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LearnNow: Learn xAPI
Excited to announced our next new LearnNow program: Learn w/ &
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october 2018 by bdusablon
Better Acceptance Tests with Page Objects
During my Test-Driven Rails workshop earlier this week (which is also available as an online workshop), my students and I were writing acceptance tests surrounding marking todo items as complete. The spec looked like this: via Pocket
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june 2018 by booyaa
Association for Talent Development reviews StandOut 2.0
If you loved the original StandOut, you owe it to yourself to read StandOut 2.0, Buckingham's update to the first, bestselling edition that critics called "revolutionary."
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september 2015 by hbrinthenews
ASTD APC 2014 参加レポート
ASTD APC 2014について、人材系企業の人のFacebookでのレポート。
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november 2014 by pillow
Twitter / kkapp: New name for ASTD -- association ...
RT : New name for ASTD --
association for talent development. ATD
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may 2014 by marciaconner
Content Pro IRX
mary thomas oneal oral history ludlow massacre
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november 2012 by lawren

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