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Arduino FightStick: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
Another project building an Arduino Arcade stick. Still not quite sure how to use a the number pad in something like this but it seems like it should be possible, and there seem to be lots of different projects out there for using Arduinos for similar purposes. Again, for my Colecovision/Intellivision/Atari 5200 controller project.
arduino  howto  diy  arcade  emualtion  retropi  raspberrypi  fun  games  colecovisin  intellivision  atari  atari5200 
february 2018 by Brandonshire
Teensy USB Development Board
This might be the board to use to make my Colecovision/Intellivision/Atari 5200 controller. Has a fair number of inputs and I'm learning about ways to use one input for more than one button. It will definitely run the joystick library I saved earlier so that's an advantage.
electronics  hardware  arduino  arcade  diy  colecovision  intellivision  atari  atari5200  emulation  raspberrypi 
february 2018 by Brandonshire
Arduino Leonardo/Micro As Game Controller/Joystick: 10 Steps
This is a little over my head but this seems to be a way to turn an Arduino into a generic USB Joystick with up to 32(!) buttons. This seems like it might be the way to go for making my Colecovision/Intellivision/Atari 5200 capable controller as that's more than enough buttons to cover everything I need.
arduino  project  colecovision  intellivision  atari  atari5200  emulation  retropi  fun  diy  arcade 
february 2018 by Brandonshire
Arduino Micro
This may be the way to make my home built Colecovision/Intellivision/Atari 5200 controller a reality. It seems like I could use this to send or or less arbitrary HID keyboard inputs to RetroPie over USB, which would let me send all the buttons, the directional information, and the number buttons.
retropie  intellivision  colecovision  atari5200  atari  fun  retro  gaming  diy  build  arcade 
february 2018 by Brandonshire

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