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Complete List Of Country & Dialing Codes - 2-Letter, 3-Letter, Country Codes for All Countries in the World |
The 2-letter codes shown below are supplied by the ISO ( International Organization for Standardization). It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the United Nations. The UN also uses 3-letter codes, and numerical codes to identify nations, and those are shown below.
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Build ATLAS in ubuntu
cpufreq-set -g performance -c 0
ATLAS  compile 
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David Katz’s Psychological Atlas (1948) – SOCKS
David Katz’s Psychological Atlas (1948), is a collection of drawings, photographs, diagrams, and charts used by the author, a renowned psychologist and professor at the University of Stockholm, to illustrate his lectures. The work was published with the intention of “arousing a zeal for the study of psychology”.

As stated in the foreword, the author, invited to speak to an unspecialized audience ‘about the method and the subject matter of psychology’ discovered that ‘the use of graphic material (…) aroused their interest and served to illustrate his points’.

Over a period of many years he collected many graphic materials whereby to illuminate these popular lectures as well as to stimulate his university students to acquire a deep stored of knowledge about principles and methods in the study of behavior

The images (around 400) are grouped under the themes of “General Psychology”, “Character and Topology”, “Developmental psychology”, “Physical Handicaps”, “Medical Psychology”, “Occult Phenomena”, “Applied and Animal psychology” and, finally “Eminent Psychologists”.
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Atlas Quartz Charts
Charts  Atlas  HowMany 
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Mushkin Atlas Vital 250GB M.2 SSD
Mushkin Atlas Vital 250GB M.2 2280 SSD
Mushkin  Atlas  Vital  250GB  M.2  2280  SSD  1st 
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The platform imagineRio is a searchable atlas that illustrates the social and urban evolution of Rio de Janeiro over the entire history of the city, as it existed and as it was often imagined.
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In its “last version,” the Mnemosyne Atlas consisted of sixty-three panels (Tafeln). Using wooden boards, measuring approximately 150 x 200 cm and covered with black cloth, Warburg arranged and rearranged, in a lengthy combinatory process of addition and substraction, black and white photographs of art-historical and cosmographical images. Here and there he also included photographs of maps, manuscript pages, and contemporary images drawn from newspapers and magazines. The individual panels, in turn, were then numbered and ordered to create still larger thematic sequences.
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Atlas of the Underworld | van der Meer, D.G., van Hinsbergen, D.J.J., and Spakman, W., 2017, Atlas of the Underworld: slab remnants in the mantle, their sinking history, and a new outlook on lower mantle viscosity, Tectonophysics
Subduction leaves a distinct geological record at the Earth’s surface, in the form of major mountain ranges such as the Andes or the Himalaya, or major volcanic arcs such as the Pacific Ring of Fire. Using these geological records, Earth Scientists have developed ways to determine when and where subduction episodes started and ended. On this website, we provide the current state-of-the-art of the images of slabs in the Earth’s upper and lower mantle, and the geological interpretation of when and where they were subducting. In the main article associated with this website, we use the information provided here to deduct physical properties of the mantle and slabs, and discuss ways to develop reference frames for plate reconstructions of the geological past. On this website, we provide open access to all slabs, organized by location, age, depth, and name.
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