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UCC hosts talks over Eaton Towers takeover by ATC amid competition concerns – PML Daily
Uganda regulator hosts talks over Eaton Towers takeover by ATC amid competition concerns -
Africa  Uganda  2019  tower  merger  Eaton  ATC 
18 days ago by stevesong
Eaton Towers to sell stake to ATC, creates monopoly - Daily Monitor
Planned acquisition. On May 30, ATC announced a planned acquisition of Eaton Towers in five African countries including Uganda and the company’s debt at an estimated cost of $1.85b (Shs6.7 trillion).
Uganda  Africa  2019  tower  misc  Eaton  ATC  merger 
21 days ago by stevesong
The CAR T-cell Chicago story: One year later – Science Life
Hospital-produced patient story of successful CAR T treatment; also discusses how ATC and community oncologist collaborated
ATC  18sbx  story  patient  comdoc  atcdoc  bullsi  ws1  ws2  ws3  sh1  sh3  sh4  uchicago  via:csrollyson  kite  gwait 
april 2019 by gwaitley
CAR-T Therapy: Lifeline to A Cure? - Cancer Health
2 YESCARTA case studies for NHL and PMBCL patients highlight ATC interactions and patient and ATC physician quotes
patient  yescarta  casestudy  sh1  sh4  ATC  NHL  transplant  ASCT  radiation  referral  ws1  ws2  cartcell  18sbx  PMBCL  Q1  2018  bullsi2  bullsi  via:csrollyson  kite  gwait 
april 2019 by gwaitley
Car-T treatment - - Lymphoma Support and Help Forums!
Several caregivers and patients discussing CAR-T as it intersects journeys
cartcell  ws1  ws2  patient  sh1  sh2  caregiver  bullsi2  forum  discussion  usa  canada  medical  tourism  ATC  18sbx  via:csrollyson  kite 
april 2019 by gwaitley
DLBCL is back - - Lymphoma Support and Help Forums!
Excellent discussion to support caregiver in first ATC visit for just-transformed DLBCL that needs third-line treatment, CAR-T mentioned
forum  sh2  caregiver  bullsi  DLBCL  atc  sh1  18sbx  bullsi2  via:csrollyson  kite 
april 2019 by gwaitley
The Role of the Oncology Nurse in CAR T-Cell Therapy
Issue and examples of nurses' roles in managing CAR-T side effects; some nice detail
ws3  atc  nurse  patient  education  cartcell  18sbx  side  effect 
february 2019 by csrollyson

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