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Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database
This digital memorial raises questions about the largest slave trades in history and offers access to the documentation available to answer them. European colonizers turned to Africa for enslaved laborers to build the cities and extract the resources of the Americas. They forced millions of mostly unnamed Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas, and from one part of the Americas to another. Analyze these slave trades and view interactive maps, timelines, and animations to see the dispersal in action.
slavery  racism  atlantic  transatlantic 
21 hours ago by beep
Self-Control Is Just Empathy With Your Future Self - The Atlantic
The same part of the brain that allows us to step into the shoes of others also helps us restrain ourselves.
yesterday by thx1138
The Feminist Stiletto? The History, and the Future, of the High-Heeled Shoe - The Atlantic
A new company is bringing the engineering savvy of rocket science to the design of the high-heeled shoe. Can stilettos that are actually comfortable to wear change centuries’ worth of symbolism?
4 days ago by thx1138
Why Is Jordan Peterson So Popular? - The Atlantic
The Canadian psychology professor’s stardom is evidence that leftism is on the decline—and deeply vulnerable.
atlantic  Psychology 
9 days ago by thx1138
Garry McFadden: The New Sheriff in Town - The Atlantic
The magazine profiles Meck Sheriff Gary McFadden: 'The Sheriff who's defying ICE.'
Atlantic  ncpol  from twitter_favs
14 days ago by andriak
Your Work Peak Is Earlier Than You Think - The Atlantic
Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think

Here’s how to make the most of it.
career  education  atlantic  work 
28 days ago by jorgebarba
How to Negotiate Effectively With a Child - The Atlantic
Some tactical suggestions for managing volatile, sometimes nonsensical negotiation partners
4 weeks ago by thx1138
10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts
One key question for any publication is this: If a reporter gets facts in a story wrong, will the news outlet investigate a complaint and publish a correction? Does the publication have its own code of ethics? Or does it subscribe to and endorse the Society of Professional Journalist's code of ethics? And if a reporter or editor seriously violates ethical codes - such as being a blatant or serial plagiarizer, fabulist or exaggerator - will they be fired at a given news outlet? While some may criticize mainstream media outlets for a variety of sins, top outlets such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC News and the New Republic have fired journalists for such ethics violations.
NYT  Wall_Street  Journal  WashPo  BBC  Economist  New_Yorker  AP  Reuters  Bloomberg  Atlantic 
5 weeks ago by Quercki
A Clue to Human 'Self-Domestication': Williams Syndrome - The Atlantic
What the World’s Most Sociable People Reveal About Friendliness

Researchers are turning to a rare genetic condition to explore the mysterious origins of human cooperation.
Psychology  atlantic 
6 weeks ago by jorgebarba

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