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Asynchronous module loading with Browserify - Esa-Matti Suuronen
This is a sequel for the Journey From RequireJS to Browserify post. After publishing the previous post I got a lot of feedback saying that
Browserify …
Browserify  JavaScript  asynchronous  modules 
10 days ago by mAAdhaTTah
Your Coffee Shop Doesn’t Use Two-Phase Commit
As a business, the coffee shop is naturally interested in maximizing order throughput, because more fulfilled orders mean more revenue.
Interestingly, the optimiza- tion for throughput results in a concurrent and asynchronous processing model: when you place your order, the cashier
marks a coffee cup with your order and places it into a queue. This queue is literally a line of coffee cups on top of the espresso machine. The queue decouples the cashier and barista, letting the cashier continue to take orders even when the barista is backed up. It also allows multiple baristas to start servicing the queue if the store gets busy, without impacting the cashier. Asynchronous processing models can be highly efficient but are not without challenges. If the real world writes the best stories, then maybe we can learn something from Starbucks about designing successful asynchronous mes- saging solutions.
architecture  programming  asynchronous  messaging  patterns  ieee 
14 days ago by dlkinney
javascript - Async/Await inside Array#map() - Stack Overflow
const promises = (myValue) => {
return {
id: "my_id",
myValue: await service.getByValue(myValue)
return Promise.all(promises);
dev  tidbits  javascript  asynchronous 
24 days ago by skinnymuch
python - How to check task status in Celery? - Stack Overflow
Example of how to return an AsyncResult ID, then retrieve it later.
python  celery  asynchronous  howto 
27 days ago by dmdavis

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