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Acta Non Verba - Chapter 1 - gaelicspirit - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Set mid-Season 2, after episode 6, Through a Glass Darkly. Out of favor with the King, Treville and d'Artagnan are assigned to transport two prisoners from Paris to Soissons. When their party is ambushed and they are taken prisoner, Rochefort grounds the Musketeers and sends the Red Guard after the prisoners under the guise of protecting the King. But the Inseparables mount their own, dangerous rescue mission, brotherhood holding more importance than a doomed outcome.

“We’d ride through fire for you, Captain, but…,” Porthos tipped his head toward the Gascon sleeping across from him, “we’d burn the world down for that one.”
musketeers  angst  friendship  athos  aramis  porthos  treville  d'artagnan 
april 2017 by bekap
Water, like a Stone - fandomlver - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
From a kinkmeme prompt. d'Artagnan's past rises up and threatens to swallow him whole.
musketeers  angst  abuse  d'artagnan  athos  aramis  porthos  friendship  captured 
april 2017 by bekap
Small Spaces and Damp Floors - Chapter 1 - BloodFromTheThorn - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Five times the musketeers saved themselves and one time Treville had to do it for them. Or in which they all spend far too much of their time in cells and Athos doesn't know which god he pissed off to have landed him with these three morons.
musketeers  humour  friendship  d'artagnan  athos  aramis  porthos  treville 
april 2017 by bekap
Cast Aside - Chapter 1 - Celticgal1041 - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
As he rode out of Paris, tears once more clouding his vision and despair pooling in his belly, he couldn’t help but wonder at how easily he seemed to have been cast aside.
musketeers  d'artagnan  angst  friendship  h/c  insecurity  athos  aramis  porthos 
april 2017 by bekap
Unwanted - Chapter 1 - BloodFromTheThorn - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
d'Artagnan didn't know when he'd started to doubt his place amongst the Musketeers.
musketeers  angst  insecurity  d'artagnan  athos  aramis  porthos 
april 2017 by bekap
Times of Need - Chapter 1 - Chatnoir89 - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
5 times someone protected an oblivious d'Artagnan and one time he protected them.

5+1 style done in one shots.

1. Porthos ~ 'in which Porthos is a momma bear'
2. Constance ~ 'in which Constance wears the pants'
3. Aramis ~ 'in which Aramis learns what it is to be a big brother'
4. Tréville ~ 'in which Tréville encounters old enemies and unexpected allies'
5. Athos ~ 'in which Athos does not play well with others'
+ 1 d'Artagnan ~ ' in which d'Artagnan learns the dangers in keeping secrets'
+ 2 d'Artagnan (Athos' POV)
musketeers  d'artagnan  hurt!d'artagnan  athos  aramis  porthos  protectiveness  h/c  constance  treville 
april 2017 by bekap
Unfortunate Mistakes Chapter 1, a musketeers fanfic | FanFiction
The Gascon was still looking away and Athos found himself wishing he could see the young man's eyes as he waited for an answer. "I didn't want anyone else to suffer for another of my unfortunate mistakes."
musketeers  d'artagnan  athos  aramis  porthos  angst  friendship  h/c 
april 2017 by bekap
Broken Places Chapter 1: Rooftops, a musketeers fanfic | FanFiction
Set S1, between episodes 3, Commodities, and 4, Good Soldier. A voluntary mission turns d'Artagnan from a wayward recruit into a Musketeer in all but name. However, first things go very, very wrong. As they do. And the men are pushed to their limits to keep their brotherhood intact.
musketeers  d'artagnan  aramis  athos  porthos  friendship  h/c 
april 2017 by bekap
Brothers in Arms Chapter 1, a musketeers fanfic | FanFiction
D'Artagnan runs into unexpected trouble on his way back from Gascony. Well, Athos may have expected it. And Treville. My attempt to explain the depth of the musketeers' brotherhood, especially when they think they may lose one of their own.
musketeers  friendship  d'artagnan  athos  porthos  aramis  treville  angst  hurt!d'artagnan 
april 2017 by bekap
A Little Brother - JEAikman - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
d'Artagnan's injuries after Vadim's gunpowder plot are not quite as "slight" as he thought. Cue worried Musketeers and a practically inconsolable Constance.
They cannot lose their little brother.
musketeers  hurt!d'artagnan  athos  porthos  aramis  constance  tag102 
april 2017 by bekap
Boyfriend from Gascony series by RobinLorin
Modern AU Athos/d'Artagnan series, wherein Athos is a private detective at the Musketeers Agency of Paris and d'Artagnan is training to be a cop in the police academy across the country. Meanwhile, Constance, Aramis, and Porthos don't really believe Athos when he says he does have a boyfriend in Gascony, okay??
fic  themusketeers  slash  athos/d'artagnan  porthos  aramis  treville  constance  athos  d'artagnan  flea  angst  epic  author:robinlorin 
february 2016 by ashtree22
Strictly Business by breathtaken
Athos de la Fère is a workaholic acting CEO who needs to marry in a hurry so that he can fully inherit the family business; Charles d'Artagnan is recently graduated, with few prospects and even less direction in life. It's a marriage of convenience that quickly gets out of hand...
fic  themusketeers  slash  Athos/d'Artagnan  Aramis/Porthos  ConstanceBonacieux  Athos  d'Artagnan  Aramis  Porthos  marriageofconvenience  romance  fakerelationship  author:breathtaken  favourite  awesome 
february 2016 by ashtree22
"In 1400s Paris, four men from the Court of Miracles fight for justice against a Judge who would see all gypsies wiped out from Paris' streets. Whilst the Judge grows increasingly obsessed with finding the four men he considers loose ends: the traitorous soldier, the King of the Court, the witch who survived Savoy and the boy who escaped death."
bbcmusketeers  crossover  hunchback_of_notre_dame  angst  athos  porthos  aramis  d'artagnan  captain_treville  constance_bonacieux  cardinal_richelieu  gypsies  hurt!aramis  hurt!d'artagan  milady  DarkFairytale 
may 2015 by Sionell8
(The Future is) Still to be Won
"In as much as it is given to God, and God alone, to command such forces...all those found to control Abilities will be, in the least, imprisoned to stop the spread of their heresy...and at the most, released to the Divine Judgment of God. This shall be law wheresoever our Mother Church holds sway."

-Church law, ratified 1587
bbcmusketeers  gen  season_rewrite  athos  porthos  aramis  d'artagnan  powers!d'artagnan  powers!athos  powers!porthos  powers!aramis  captain_treville  cardinal_richelieu  wildforce71 
may 2015 by Sionell8
All for One
"Athos tries to deal with the repercussions of Anne's reappearance in his life, whilst his brothers try to convince him he is a good man."
bbcmusketeers  gen  athos  porthos  aramis  d'artagnan  milady  captain_treville  constance_bonacieux  angst  hurt!athos  coda  richefic 
january 2015 by Sionell8
Mănăstirea Simonos Petras, George Crasnean | Sfântul Munte Athos
Simonos Petras Μονή Σίμωνος Πέτρας  motto: parcă nici o altă mănăstire athonită... nu’ţi dă aşa de mult sentimentul nestatorniciei pe acest pământ, ca acest locaş. (pr. Teodor Bodogae) Iera Moni Simonos Petras 63087 Agion Oros, Greece Tel: +30 23770 23254 Fax: +30 23770 21014 Ctitor: Sfântul Simon Myrrhovlithis Hram: Naşterea Domnului (25 Decembrie) Zidire: jumătatea secolului XIII Rang…
ortodox  travel  athos 
january 2015 by andreis
you've gotta love the house you're in [cartographies], NC-17
“You are out practice with tenderness, aren’t you, Athos?” she says very quietly. “So am I. But I think I am beginning to learn.”
Musketeers(bbc)  Constance  Bonacieux  d'Artagnan  Athos  *polyamory  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *friendship  *de-angst  *gender.issues  *threesome  °cartographies 
january 2015 by mayachain

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*becoming!fic  *de-angst  *first-time  *friendship  *gender.issues  *polyamory  *threesome  5things  abuse  angst  apocalyptic  apparel  aramis/porthos  aramis  artikel  athos/d'artagnan  author:breathtaken  author:robinlorin  awesome  bbcmusketeers  benedict  body  bonacieux  books  böckerattskaffa  captain_treville  captured  cardinal_richelieu  catholicism  christianity  clothing  coda  constance  constance_bonacieux  constancebonacieux  crossover  crzy_wrtr10  d'artagnan  darkfairytale  deacertes  digg  earthside  epic  fakerelationship  fashioningtech  favourite  fic  first_time  fitness  fitnesstracker  flea  friendship  gaelicspirit  gen  girls?  girls  god  greece  griechenland  gypsies  h/c  hagiography  hates  health  het  holy  humour  hunchback_of_notre_dame  hurt!aramis  hurt!athos  hurt!d'artagan  hurt!d'artagnan  hurt!treville  insecurity  marriageofconvenience  mckay/teyla  milady  monasticism  monks  mount  mountain  musketeers(bbc)  musketeers  no  non-con  nursia  of  orthodox  orthodoxy  ortodox  pilgrimage  ponygirl  porthos  powers!aramis  powers!athos  powers!d'artagnan  powers!porthos  pre-slash  protectiveness  richefic  roman  romance  saints  season_rewrite  seclusion  sga  slash  smartclothes  sports  st.  starred  tag102  tech  themusketeers  travel  treville  trinityofone  wearablecomputing  wearables  wildforce71  wip  °cartographies 

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