its Female Technical Hires By 80% — Here’s How
Concrete steps to address diversity hiring: start early! Stop telling yourself you are a meritocracy! Atlassian
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september 2019 by kvetchup
The founders of this workplace goal-tracking tool met on Atlassian's basketball court — now they count Atlassian and Woolworths as their customers | Business Insider
As a senior product manager at Atlassian for five years, Sten Pittet’s job was to talk to workplace teams about their productivity — and his experience convinced him there’s a very obvious reason why many don’t stay on track of their goals and objectives.
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september 2019 by lightningdb

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